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Private Cancun Shopping and City Tour
"You will be picked up at your hotel lobby on an air-conditioned vehicle where you will immediately meet your local tour guide who will be glad to share useful information and history about Cancun's highlights and landmarks.The tour will start with a visit to  El Meco a Mayan archaeological site withing Cancun considered an important spot for trading in those times.  A 45 minutes tour in the ruins including free time
From $468.00
El Meco and Puerto Juarez Private Photography Tour
"Your 4  private photography tour of Cancun will begin with pickup from your hotel in an air conditioned vehicle which will take you to El Meco Ruins. Nestled in a small jungle area on the other side of Cancun El Meco is a less busy but a beautiful site with a rich history and always full of a number of species such as iguanas and squirrel monkeys. During your tour of the ruins you will have the opportunity to discuss your photography goals with your g don't worry instead of photography training you will get a professional photo session during your tour.  You will receive all the photos taken by your photography guide during your tour in high resolution at no extra cost.  Following the archaeolog your professional guide will take you on a combination driving and walking tour through Puerto Juarez. You will have the opportunity to meet some locals  see the original fishing village that was Cancun before the rise of tourism and take some great street photography shots.   Your tour will lead you into Cancun's city center where your guide will highlight some of the major hotpots before taking you back to your hotel."
From $49.00
Private Cancun Shopping and City Tour
"You will be picked up at your hotel lobby on an air-conditioned vehicle where you will immediately meet your local tour guide who will be glad to share useful information and history about Cancun's highlights and landmarks.The tour will start with a visit to  El Meco a Mayan archaeological site withing Cancun considered an important spot for trading in those times.  A 45 minutes tour in the ruins including free time
From $468.00

Vehicle rentals Tips (37)

Car rentals

There are many car rental agencies around Cancun. And they advertise reasonable prices ($14 US a day). If you decide to rent a car in Mexico, beware. I have heard stories of tourists being pulled over by the police for doing nothing wrong. You cannot fight them and must pay them with a bribe. I've had this happen to friends and we saw a lot of tourists being pulled over by the police in the hotel zone.

Etoile2B's Profile Photo
Feb 08, 2005

Car Rentals

My only advice on this is don't. There really is no need to rent a car for getting about the hotel zone. The only time you may want to consider it is if you want to go off exploring and do Chichen Itza, Tulum etc. on your own without the bind of an itinerary. If this is the case then shop around, preferably downtown, and check out the insurance arrangements in detail, also document in detail any scratches or bumps before leaving the hire place. Beware of the driving habits in Mexico, you will see what I mean when you have taken a couple of bus trips or taxi journeys, it is not like home. If you do go further afield bear in mind that gas stations may be infrequent and the roads may be in poor repair, don't be surprised to hit a speed bump/mountain without prior warning and be prepared to get lost, make sure you have a good map with you. On your travels you may encounter army checkpoints, at first site these can be pretty scary but don't worry, they are mainly checking for drugs and in my experience will wave you on without too much fuss. If you travel to Chichen Itza from Cancun along the main highway be aware that this is a toll road and you will need to make sure you have enough cash to pay the fees both ways, it's not a good idea to be turned off the main road and have to travel back along the jungle route.

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Dec 14, 2004

Renting in Cancun

Renting a car in Cancun is actually a really good thing to do if you are down there for a week or more. It provides convience to and from destinations that tour buses usually travel to, because with a car you are not stuck with their designed itenerary, and you can go when you want, and leave that particular place when you want. The price is not bad at all, it is actually quite reasonable. David's dad rented one for our trip to Tulum and Xel Ha. We also used the car to go to Playa Del Carmen. Using the car cut down time, and ended up being quite useful. The photo I provided was not of the our actual car, I still need to get that from David's dad.( so this will have to do for now) Sorry!

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Jun 28, 2005

Warnings about renting cars in Cancun

I rented a car in Cancun to travel to Playa de Carmen for the day. On the way back to our hotel we got pulled over because the police pickup truck could not catch the car speeding by us. After they shook my hand, called me amigo, and had me step to the back of the car, they said I could negotiate a deal or they would take my license. I ended up giving them 40 US dollars worth to get rid of them. Later on I found out from the police headquarters and US embassy, they are not allowed to take money, and they are not suppose to give turrists tickets. They said next time refuse to pay and let them take your license, not that you need it to get back to the states. We were also told by officials, to not give them a dime and let them know you need to contact the embassy to discuss this first, before giving them any money.

Jul 05, 2009
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Hotels Near Cancún

Av. Tankah 69, Cancun, Yucatan Peninsula, 77500, Mexico
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KM.20.5 , 77500
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Av. Sunyaxchen Lote 46 y 47, Mza 2 Supermanzana 25 CP, Cancun, Quintana Roo, 77509, Mexico
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Av Uxmal #21, Cancun, Quintana Roo, SM23 MZA 3, Mexico
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Avenida Yaxchilan 41, SM22, Cancun, Yucatan Peninsula, 77500, Mexico
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Street Cedro No. 40, Supermanzana 23, 77500
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Keep the tank at leat half full. Gas Stations are scarce in the HOTEL ZONE...Also on the expressway to Chitzen Itza and Merida...Gas can be hard to fine. Be prepared.

Also, insurance is expensive. Our insurance cost more than the car rental itself...

Also prepare for tolls on the expressway.

Convenient, but rather pricey...

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Sep 24, 2005

Around Cancun

Rent a Car is the better way to go around Can Cun, don't feel afraid to stop in small places as Playa del carmen in your trip, it make it fun.
Better if you are a spanish speaker, don't be affraid of ask directions, but always trust in your feelings about people and not go to hide roads if there aren't Big signs as in Chichen itza or Xel ha.

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Sep 08, 2003

Buster Rental Car worked out well for us.

After everything I read online, I was extremely apprehensive about renting a vehicle in Mexico. We used Buster Rental Car out of Cancun and drove south all the way to Belize, as well as the entire counrty of Belize, and it was great. We paid $35 a day total, less than $400 for 11 days with insurance and everything. We were given a letter of authorization to cross the border and it worked without a hitch. Daniel and Daniel in Cancun and Ramon in PDC were all very helpful and I am happy to say that nothing went wrong. We were never hassled by police or anyone else. The car ran great and upon inspection the fluids and tires were all up to par. We felt safe and secure with or vehicle the entire time. Daniel was even kind enough to give us a ride to Puerto Juarez when we returned the car.

May 22, 2010

Caribbean Rent a Car

My family and I rented a van from Caribbean Rent a Car during our Christmas family vacation. They met us at the airport quite late at night when our flight arrived. They were very nice and accomodating to my family and I. We also wanted to extend our stay in Mexico so I called the car rental agency and asked for a few extra days which they agreed to with no problem. I would definately rent a vehicle from them again and would highly recommend them to anybody interested in renting a vehicle in Cancun.

Mar 07, 2009
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"Paradise in the Carribean"
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"Spring Break 24/7/365"
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"Cancun Condo"
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"Cancun, Mexico"
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Long distance, best to rent a car, short- bus

I would suggest that you rent a car- for longer trips, it would be the cheapest way to go. You can get one when you get there, or order one in advance. You can try or some other sites for the best rate. They are fairly reasonable, I have gotten them for about $150/wk., depending on the season. There is also the $11 worth of insurance they tack on to keep in mind. But, it would still save you a bundle! You can also try for places to check on the best car rates. If you are just getting around Cancun, there are great buses at only 65 cents to use, that go up and down the main street regularly.

Aug 28, 2008

American Car Rental

We rented a car from America Car Rentals. Their web site promised a short shuttle from the airport. It took them an hour to pick us up. The car that we asked for was not available. We wanted an automatic and paid extra for it but it wasn't available and they refused to refund the extra money. We had also asked for a Tourist car in case we got a ticket and they were out of those as well. Don't use.

May 16, 2013

Car Rental

Take photo's of your vehicle for scratches and dents. Show it the person renting you the car and make sure he makes a note of the damage. I took all the insurance just in case. Driving out of the city is not to bad.
If you rent in Cancun, verify were they are after you get to Cancun.

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May 22, 2007

Harley-Davidson hire

Just down the road from The hotel, near to Aquaword are the offices of Eaglerider Cancun, a great bunch of guys who hire out Harleys.
I had a Heritage Softtail and it was superb but a bit pricey- $180 per day ( although worth it! )

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Apr 04, 2011

Things to Do Near Cancún

Things to Do

Mercado 28

We arrived there by bus (Rte.2), and it took us some 10 minutes walk with sales guys along the way trying to sell us their stuff. The market itself was a huge disappointment, with products for sales...
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It was a package deal. The deal including cruising in a catamaran, snorkelling and half-day visits to Isla Mujeres plus lunch and drinks many as you want. At $70USD I thought it was worth it. We book...
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Swim with Dolphins

Are these tourists really that clueless about this dolphin swim? Guys, dolphin families are killed so you can swim with the left over prisoners. Get a clue and inform yourself before handing over...
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Coco Bongo

This place is a must visit, you'll find people from different ages, well from 18 yrs and up. there's no dress code so can wear anything you like jeans or dressit doesn't matter. This night club has...
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Things to Do

Playa Norte

This is a great beach for swimming. The water is calm and it seems like you can walk out forever in just waist deep water. The turquoise waters are unbelievable. There are many bars and restaurants...
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