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Private Cancun Shopping and City Tour
"You will be picked up at your hotel lobby on an air-conditioned vehicle where you will immediately meet your local tour guide who will be glad to share useful information and history about Cancun's highlights and landmarks.The tour will start with a visit to  El Meco a Mayan archaeological site withing Cancun considered an important spot for trading in those times.  A 45 minutes tour in the ruins including free time
From $468.00
El Meco and Puerto Juarez Private Photography Tour
"Your 4  private photography tour of Cancun will begin with pickup from your hotel in an air conditioned vehicle which will take you to El Meco Ruins. Nestled in a small jungle area on the other side of Cancun El Meco is a less busy but a beautiful site with a rich history and always full of a number of species such as iguanas and squirrel monkeys. During your tour of the ruins you will have the opportunity to discuss your photography goals with your g don't worry instead of photography training you will get a professional photo session during your tour.  You will receive all the photos taken by your photography guide during your tour in high resolution at no extra cost.  Following the archaeolog your professional guide will take you on a combination driving and walking tour through Puerto Juarez. You will have the opportunity to meet some locals  see the original fishing village that was Cancun before the rise of tourism and take some great street photography shots.   Your tour will lead you into Cancun's city center where your guide will highlight some of the major hotpots before taking you back to your hotel."
From $49.00
Private Cancun Shopping and City Tour
"You will be picked up at your hotel lobby on an air-conditioned vehicle where you will immediately meet your local tour guide who will be glad to share useful information and history about Cancun's highlights and landmarks.The tour will start with a visit to  El Meco a Mayan archaeological site withing Cancun considered an important spot for trading in those times.  A 45 minutes tour in the ruins including free time
From $468.00

Isla Mujeres Tips (48)

luxury yacht tour around the island

I searched in Internet for a private luxury yacht for my wife and me. I wanted to surprise her on our anniversary. I found an interesting link under
I called the company and Eduardo Fernandez recommended me to rent a luxury sailboat (an Odisey 45 feet) and make a trip around Isla Mujeres. The boat also has 3 cabins if you want to spend the night aboard.
It was a marvellous experience. We thought we would be about 4 hours on board, but in the end there were 7 hours! The time flies when you are enjoying yourself so much! We sailed around the Isla Mujeres, we spent some time in water, snorkelling with a trainer, watching the many little beautiful fish and reefs in the Caribbean Sea.
Lunch was delicious, with all typical dishes (guacamole, ceviche, burritos). Soft drinks and drink water was also included.
And the price was also convenient. We payed U$ 1400 for a complete day with lunch, coffee, soft drinks, purified water. And it was worth every penny!
After arriving back to the harbour, we decided to meet again on the following day because the Capitan Genaro offered me the unique opportunity to learn some sailing techniques on this luxury sail boat. This experience was unique! Really fantastic! If we had not paid already for a hotel room, we would have spent the night aboard in Isla Mujeres! Capitan Genaro offered this to us without any extra costs! It was a pity that we had not planned it in advance!
If you are planning to fly to Cancun, I highly recommend that you have a look at this link -45-odisey.html.
An unforgettable sailing experience! Just try it and you will be delighted!
Many thanks, Eduardo, for your recommendation!

Mar 17, 2016

Our fantastic yacht trip to Isla Mujeres

Me and the wife recently visited Cancun this summer for the second time. We wanted to do something a little special this time and had also planed to visit the island of Isla Mujeres, something we had not gotten around to doing the first time we were here. We ended up renting a yacht for 4 hours which took us to the island and gave us time to snorkel and also checkout the main strip and beach. We had a fantastic day and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Cancun. For the yacht rental we used the service was great and the yacht was stunning, I'll post some pictures so you can check it out.

dansvt1's Profile Photo
Oct 12, 2015

Isla Mujeres AWESOME for beach folks

I travel the world wide...and look for places that are fun, not city-life, and where it's safe. Isla Mujeres is awesome, though if you're in town, you have to bypass the hassles of the store keepers. Once they know you, and once you're there for more than 5 days, they'll stop trying to "sell you".

All in all, this island is a magical retreat. It might not be for everyone, but it's safe to go to, if you're on your own or with family. And it's a fun town. Saturday and Thursday nights are the nights NOT to go into town, because it's very quiet then...The rest of the nights, it's amazing! SO much activity, fun, bars, food, whatever. This is a happening little beach town.

Now, as for where to stay? Depends upon what you're seeking. Me, I wanted quiet during the day, but a fun beach, cocktails unlimited, kayaking, and snorkeling all inclusive...It doesn't get better than at Mia Reef....While they are shooting for 5 stars, they are in a transition...So, ok, I fixed my own toilet there, but had all the amenities otherwise, such as AC, towels, free water sports, a nice pool with swim up bar, and decent food all inclusive. I went downtown to eat dinner most every night, as it's relatively cheap to do so, and to get to know locals. Mia Reef is very close to town, 3 blocks, once you cross their own bridge.

Funny, but at Mia Reef, you have an amazing beach to paddle around in or swim around, never ever over your head, warm but cool enough to quench the hot, and at the very spot all boaters from Cancun are shipped to every day to snorkel. If you go in the morning or late afternoon (after boating tourists are gone), it's usually just you and a few locals snorkeling. You can sit right there on the sand and in shallow water and have all kinds of fish swim around you. Amazing.

I love Isla Mujeres, and recommend it to anyone seeking a quiet but fun place to be...It has just enough action, and is a really cool (well hot between 2-4 pm) place to be....I'll be going there again...and again.

Aug 03, 2015

Diving and fun

Isla Mujeres allowed two programs - one by day, mainly consisting in snorkeling or diving -, and the one that we made.

We had to choose, snorkel was something that only some of us would do, and we had already done somewhere else, and that's why we choose the nightly program. However, I was told that the island is great for fish, so the program for the day would also be very interesting.

Why not making both?

solopes's Profile Photo
Sep 30, 2014
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Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is not a big islands, the length is only about 7 km long and 650 meters (Wiki). We hired a golf buggy and travelled almost the length of the island. It was fun. That was one of the things to do that we did on the island. The rest was shopping, eating and drinking in one of the many bars. There are others to amuse yourself like snorkeling, visiting turtle farm, kayaking, windsurf. Don’t waste your time to see the ruins, what ruins!! but to get there on a buggy was fun.

fachd's Profile Photo
Jun 17, 2014

Do your own tour by golf cart

We stayed in Cancun, took a $1 bus ride to Playa Tourtegas and a $19 return ferry ride each to Isla Mujeres. You can pay on board for a golf cart, or get one when you get off. Expect to pay about $30 for 2 hours (about all you need to get around the island). Stop at the turtle sanctuary to see sea turtles for $3 each, stop on way and grab a few beer to drink in your golf cart - cheap when you leave town and stop at a convenience store. There are ruins at the end of the island your can se for $3 also. Really nice, relaxing time, felt very safe. Lots of bustle and hustle in the town when you get off ferry, but overall a great relaxing half day for us both.

KTownTraveller's Profile Photo
May 04, 2014

golf carts

one of the best things I've did when on the the island was to rent a "golf cart" and go exploring on my own. The rental is inexpensive( need valid I.D.) .The rental was for 2 hours and we drove out to the lighthouse and then toured the island. This is the best way to see the island

styxgirl's Profile Photo
Jun 02, 2011

Catamaran Trip

Cancun Catamarans offer great days out on the Caribbean. 6 hour tour, including Snorkeling over Coral Reef, Open Bar, Buffet Lunch and Shopping on Isla Mujeres and Fly on the Spinnaker Sail.
Thoroughly enjoyable, nice boats, fantastic crews. A Must do Trip in Cancun, Mexico.
Prices are cheaper if booked directly online than if you try to book the tour through your travel agent in the Resort.

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Mar 21, 2010
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"Paradise in the Carribean"
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"Spring Break 24/7/365"
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"Cancun Condo"
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"Cancun, Mexico"
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Isla Mujeres by catamaran

Isla Mujeres is an island about an hour by boat from Cancun. We took a catamaran which had a very happy crew on board. The sailing trip is great and then just before disembarking you can try some scubadiving. The streets in Isla Mujeres are extremely colourful. Watch those tequilas on board !! I didnt !!!

Apr 09, 2008

Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres

After you arrive at the docks on Isla Mujeres, turn left and walk down the street until you see a beach ahead of you. this is Playa Norte, one of the best beaches on Isla Mujeres for sunbathing and relaxing.

Because the beach faces northwest, this is also an excellent location to catch the sunset.

changing rooms are behind the beach.

leigh767's Profile Photo
Jan 15, 2008

Calmer beaches

If you do not have an all-inclusive package at one of the hotels along the hotel strip in Cancun, you may not find the hotel zone to be all that attractive. To be honest, it is rather overdeveloped with many American malls full with American brands. The hotels are built right up to the beach so there is not much of a beach left either. the waves are strong, however, and is therefore grateful surfing.

If you would like to have a more authentic experience, try Isla Mujeres which is a small Highlands that can be easily reached by speech boats all car ferry. His islands is very good for stalking or just for a leisurely day out on the beach. There are also some excellent restaurants on this island.

For those who are thinking of staying here for several days, budget hostels and hotels can be found here as well. Porters by the ferry docks can also help you carry your luggage. don't forget to tip them as this is their only source of income.

see my other tips for more on Isla Mujeres.

getting there:

Take a public bus to Puerto Juarez to board the tourist speedboat which will take you to the island in 15 minutes (USD 3.50). Alternatively, go to Punta Sam just north of Puerto Juarez and take the car ferry which will take you there slower (USD 1.40).

It may be a good idea to take the speedboat there first and return on the car ferry as there is an open air top deck on the car ferry that allows you to enjoy some stargazing at the end of the day when you are returning to Cancun.

leigh767's Profile Photo
Jan 15, 2008

Touring Isla Mujeres

We visited Isla Mujeres both times we went to Cancun. In 2000, we took a snorkeling tour that went to the island via catamaran. The snorkeling was great. The island was fun also. On our next trip in 2003, we chose to take a ferry there. We went by bus to Puerta Juarez to catch the ferry. We then rented a golf cart and toured the entire island via golf cart. This was great fun and we got to see all of the island. We discovered that not only are there beautiful beaches, but there are also people on the island who do not share the wealth. Either way you visit the island, it is well worth the visit.

katalinarunning's Profile Photo
Jun 03, 2007

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It was a package deal. The deal including cruising in a catamaran, snorkelling and half-day visits to Isla Mujeres plus lunch and drinks many as you want. At $70USD I thought it was worth it. We book...
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Playa Norte

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