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Vehicle rentals Tips (37)

Car Rental in Cancun, Mexico

We booked a car with EZ Car Rental in Cancun through a reputable online travel booking site. I had purchased travel protection and was aware of claims that we would need to purchase additional insurance, however, they told us there was a mandatory $4500 hold on our credit card in addition to purchasing $300 insurance. Upon checking in they took my i.d. (passport) and credit card (things seemed to be going well a this point), prior to telling me about the additional charges. I had to physically take back my id and credit card before he ran the additional charge while we were arguing. The folks next to me did not have the same luck and the charge was placed on their credit card before he could get it back. Neither of us rented a car there - we took the company's shuttle back to the airport and rented cars from another sketchy facility that allowed me to pay with cash and didn't charge exorbitant fees. I recommend avoiding car rental altogether if possible.

Jun 09, 2016


Never again. ALERT !!! Alamo rent a car CANCUN AIRPORT...
Date March 24,2016
Renting a vehicle in Alamo rent a car in Cancun airport very time consuming so much paper work, Agents want to up sell insurance. After, you spent at least 30 mins. on the counter at the end they make you wait another 40 mins to clean the vehicle. Remember, I had a reservation and they knew what time and vehicle class I reserved. Furthermore, I wasn't the only one waiting for a vehicle.I inspected the vehicle,looking for scratches and dents and everything was noted down. At no time did the agent open gas lid so I could confirm it was there. I have rented cars all over the world and never had to check for gas cap or have one shown to me before. I used half a tank of gas and decided to fill gas right across from Alamo.Gas attendant right away indicated that gas cap was missing.So when I returned vehicle to Alamo agent started checking car over and pointed out that the gas cap was missing. I explained that the gas attendant had alerted me already.Bottom line took them 30 mins to tell me that I was responsible for the gas cap and it cost 500 pesos about $35 dollars.So, we had back and forth arguments but they would not believe me when I said that I was never shown the gas cap when I first rented the car. I had to pay for it. For being a large company and the customer always being right. I felt bad business decision. The way I was treated and my time spent with stupid "s". Making my family wait with two small children 2 yr. old and 5 mo. old. I have no problem paying for something if in fact I was wrong doing.

Mar 31, 2016



I paid in advance for the four-day car rental provided by America Car Rental at Cancun International Airport, and the pick-up was scheduled at 06:00 a.m. on 25/12/2015. However, the pick-up experience was a TOTAL DISASTER!!!

My flight (Frontier Airline 71) arrived at Cancun around 6:00 a.m., but while America Car Rental was supposed to send a shuttle bus to pick me up at 6:00 a.m. at the terminal, I waited for OVER THREE HOURS before any bus from America Car Rental showed up!!! During the waiting, I had to pay others to call their front desk MULTIPLE TIMES to push them to send a bus. First call, nobody was in the office to answer the phone. Second call, he claimed that there was a guy in red waiting at the terminal, however, I searched every inch of the area but no one from America Car Rental! He LIED in my face to cover their mistake!! Third call, he admitted that there was NO ONE at the airport, and he was the only one in the office and nobody to send to the airport?!! He told me to just wait…Fourth call, after one hour of waiting after the third call, he told me that he was still calling the other employees to come, continue waiting!!...After almost THREE HOURS of waiting at the airport alone, I ran into others who were also pathetically waiting for America Car Rental, and we called again and was told the bus was on the way and should arrive at the airport within 5 minutes, which didn’t happen until another half an hour!!!

I rent a car with auto transmission, and I asked the bus driver whether they had my car ready to be picked up when their shuttle bus came. The driver called the front desk and confirmed with me that my car was ready. But when I reached their office, I was told that they didn’t have auto transmission cars but only manual transmission cars?!! They just said they had my car ready like 10 minutes ago?!! I had to shout at him and make him to provide what I have paid for. Finally they found an auto transmission car, and processed my pick up. The receipt shows my pick-up time was 09:23, when I walked in their office, but it was not until almost 10:00 that I finally got the car and left their office. Lucky me, I got A car; a family who came in the same shuttle didn’t even get their promised-and-confirmed minivan, which almost led to a police-involved fight.

From my scheduled pick-up at 6:00 a.m. to my actual pick-up around 10:00 a.m., I wasted FOUR HOURS of my trip because America Car Rental was irresponsible and careless to their customers! They destroyed my travel plans and ruined my trip, letting alone the extra cost because of their fault! And they didn’t feel even a little bit sorry about my experience! They were just better at lying than serving! The office is only three minutes away from the airport, but I have no idea why it took them THREE HOURS instead to get there. During my time waiting there, I had seen shuttle buses from literally every car rental company existing come and go million times, but still no sign of America Car Rental never. Worst experience ever! I paid for four days since I were supposed to pick up the car at 6:00 a.m. on 25/12/2015 and return the car in the morning on 28/12/2015, which made the total time a little over than 72 hours. But their delay caused one day loss of usage. I requested to change my reservation to three days at the pick-up, but the office refused to do so.


Feb 06, 2016

Big Mistake America Car rental

A big mistake. These people are the most incompetent on this business. We reserved a car a month before our arrive. We received 2 days before our arrive to cancun an email explaining that all is good prepared for us. Surprise!! We arrived to cancun, in comparison to other companies, they had a small place in the airport, and the worst, nobody was there to give information. All other companies had a representative, but America rental did not. We called to the service number, and very insolently they said: "we do not have any more cars". Excuse me! I have a reservation since a month ago, now what?. "We do not have cars, and we cannot help you". They repeated the same sentence like a machine. They did not help me in any way. We stuck at the airport for a while trying to find a solution. We had to pay the double of the initial price with other company, we did not have other option. Please BE CAREFUL with this America rental company, you can think that you will save some money, but not, the company is a fraud.

Jan 21, 2016
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E-Z Car Rental in Cancun(CUN Airport)

Don't even know where to start, but here we go:
1) ooold car with lot of miles
2) forced to take all the insurance. the rental went from $40 to $270.
The person renting me the vehicle wanted to take $6000 hold on the credit card if I declined the LDW(loss damage waiver)
3) the damage waiver covers 90% of the damages and the first 10% are your responsibility
4) the rental car company is not on-site as advertised
5) it took us literally 1hr to get the car even though there was no one in line and the car was ready to go

Feb 10, 2015

America Car rental Cancun

We were very satisfied with America Car rental. I made a reservation for 2 weeks rental in july. We were picked up from the airport. In 15 min we were at the office of America car rental. Our car was not yet there. We got a free upgrade. Car was perfect. All procedures went easy. The only thing is that you think that everything is insured and then finally they say that glassbreak is excluded...therefore you can take an extra Insurance which we didn't do. Anyway... I would definitely use them again in the future.

Aug 07, 2014

America/Cancun Car Rental was great!

I rented through America Car Rental in Cancun for 5 days in June 2014. I booked directly through their website and stressed that I really needed an automatic car. Their is a disclaimer on the website that your rental request is not guaranteed, but since we were there in the off season, I didn't worry that it would be a problem. I was quoted $250 for the rental with all required insurance included. I quickly received a confirmation of my reservation and instructions for airport pick up. I printed out my quote and confirmation-make sure you do this.
At the airport, there was a man waiting with a sign for us. He called the shuttle which took about 30-40 minutes. I think the shuttle driver was on "Mayan time" as there was some disagreement and yelling back and forth between the man at the airport and the shuttle driver over the phone since it was taking so long.
The shuttle driver picked us up and took up to the rental location, which is just a street or two North of the Airport off of the main highway. The quote I was given was accurate. I opted to add the $5/day coverage for tires and windshield, just so I didn't have to worry about anything. They placed an $800 hold on one of my credit cards that was refunded when I brought the car back. The car was a Dodge Attitude and was in good shape. We walked the car for any damage, dings and scratches, were shown the jack/spare tire and amount of gas in the car. The car ran very well and gave us no problems. We dropped the car off at the end of the trip, it was quickly looked over with no hassle, and we were shuttled back to the airport. I would use them again.
Beware that there is a time share person in the office. He will try to give you maps or say he needs to show you where to drop the car off. Don't let him waste your time.

Jul 22, 2014

Budget RentACar Merida Airport

This location is off airport, I wasn't greeted at the airport, and need to engage a local police officer to figure out how to get them to come pick me up at the airport. Then I was charged 200% of the quoted rate but it was midnight and I still had to get 2 kids over an hour away so I had not choice but to accept the increase at the time and try to fight it later. Then when I returned the car at the end of the trip, no one was there and after waiting past the agreed upon time, I had to lock the keys in the car in front of their office and run to the airport for my flight. A month later, I'm reviewing my credit card and they again doubled the price saying they had to hire a lock smith to open the car. I received terrible service and was billed quandripple the quoted price!!!! NEVER RENT FROM HERE. Hertz and some other agency has a rental office right in the airport.

Feb 14, 2014
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American Car Rental

We rented a car from America Car Rentals. Their web site promised a short shuttle from the airport. It took them an hour to pick us up. The car that we asked for was not available. We wanted an automatic and paid extra for it but it wasn't available and they refused to refund the extra money. We had also asked for a Tourist car in case we got a ticket and they were out of those as well. Don't use.

May 16, 2013

America car rental

This company also known as Caribbean / America/ cancun/ fox are rip off merchants and the worst company I have ever had to deal with. They took money from my credit card without permission and were very rude, a nightmare to try to communicate with and above all gave me, my mother and 4 year old son a more than 20 year old car to drive to Belize with saying it was only a year old. It very obviously wasn't, they said they had no other cars. 
I just wanted to let people know as they were the cheapest I could find who would let you drive the car to Belize.    

Jan 14, 2012

Continental rent a car

This company also known as Caribbean / America/ cancun/ fox are rip off merchants and the worst company I have ever had to deal with. They took money from my credit card without permission and were very rude, a nightmare to try to communicate with and above all gave me, my mother and 4 year old son a more than 20 year old car to drive to Belize with saying it was only a year old. It very obviously wasn't, they said they had no other cars. 
I just wanted to let people know as they were the cheapest I could find who would let you drive the car to Belize.    

Jan 14, 2012

Travelling in and around Cancun

We had overall a good time, although it rained part of our trip. We used rental car from Easyway Rental. Instead of taking hotel zone --> Tulum Highway --> D180 Toll road to Chichen Itza, we went hotel zone --> Cancun centro --> D180 Toll road. Due to numerous interlinking road, we had to make few U-turns, ask direction in a petrol station as well as drive few pot hole roads before getting into D180. Return trip was fabulous and toll highway was worth the money. Gas Stations in D180 Toll road was only one, so better to fill tank before getting into this highway. Toll was around 230 pesos till Valladolid and another 50 to reach Chichen Itza. On our return we came by local route from Chichen Itza to Valladolid and enjoyed local view. People we met are friendly and Hola/Buenas Dias courtesy is common. We spent mostly everywhere in Peso except in Walmart and for Car Rental. Walmart had everything we required. I will write a travellogue to share the experience in detail.

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Nov 03, 2011

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