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Walking Tour Through Basseterre
"This tour meets in Port Zante where we set off on foot to explore the old fort city of Basseterre. We'll make way through the center of town pointing out the Berkeley Memorial and home of the circus - reminiscent of Piccadilly Square. Next we'll head to Independence Square - formerly called Pal Mal Square where the slaves were bought and sold in public auction back in the 1600 and 1700's. The guide will point out the Catholic Cathedral and the Anglican Church dating back to 1670. Next we walk to Irish Town named after the indentured servants that made their way over from Ireland for a better life back in the 1600's. Many homes that were built back in the 1600's survived hurricanes and other natural disasters and are still standing today. Finally we wi"""Stroll through the city of Basseterre where you'll visit the site of the first company and walk through the old village of Irish Town. You'll learn the rich history about Pall Mall Square (present day Independence Square) where slaves were once sold upon
From $25.00
Dolphin Encounter at Gulf World Marine Park
"Meet with smart friendly dolphins at Dolphin Discovery within the Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach. We invite you to immerse yourself in the dolphins' world with the Dolphin Encounter program.The Dolphin Encounter program allows you to meet hug and show off! Our marine mammals specialists will be on hand to give you all the information you need. In waist-deep water you'll begin your interaction as you and the dolphins get to know each other. The Dolphin Encounter program is perfect for all ages and guarantees that you'll have a new marine friend by the time you leave the water! """"Experience the power and playfulness of friendly dolphins at Gulf World Marine Park by Dolphin Discovery
From $128.00
Dolphin Meet and Greet at Gulf World Marine Park
"If swimming isn't your thing this poolside meet and greet allows you to interact with our dolphins without getting into the water! At Dolphin Discovery at Gulf World Marine Park guests are invited to interact with smart friendly dolphins and get to know them outside of the pool. Learn about the fascinating species with our marine specialists by listening to educational info touching the dolphins and feeding the dolphins. These beautiful creatures are friendly and happy to interact in or out of the water! Dolphin meet and greets are perfect for all ages and are offered multiple times throughout the day."
From $74.00

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