North America What to Pack

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    Cooling off my feet
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  • Comfortable Shoes
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North America What to Pack

  • Comfortable Shoes

    New York City What to Pack

    When In New York City, Particularly in Manhattan, Be prepared for long walks as the destinations between point A to Point B (like going from central park to the times square) is really far that you will do brisk walking as the subway is always packed with people and riding the MTA Public Bus can take you longer than walking due to the famous...

  • Sun / Heat Protection

    Las Vegas What to Pack

    weather in las vegas can be extreme like in any deserts. it can be really hot in the day and somewhat cold in the night so if you are walking around the vegas area during the day, bring sunglasses to protect you from the glare and sunblock so that you'r skin will not get sunburned moreso if you are taking a dip from the various swimming pools in...

  • items to bring on Trip

    New Orleans What to Pack

    Comfortable shoes or sturdy sandals. It always rains one weekend, so you may be sloshing through the mud. Some folks bring rain boots for those days - I say don't bother. Big hat to block the sun. For women, wear a skirt rather than shorts - makes it easier to use the portalets, and you don't have to worry about the fabric sticking to you. Sun...

  • Clothes For Layering

    San Francisco What to Pack

    I cannot stress this enough: layer. It's true that San Francisco can be very cold and foggy, and fog often makes way to light rain, so rain jackets are a must 9 months out of the year. However, if you plan on doing a fair amount of walking, you're going to get warm pretty fast, as the hills can be brutal. Good walking shoes with traction are great...

  • Combined Suggestions

    Chicago What to Pack

    I like luggage with many pockets, but you can use about anything. When I get to a new place, I usually buy a bag from that place to carry around and put in all the miscellaneous maps, brochures and postcards inside. In Summer, it's generally warm, so I would suggest some light clothing and swimsuit for the beach, but beware! In Chicago, you never...

  • Casual / Light

    Key West What to Pack

    Ladies: Sundress Shorts Light Jacket (it cools off when the sun goes down) Sandals Guys: Shorts Button down camp shirts sandals (but please - no socks) hat Sunscreen! Aspirin (for when you have been out in the sun all day) Definitely bring a camera - Key West has beautiful beaches, interesting architecture, plenty of photo ops, and lots of great...

  • rain gear

    Vancouver What to Pack

    I walked out of the airport terminal and into a light rain. As we got downtown the rain was getting heavier, but the locals weren't even hurrying to get out of it. Most of them hadn't even broken out an umbrella. And so it went, there was rain the three days I was in Vancouver, there were periods of up to a couple of hours of brilliant sunshine...

  • Layers

    Los Angeles What to Pack

    If you are coming during the winter, be prepared for generally, sunny days and cool evenings. The best way to dress is in layers. When it does rain, it is chilly. So be prepared and do bring a warm jacket. When the sun is out, the days are quite comfortable and nice. People on average dress pretty well and when you go to any of the clubs or nice...

  • Warm clothes

    Montreal What to Pack

    Many people think about keeping their "core" warm, but what about the lower half? There are some really great fitting and comfortable jeans available that keep you warm. They are called Winter Blues Jeans and they are perfect for travelers in the colder months. They are only available in a few stores but can be found online at:...

  • Baggage

    Cancún What to Pack

    If you can do it only pack a carry on. Luggage and Customs is a pain You can get by with 3 pairs of shoes. Sandels (beach and Dress) and Tennis shoes. Every hotel I have stayed at in Cancun has toiletries such as shampoo, soap and condt. If you can get by with what the hotel supplies do it. Bring you own medicane in it's orig. bottle if at all...

  • Pack For Weather

    Boston What to Pack

    if you are visiting bostonn in the fall like i did, the weathe starts to become nippy more so in the late september so you must always carry a jacket or a sweater or better is to bring a weather proof jacket as this is also the season where it sometimes rains and you might get wet. If you don't want to bring an umbrella, the weather proof jacket...

  • Winter, summer & rain gear

    Quebec What to Pack

    Quebec City is one of Canada's snowiest cities. On average, we receive 3 m of snow every year but the 2007-2008 winter was our snowiest ever, with about 5.6 m of snow!! It is not rare to see the first snowfall in October, but we sometimes have to wait until January before there is any snow to speak of. As a rule of thumb, the milder the temperature...

  • Travel Light / Layers

    Seattle What to Pack

    Comfortable Shoes, Sweatshirt/Blazer, and lightweight pants/shorts. We always travel in August or September, which in all reality is truly the perfect time. It's a bit warm still but there is seldom rain. Pack a windbreaker or sweatshirt just in case... or don't and buy a souvenir that will brighten up your rainy days when you return home!

  • Clothing/Luggage

    Puerto Vallarta What to Pack

    you need expendable sandals for walking on the beach; the sand is VERY hot. a hat is also very useful, on the beach or while shopping (otherwise, you risk serious sunburn). a hat cuts down on the squinting too, even with sunglasses.

  • Photo Equipment

    Tijuana What to Pack

    Just a small, cheap 35mm camera should do. I take an average quality digital camera. I also turn off the flash, so not to draw any attention. I also take small, pocket size cameras that can be easily hidden. So when I see something that looks interesting, I turn on my digital camera (or leave it on), wait for it to charge, take the camera out of my...

  • What to pack

    Cabo San Lucas What to Pack

    This is the Baja, so you really don't need much. I always try to bring only carry on luggage and a minimum of clothing. There's always a laundry or store with a sale going on. The Baja, especially the Southern Baja, is known for its sun and fun, however, even though it can be quite warm in the winter, the weather can be fickle and turn on you. As...

  • Chilly Evenings

    San Diego What to Pack

    Think smarter not harder, pack light because most CA hotels,malls, and airports are in outdoorlike settings! Ok your'e thinking Sunny CA, right, well that's true in the day time hours, but night time could get a bit chilly when Mr. Sun go's to bed! pack at least one sweater/light jacket for this trip. Lots of high spf sunscreen, all thought 70s to...

  • Weather

    Ottawa What to Pack

    Waterproof shoes, don't forget weatherproof paste. Waterproof coat etc; you will have make your car ice/snow-free more than once. Anti-flu, anti-cold stuff (I prefer Fisherman's Friend). Some moisturizer for your lips. General tips for snow-pictures. In the winter the sun is always low and it is hard to take a good picture of a building at close...

  • Attire

    Sedona What to Pack

    You needed a luggage if you spend the night in Sedona. Otherwise, just bring some backpack to carry your bottled water.Your comfy walking attire. Bring comfy attire, comfortable shoes and depending on the weather you are going, bring a jacket even during the spring time because it gets cold at night and during early mornings. Bring sunscreen. The...

  • Comfortable Clothes

    Atlanta What to Pack

    During my trip this year, the temperature remained in the 70s, although this seemed a little warm than I would expect for Atlanta at this time of year. I would probably recommend bringing warmer clothes for November in case, as it could get much colder during this time.

  • Warm Clothes / Hiking Shoes

    Yosemite National Park What to Pack

    This being one of the top backpacking destinations in the US, a backpack might be a good thing to bring along. There is such a big network of trails, you just couldn't see them all day-hiking so you'll need to carry all your guessd it, on your back. A day hiking pack is also necessary if you don't plan on backpacking. Even if you're not...

  • Packing Lists

    Philadelphia What to Pack

    Comfortable walking shoes. It's best to explore this great old town on foot. Wide angle is great for shots of buildings but a zoom is fun for sneaky people shots. Thanks to D for getting me to explore my old home town more closely.

  • Weather Related Clothing

    Houston What to Pack

    It's hot. It rains. That's just Houston. There are two seasons: Summer and Spring. Spring is about January-April. After April, until December, it's hot. Make sure you bring plenty of sun screen. Let me repeat: It rains. Sometimes all day. Sometimes 5 minutes a day for 3 months. When it rains all day it floods-and fast. Be careful! I carry a small...

  • Luggage and Bags

    Mexico City What to Pack

    An important aspect of good travel planning is deciding what items to take with you on your vacation. What you take will, of course, depend on such factors as the climate of your destination, the types of activities you propose to engage in while there and the duration of your trip. Sometimes short trips are the hardest to pack for because you...

  • Weather Related Clothing

    Dallas What to Pack

    Although you can probably leave out your snow boots, I would suggest being prepared for almost any other kind of weather (especially in spring)! You can never tell what the weather is going to be like. One day it is a hot, dry, 95 degrees, and the next day is 70 and raining. I would definitely suggest being prepared for the rain. You will almost...

  • Beachwear & Sunscreen!

    Honolulu What to Pack

    Bring flip-flops with you or plan to buy some when you arrive. See my Local Customs tip. Pack clothing suitable for tropical weather. The young women in this photo, with their black stockings and high heeled shoes, were dressed as if they were in New York City, and they just looked silly. Plus, they must have been extremely uncomfortable. It was...

  • Sweater / Jacket

    Monterey What to Pack

    if you plan to stay a night or two at the hotel, then bring a light travel bag but you're only here for a day tour, then a small type of bag will do. the weather can change abruptly in monterey, always bring a handy sweater or scarf or a wind breaker so that you are prepared for sudden weather changes but you don't need to bring a water proof...

  • Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear

    Richmond What to Pack

    If you go to Richmond, or anywhere else in the world, by plane be prepared for loss of your luggage by the airlines. It happened to us thanks to KLM. So, Urszula and I were separated from our luggage for the first two days in the South. We had a camera, video camera, newspapers, travel books, some cosmetics but no clothes to change! It was not...

  • Camera

    Miami What to Pack

    Since we have been traveling by boat, we don't have any luggage. However when we fly, we take two carryon sized bags each. I check one of mine - I just don't carry any more than two small bags. A wide brimmed hat. SUNSCREEN I have always traveled with at least one camera. Now I have at least two. I have one digital and one film camera. (I still do...

  • Hot-Humid Weather

    Baltimore What to Pack

    In packing for a trip to Baltimore, you can count on a few things. It will be cold, damp and windy in the winter. It can reach 47F/10C any time of the winter, but there will always be a week where the temperatures will hover right around freezing. With the nearly constant wind, those days feel pretty cold. You won't need long underwear, but you...

  • Bring Camera & Film

    Banff National Park What to Pack

    Comfortable shoes for walking, and not just on sidewalks, but on walking paths, and rough ground. As you go up higher in the mountains, have a jacket - for example, while short sleeves are fine in the town, you'll find it much cooler up at the top of the gondola. Lots of film, telephoto lenses because its safer to take the pics of animals at a...

  • Beach Attire

    Fort Lauderdale What to Pack

    You'll need layers during the Spring. It was warm to downright hot and sunny during the Swimming Suits and shorts will do. However, a sweater or the appropriate coverage is needed for night. And DO NOT forget your flip flops! Sunblock, Aloe, After Sun Lotion and lip goop!

  • Clothes

    Tampa What to Pack

    I like to travel light, but this is up to you. You don't need any heavy winter clothes in Tampa, that's for sure! During the summer, make sure you have light clothes and flip-flops! It rains a lot too, so be prepared! For the winter, I would say spring/fall clothes. Sunscreen is a must! Mosquito repellent too if you visit Tampa during the...

  • Packing List

    Calgary What to Pack

    Calgary’s weather can change rapidly day to day or even hour to hour. And then again, the weather can stay constant for weeks at a time. So how are you supposed to pack? Even here, there are expectations as to what the weather is going to be like. On the attached slide, I’ve tried to indicate the most probable types of clothing you’d need to wear...

  • Clothing - Summer

    Edmonton What to Pack

    If you wanna shop, don't bring much (clothes wise) cause you'll prolly trek on down to WEM and go on a shopping spree. Leave some space in your luggage for stuff that you're prolly gonna buy and bring back to your city/state/country when you're here in Edm. The weather condition in the Prairies can be rather unpredictable. I mean, there was this...

  • Heat / Sun Protection

    Death Valley National Park What to Pack

    Should you find yourself visiting Death Valley in the midst of a 120 pluis degree heat wave, be prepared with lightweight clothing, sunscreen, a hat and lots of water. Those opting for the more moderate temperatures in October through May should keep in mind that nights can get pretty chilly. In late November, evening temperatures dropped into the...

  • Temperature Extremes

    Grand Canyon What to Pack

    Keep cool and hydrated in the summer heat, (especially if going down to the canyon floor) 1. Buy several BPA-free water bottles with insulating sleeves, (I like the Camelback better bottle and sleeve, which you can attach to your belt). Instead of filling with water, fill it with ice before you start your hike, as it melts it helps keep you cool....

  • Pack for the Desert

    Tucson What to Pack

    if you plain on camping and they do not provide working showers, still bring a towel and soap theres a lake or river someplace! its not the best but it will work. bring your camera it will be a good item to capture your memorys brig sunscreen and plenty of water you dont want to get dehidreted

  • Cold in Winter - Mosquitoes in Summer

    Winnipeg What to Pack

    We all know that traveling with small children can be tricky. If you want to avoid bringing everything with you that your baby or toddler might need when they are away from home, consider renting baby gear. Baby equipment rental companies are available across Canada, the US and even into Europe and beyond. Many, like Parentals in Winnipeg, rent car...

  • Weather Wise

    Minneapolis What to Pack

    something water proof is always good.. Minneapolis is known for being cold... That being said, most locals own a pair of snow boots (the garrish things that your mom maybe made you wear as a little kid) but never wear them.. I haven´t worn know boots for years.. I just wear regular shoes, or my zip up regular boots in the winter.. Spring is wet,...

  • Weather Wise

    Long Beach What to Pack

    Take something with wheels - you might do a little walking from where you parked your car. I can't speak for what it's like except for July - I highly recommend bringing a light jacket for the evenings or long sleave top/sweater.

  • Packing List

    Mazatlán What to Pack

    Wheeled luggage works best. beach attire Medications that you will need plus extra are a good idea. Trust me... I have 2 kids with asthma it saves hassel I actually have had good luck with disposable cameras... They don't cost you anything if you misplace them and are less likely to get stolen..The quality of photos is not bad. We took our own...

  • Sun Protection

    Isla Cozumel What to Pack

    Just a backpack and a plastic bag to carry your wet towels and bathing suit. Also, don't forget to bring a lock. Bathing suit, towels and spare clothes. Snorkelling gears and diving gears if you have. Shampoo, conditioner and soap Camera and under water camera

  • Toiletries/Medical Supplies

    Miami Beach What to Pack

    Really all you need to bring is a light travelbag or medium-sized backpack.,because the clothes you will pack to visit here will not take up alot of space. Tank tops,light summer dresses and bikinis do not take up that much room! This is all I would have taken , if it weren't for the fact I was going to Peru afterwards and I needed to bring some...

  • Cameras

    Banff What to Pack

    With my other tip about taking a great camera, if you are snowboarding or skiing, unless you are fantastic, I advise leaving that at home. I have an old Sony P10 digital camera(still a not bad camera to be fair, just 5 years old) and also my partners camera in my jacket. Yes, i had a few falls, but they were never in risk of getting damaged or...


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