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Tulum Ruins Day Trip with Beach and Cenote Dos Ojos
"After hotel pickup in Playa del Carmen you will head to the Tulum Ruins to explore this archaeological site. Each Mayan city had a specific purpose and Tulum was no exception. It was a seaport trading mainly in turquoise and jade. As well as being the only Mayan city built on a coast Tulum was one of the few protected by a wall. Made of limestone the 2500+ foot (784 m) wall encloses the site on three sides is almost 23 feet (7 m) thick
From $129.00
Mini Cenotes 2-Day Scuba Diving Package in the Riviera Maya
"Today three of the world's longest underwater cave systems with a length of up to 129 kilometers can be found in the Riviera Maya. One of them is 56 kilometers – Dos Ojos which means “two eyes” and describes the two circular shaped cenotes shining in daylight.On this cenote package you'll get to go on a total of 4 dives for a period of two days. On the first day you will dive at 2 local reefs exploring these beautiful reefs in the Riviera Maya. Then on the second day you will take your diving to one of the beautiful cenotes this area has to offer and enjoy two dives. For the second day you will be picked up from your hotel by van in the morning and experience two unique dives in the world´s finest fresh water caverns. Your group consists of a maximum of 4 certified divers per cavern guide. After a short stop at the dive
From $293.00
Cenotes 2-Tank Dive in Playa del Carmen
"Thousands of years ago underwater caves started to collapse and gateways to the river system were opened creating sinkholes called Cenotes. The word ""Cenote"" is derived from the Mayan term ""D'zonot"" which represents a subterranean cavity that contains permanent water. The Mayan people considered the Cenotes as the entrance to their mythical and spiritual underworld and also they were their only fresh water source in the middle of the jungle.
From $125.00

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