North America Tourist Traps

  • Gruman's Chinese Theater
    Gruman's Chinese Theater
    by HispanicYob
  • Crabs who gave their all
    Crabs who gave their all
    by califdweller
  • That's not snow -- it's the blooming cherry blosso
    That's not snow -- it's the blooming...
    by mattreider

North America Tourist Traps

  • Times Square

    New York City Tourist Traps

    CNN named Times Square in 2011 as one big tourist trap and this is a fact as not only is there so much electronic and digital billboards lining the area around it and the theater district beside it, but it has tons of odd characters like the naked cowboy and naked cowgirl and other odd wannabees impersonating a famous someone or movie character and...

  • Scams to Avoid

    Las Vegas Tourist Traps

    Do not entertain or speak to the ones who are giving out the porn cards. They will try and thrust them into your hands regardless of you being with your partner. Best course of action is to walk by and not acknowledge them.

  • Bourbon St.

    New Orleans Tourist Traps

    What can be said? Bourbon Street is a place of excess. People come here to have a good time but seem to need to drink vast quantities of cheap alcohol to do so. It is legal to walk on the streets with open cups of alcohol, so people do it because they can. Big huge hurricane cups, plastic fish bowls, or just simple cans of beer. The constant parade...

  • Fisherman's Wharf

    San Francisco Tourist Traps

    I went to Fisherman Dwarf. Bought a 32 GB SD card from a camera shop. While putting the SD card, sales guy shown told that I can benefit from filter, lens. I refused. He requested it is close out sale. He can discount it 30% etc. I said I will check price online. He shown me a booklet in which price was given and told I can return if I did not like...

  • Navy Pier

    Chicago Tourist Traps

    I want to start with the notion that I absolutely understand why tourists would visit Navy Pier, Chicago's #1 tourist draw, but I am sticking under tourist traps for three reasons: 1) 90% of the people you encounter here are tourists 2) Restaurants and shops are overpriced and not the best in the city 3) Parking is obnoxiously priced, currently...

  • T-Shirt Shops

    Key West Tourist Traps

    When going into this shop, ask for the price before you check out. This store attempted to charge me $96 for 3 t-shirts and a shot glass. When we refused to pay, the store employee threatened to call the police; when we agreed to wait he proceeded to yell obscenities (ex:"Get the hell out, F you you a-holes!) to my entire family as we were leaving...

  • Shopping-Prices

    Cancún Tourist Traps

    This is an open market in downtown Cancun. The place is very charming and different. You can find jewelery and art and crafts. The place is just a a market to rip pleople off. The sales people are very good at ripping you off and sell you everything more expensive. I also made the mistake of using both my credit cards and the merchant rip me off....

  • Hollywood Sign

    Los Angeles Tourist Traps

    It is sad that tourists spend so much time and gas driving to see the sign when the only way to get really close to it is to hike up to it by parking just north of 6363 Deronda Dr, 90068. Or, see it from Griffith Park so you can enjoy the observatory too. There is noting, zero, zilch around the sign but private homes, so nothing to so there. Go to...

  • Capilano Suspension Bridge

    Vancouver Tourist Traps

    This is an update to a review I wrote earlier, as a few things have changed. I visited Capilano, twice, once in 2003, when there was just a bridge, and again in 2007, when they added the tree top adventure. The ticket lady saw our American IDs, and immediately charged us more. When we told her, that this is discrimination, she said nervously, "No,...

  • Crescent Street

    Montreal Tourist Traps

    Before we get started, I have a complaint about Montreal. My complaint is with Rue Crescent. Please do not visit here. I wish someone had told me. This really is the worst street in Montreal. Somehow famed for its nightlife, I cannot see anything noteworthy or significant. If you are interested in drunk 18 year old americans visiting from Vermont...

  • CN Tower

    Toronto Tourist Traps

    This is the my rule with every major city I go, if it's a familiar landmark, I'm on it! But then aren't we all? Aren't we all wanting a slice of that tourist pie? I wanted to cross visiting the CN Tower in downtown Toronto off my list before I left. Wow, it's just like Madame Tussauds or any other major cheesy tourist attraction in the world. You...

  • Time Share

    Puerto Vallarta Tourist Traps

    there are time-share vendors everywhere, and they can be extremely aggressive, with come-ons such as jeep rental for extra days free, "bargain tours," free breakfasts at various resorts, etc. proceed at your own risk financially.

  • Bull & Finch Pub / Cheers

    Boston Tourist Traps

    Yes, this is a local tourist trap. No, you will not be fooled. When you enter the Bull and Finch (Cheers) you know it is a tourist trap. But....YOU DO NOT CARE! This is where you came to see a little of the past, regarding the TV hit show,"CHEERS". To make your vist to the "Cheers" location, all the worthwhile, make sure you pose with the cast of...

  • Walt Disney World

    Orlando Tourist Traps

    Unless you have hundreds of dollars to take your family to Cirque du Soliel then there is little here worth seeing. "It's free" they say....well walking is free. There is a Ghiradelli Chocolate shop and you'd think that would be a hit...well for $8.00 I got a sundae and I'm sad to say that it is tasteless and is nothing like the ones in San...

  • Avenida Revolucion

    Tijuana Tourist Traps

    yes, the majority of tourist say this the unique sight of tijuana, but are worng, the big problem is that the hassles of sellers, or club waiters always call tourist come here, beggars and taxis are anther people who sometimes intimididate to tourists, and in spring break some teens go to here to get drunk even at daylight so is not to reconmeded...

  • Souvenir shops in Vieux Quebec

    Quebec Tourist Traps

    Don't buy the maple products, like sirup and cookies, at the tourist stores, it's too expensive. In the tourist area just buy the maple sugar candies because they don't have at the grocery stores. You can go at any grocery store off the tourist area and find it. The sirup in glass jar is very expensive but the look is cute i agree.

  • Taxis

    Cabo San Lucas Tourist Traps

    Don't be fooled or intimidated by the onslaught of people you encounter after picking up your baggage. Many of them will lie to get you to go with them in their vehicle. Please note that these "timeshare drivers" will offer you many things to get you to follow them or they will say they are with the police, immigration, the government, customs,...

  • Space Needle

    Seattle Tourist Traps

    It is fairly expensive to go up the Space Needle, and if it is just the view you are looking for, I would suggest visiting the Smith Tower at 506 2nd Street. It is a blast from the past, with an elevator man who takes you up in the old fashioned elevator, with a peak at each floor as you pass. The view from the top is spectacular, not the mention...

  • 5th Avenue

    Playa del Carmen Tourist Traps

    The vicious feathered warrior-god beckons to you because you can't help but look his way. "Come, come! It's okay, have your picture taken with me." Excited, you go and stand beside him. The god spreads his giant impressive wings, your friend takes the photo, and then "boom", the god hits you up for 50 pesos. It would have been nice if he had told...

  • Jeep Tours

    Sedona Tourist Traps

    Why not rent a 4WD vehicle? Its not like the drive in a 4WD is any less appealling than with a 2WD. However, a 4WD gives you the option of truly exploring the area, while a 2WD forces you to shell out $60/per person to a jeep tour company to take you off of the beaten path. While in Sedona, the drive up Shnebly Hill Rd is a beautiful drive, in...

  • Underground Atlanta

    Atlanta Tourist Traps

    I have visited Underground many times and while it was alot better in the past I would not skip it on a visit to Atlanta. There are young hoodlums running around but they are nothing to worry about in my opinion. Keep to yourself and do what you want and noone will mess with you at all. The shops are most likely some you have already been to but...

  • Byward Market

    Ottawa Tourist Traps

    Byward Market... I just have nothing to say about this place exept it's probably the busiest place in Ottawa (which isn't much.) Nothing special here..exept maybe Beaver tails if you have never eathen them before.

  • Too Expensive

    San Diego Tourist Traps

    This place used to be a place to view marine animals. It still is, but you have to look for them. There are lots of games which really belong in an amusement park, which SeaWorld has become. It is WAY over priced. If you want to see fish, go to an acquarium. UPDATE: Anhauser-Busch, which owned Sea World, has been bought out by IBev, a Belgin...

  • Galleria

    Houston Tourist Traps

    it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to is a monster of a mall though.....and it does have an ice rink but not a good one......the ice rink in the memorial city mall is much bigger and nicer.....and I like the memorial city mall much more......

  • Peggy's Cove

    Halifax Tourist Traps

    Lighthouse on a granite out crop..China /Japan ..Over priced souvenirs...Lousy restaurant..on a cruise ship day ..LAST place on the planet you want to be...Looks like a fishing village..the only thing they fish is....TOURISTS "DONT GO" Spend you time in Halifax exploring a very beautiful and historic city...Titanic April 12 1912..Halifax Explosion...

  • The West End

    Dallas Tourist Traps

    I went to the West End many years ago & had a blast with my kids & my brother. We walked around, took the carriage ride & learned some Dallas history on the trip, got hit up by the rose peddlers, listened to street musicians, looked in the shops at the warehouse & had the best time listening to the guys at the fudge factory - singing while making...

  • Liberty Bell

    Philadelphia Tourist Traps

    We went on a ghost tour and afterwards we walked by the Liberty Bell and at night it is lit up inside so you can clearly see the bell in all her glory! I've waited in the long lines and walked thru to see it inside but I can tell you at night...ohhhh beautiful and no wait or lines!

  • Much Over-priced! Shop around

    Honolulu Tourist Traps

    Well I'm ashamed to say that I was sucked in big time by a lady selling crystal. It was my first ever visit to Waikiki and I guess I was high on the thrill of just being there! I went into a gift shop and after looking around for 5 minutes I was approached my the shop keeper who offered some 'real Hawaiian crystal' to me! I wasn't really interested...

  • Clifton Hill

    Niagara Falls Tourist Traps

    If you hop on the Skywheel expecting great views and great pictures, think again. We tried it one night, and our view of the falls was not only inferior to what we could see by walking along the river, it was generally poor altogether. The only good views we had were of the Clifton Hill lights and dinosaur mini-golf -- which is OK if your vacation...

  • Empress Hotel

    Victoria Tourist Traps

    Tourists will here amazing reviews about tea at the Fairmont Empress. Truthfully, what you are paying for is the novelty of dining in an elegant setting with fine service over looking Victoria's Inner Harbour. Dress up! The Fairmont Empress does have dress codes and you won't want to be disappointed upon arrival. Be sure to ask for a seat near the...

  • Buckhorn Saloon

    San Antonio Tourist Traps

    This is one of those 100% unapologetic tourist traps that is also of course unmissable. it's mostly a restaurant with its walls cover with memorabilia. It's main claim to historic fame is that Teddy Roosevelt came here to recruit his roughriders.

  • Graceland

    Memphis Tourist Traps

    Graceland is always busy with visitors and the mediation garden where Elvis is buried is a must see but is never quiet whilst the tours are on. You are allowed to take a camera with you, but no video cameras. Graceland open the gates at 7am until 8am every morning. You are allowed to walk up to the house to the mediation garden. A wonderful...

  • Gas Prices

    Death Valley National Park Tourist Traps

    Panamint Springs Resort is about as far away as you can get from anything. The problem is the folks at the Resort know this and have inflated the price to an outrageous $6.00 per gallon! If you can plan wisely, it would a nice side trip to drive the 40 miles to Lone Pine, CA. where gas is $4.49. This was all as of June 2014. Is it worth the $1.50...

  • Bayside Market Place

    Miami Tourist Traps

    I have read the comments on Bayside and I have to say that each year my husband and I book a boatcruise and leave one day prior just so we can spend some time at the Bayside Market place. I wouldn't necessarily call it a tourist trap. It's a great location right across the Holiday Inn which leaves a little to be desired but we stay there anyway...

  • Biosphere 2

    Tucson Tourist Traps

    This was one of the best tours I've ever been on, and I've been on lots of them. I remembered hearing about Biosphere 2 years ago, but learned so much about the experiments on this tour. The facility is incredible - the ocean, the rain forest. There isn't anything like it anywhere else in the WORLD. The idealism of the people who dreamed, and...

  • Ybor City

    Tampa Tourist Traps

    As a Tampa native, today's Ybor City is highly disappointing. The robust, vibrant, culturally unique neighborhood where my parents and grandparents grew up (see pic) AND the artistic bohemian community that began Ybor's comeback in the 80s have both been largely replaced by an unexciting collection of bars and "upscale" boutique franchises. It...

  • Awkward Hours of Operation

    Richmond Tourist Traps

    I think it's unfortunate that you were not able to tour the Governor's Mansion. I attended a reception there once just before Christmas (George Allen was in office) and it was beautiful inside and out. Part of the problem may be that it -is- continuously occupied. As you may be able to see from the poster's photo, it is fairly small as mansions go....

  • Inner Harbor

    Baltimore Tourist Traps

    This is supposed to be one of the Inner Harbor's premier attractions. Well, there's not much to it. Located on the southwest side of the Inner Harbor, near Federal Hill, the building looks impressive. But once you get inside, and pay the $14.50 admission fee, you'll find that it's more of a children's playground than a real museum. There's hardly...

  • Cannery Row

    Monterey Tourist Traps

    The Cannery Row is one whole district that is aimed for shopping, eating and dining! The former Sardine Canneries are now converted into assorted Shops, Stores, Restaurants, inns, hotels, bars and chocolate shops so that the area can be decribed as one big shopping mall. The Cannery Row Has two faces, one bustling center of tourism in Monterey and...

  • Time Share

    Mazatlán Tourist Traps

    Marina Grand got away with $5000 of ours in January 2014. Have never received any value (except a "free" dinner). At least we were able to snatch our trade in back from them. This is a total rip off. All the same players as listed below. How do they get away with this? Just don't.

  • Billy Swamp Safari

    Fort Lauderdale Tourist Traps

    My disappointment was very high when I left Billy Swamp. The place itself is clean and very well maintained but the people are TERRIBLE. They really don’t care about you. No service, no smile at the restaurant and tense relations between staff led me to spend 30 minutes instead of 2 hours. Honestly, driving an hour from Fort Lauderdale to get...

  • High Prices

    Grand Canyon Tourist Traps

    We have to admit that lots of people do not like Sky Walk and West Rim experience for many reasons: the cost (especially for solo travelers), outrageously expensive food, a photo rip-off on Sky Walk, the long waits for each shuttle bus to go from the parking lot to each site, very limited options, tons of people around, unpaved roads etc. Some...

  • Vehicle rentals

    Isla Cozumel Tourist Traps

    Make sure to return your rented jeep or car with a full-tank gas, otherwise they will be charging you in dollars instead of in pesos. Also, when you pump gas, make sure to ask whether the gasoline is paid in dollars or in pesos! The gasoline boy here where I pumped gas fooled me! I will never forget. He collected dollars from me instead of pesos...

  • West Edmonton Mall

    Edmonton Tourist Traps

    If you're coming here solely to shop, just skip it. It's the same stores owned by the same corporations across the globe. La Senza, Hollister, the Disney Store, Sketchers, The Body Shop...yep. The attractions are worth wandering around. Galaxyland is a pretty-cool themed amusement park. Get a day pass and go on a few rides so it's worth the cost,...

  • Mall of America

    Minneapolis Tourist Traps

    As a local of Minneapolis, I have been to the Mall of America many times. Each time I'm there, somebody ends up dropping at least $50 to $100 on food and other things. Lots of stores have higher prices because the Mall has so many tourists. The biggest offenders: Nickelodeon Universe. The deal is, you get either a ticket with "points" added onto...


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