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Los Voladores Tips (6)


After you park your car and proceed to the ticket booth, you have a choice. You can drive your ass on the chu-chu train or you can walk few minutes (really painless walk).

By the Chu-chu train stop there is a nice show to see. Get your 30 peso ready if you want to use your camera and 100 peso if you want to make a video.


Just see my pictures, they will speed for themselves.

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Jan 05, 2008

Watch the dance of the bird man.

Danza del Volador is the dance of the bird man.
A folklore activity of Mexicans, in former days a fertility ritual for a Totonec rain god.
These 5 men, dressed in exotic costumes, ascend a pole that is approximately 30 meters high. 4 of them have a rope around their waist of which the other end has been fastened just beneath the platform. The fifth man, stands in the middle of the platform and plays the flute and drums an entrancing tune. The 4 other men let themselves fall,head down first. With stretched out arms, the 4 men completes exactly 13 rotations, before ending up on the ground. The total number of, 4(men)x13(rotations)=52(weeks in a calendar year). The cycle of the Aztec calendar.

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Sep 12, 2005

"Los Voladores"

they climb up this pole four at a time and hang themselves upside down turning and doing tricks in the air. Amazing to see them just holding on by their feet. Here is a typical costume woren by Los Voladores

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Jan 14, 2005

Danza del Volador

When you leave Tulum ruins and walk towards the parking, you will see the Danza del Volador (Flying Men Dance). This dance dates back to AD500 and is a fertility ceremony.

Five men dressed in traditional costume climb to the top of that pole. One of them takes the middle position and plays a flute and beats on a drum. The other four fasten a rope around their wastes and take their places on the square wooden framework.

As the "middle position" man starts to play the flute and the drum, the other four jump (all at the same time!!). The player makes this central piece jump and the four flying men wheel around the central pole as the ropes unwrap and slowly they reach the ground.

Afterwards the player slides down the pole and they all approach the tourist to receive tips. :-)

What i found awesome was that they were not young at all, ...

micas_pt's Profile Photo
Oct 26, 2003
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The Flying Volodores

At the bus stop for the Tulum ruins you will find a myriad of gift shops and snack shops to pass the time while awaiting your bus. You should also be able to catch one of the performances by the Volodores. These colourfully dressed men swing upside down from a pole 60 feet in the air. They are attached by rope from one ankle. It is very impressive.

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Oct 04, 2003


You must see Voladores ceremony. Now, it is performed mostly by actors but still doesnt look to safe.

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Mar 08, 2004
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"The Ruins and the Cove of Tulum & Caribbean Sea"
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"TULUM - maya ruins, white beaches and turquise sea"
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"Ahhhhh. The Yucatan"
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