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    Museo San Roque
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    Municipal Bazar
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Most Viewed Things to Do in Valladolid

  • 1. Municipal Bazar

    The building was originally build as a residence, but when the owner died during construction, it was left unfinished. It underwent various uses such as a sports complex, but in the 1960's the mayor...

  • 2. Museo Regional de San Roque (Valladolid Museum)

    Originally in the 16th century, this building was a convent. It still looks like one from outside, but it is no longer as somber as in those times. Today, it is home to a free museum, sometimes...

  • 3. Dzitnup cenote

    In Yucatan water flows quickly to a low level, being accessible through big holes called "cenotes". We visited this one, a big cave with a natural pool inside....

  • 4. City centre

    This calm city, displayed around a central garden bordered by the church and some typical buildings, was a good opportunity to start living real Mexico, after a...

  • 5. Swimming in cenotes Samula and Dzitnup

    We paid 50 pesos for a taxi to take us to Cenotes Dzitnup and Samula, about 7 km away from town. The 2 cenotes are right next to each other. Water is crystal...

  • 6. Private Mexican folk art museum

    WOW!You won't believe how much art this retired American couple has collected over 30 years....over 3,000 pieces. The live in a restored 400 year old hacienda...

  • 7. Ek Balam

    Near my hotel i could share a taxi with some Mexican people who were waiting at the same stop. The taxi leaves untill it is full and you share the price. Think...

  • 8. Zaci cenote

    Swim in cool ( cold ) waters like the Myans did 2000 years ago in the Zaci cenote, which is the original Myan name for Valladolid. Just to take a walk on the...

  • 9. Cenote Zaci

    The French couple and me wanted to see Cenote Zaci. we arrived at 17.10 and it was closed.But some nice guard let us go to the restaurant and from here we could...

  • 10. Cenote Dzitnup (Xkakah) (Xkeken)

    3 march 2008Tina (German girl i met at Chichen Itza) wanted to see the cenote Dzitnup so i joined her.We paid 200 pesos for a taxi together (think that was a...

  • 11. Chichén Itzá

    3 march 2008I took the bus from 7.15 from Valladolid to Chichén Itzá at the busstation i met a german girl Tina and we stayed together. (It is always nice to...

  • 12. Lots to do in Lil' Valladolid

    I read very little in the tour books about Valladolid, except that it was an important site in the Caste War for Mayan independence (it did not end well for the...

  • 13. Church of San Bernardino

    A 10-minute walk southwest of town takes you to the Church of San Bernardino and the Convent of Sisal. The church and convent date to the mid 16th century. From...

  • 14. The Cenotes

    If you go to Valladolid, you MUST leave time to visit one of the two cenotes outside of town-- Ditznup or Samula. There is also one in town, Zaci, that looks...

  • 15. Catedral de San Servasio

    The most prominent fixture on the main square in Valladolid is the Catedral de San Servasio, which is impressive both on the inside and out. Strangely, none of...

  • 16. The Main Square

    Valladolid's main square, called the Parque Francisco Canton Rosaldo, is a great place to sit and take in the scenery, possibly with an ice cream cone in hand...

  • 17. VALLADOLID - cute little town

    We arrived in Valladolid about 4.30.We drove straight to the town square, where we were shown a parking spot for us by a policewoman directing the hustling and...

  • 18. EK BALAM

    Restoration has only been ongoing since 1987 here at Ek Balam. Ek Balam - which means 'Black Jaguar' - is a wonderful way to explore the Mayan past without the...


    Life in the Yucatan centers around water. The peninsula is a porous limestone shelf replete with underground rivers. Cenotes - sinkholes - form where freshwater...


    The cathedral dominates the southern side of the Plaza Principal. Built in the 17th Century, the thick walls loom high and simply. The earlier built Templo de...


    In the center of the Plaza Prinicipal, there is a fountain with a lady in a huipil - an embroidered blouse of local design - pouring water from a jug. It is a...


    As in most Mexican towns, the Plaza Principal, or the zocalo, serves as the city's living room. People gather here to catch up on life outside their homes. The...

  • 23. Cenote Zaci

    This is the cenote in town. There are several others outside of town that are cool, too. We expected this to be pretty lame and grimy, being in town and all. In...

  • 24. Local Mercado

    Head to the market in the morning. It's so colorful - fruit, veggie, spices, flowers and a meat market that is not for the weak hearted. Got lots of stuff for...

  • 25. Dancin' in the Streets

    OK - so it is really on the square, in front of the library. On Sunday nights during most seasons live music is played and the locals come out to dance. The...

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