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Monument Valley Mystery Valley Tour
"Your tour will begin at The View Hotel Visitor's Lobby located inside the Monument Valley Tribal Park where the Visitor Center is also located. In Mystery Valley you will see the Honeymoon Arch which is very popular with newly weds because o there he/she will share with you cultural stories geography and history. He/she will guide you to the Square House Ruin Three Pine Dwelling House of Many Hands and many many more. Sharing all of the sites in Mystery Valley would not be a mystery now would it? Your guide will have other sites to share with you while on the hiking tour of this must-see excursion. Because of it's remote location not very many ""
From $90.00
Grand Canyon via Sedona and Navajo Reservation
"Your day trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon includes some of Arizona's most scenic landscapes. Start with a journey through the Sonoran Desert to the red rock country of Sedona where you will make a morning coffee break and a photo stop. Take a stroll through stunning Sedona before continuing your tour along a pretty 17-mile scenic drive in Oak Creek Canyon.You’ll travel up into the San Francisco Mountains surrounding t and you’ll have a break to eat drink in the boundless wonders of the canyon from great overlooks take a short nature walk or browse shops for souvenirs handcrafted by the local Indians.After your lunch break your guide will take you on a 23-mile driving tour along the rim of the Grand Canyon. This is the main event – incredible view after incredible view of the canyon will keep your jaw in a permanent dropped state. You’ll stop at viewpoints along the way to and then your guide will escort you by van from the canyon to the Navajo Reservation
From $169.00
Cultural Tour of Lower Monument Valley Tribal Park
"The Navajo culture has thrived on the land between the Four Scared Mountains and those teachings have been inherited through generations of verbal and lesson teaching methods. Some of these teachings are shared with you during the Cultural Tour by your Navajo guide. The Cultural 3.5 hour tour makes a first stop at the famous John Ford’s Point where many of John Wayne’s western cinematic movies were filmed. Next your guide will drive to The Backcountry of the park and escort you to the “Sun’s Eye Arch"" and Hogan Demonstration. At “Sun’s Eye Arch” you will be standing at a specific degree to look up into the rock arch and see why it is named Sun’s E you will travel to the “Big Hogan.” The Big Hogan is a great place to take family pictures and lie against the rocks and feel its warmth. Your guide will provide stories and suggest great photo shots. The last stop in the Backcountry is the “Ear and your guide will escort you to a photogenic spot where you can take photographs. Next you will be guided to the Totem Pole and Yei Bi Cheii Monuments where you will be able to take photographs and hear the cultural stories behind each monument. The last stop is at the North Window where you will have a chance to take pictures of the Mitte
From $90.00

More Local Customs in Canyon de Chelly National Monument


Navajo Selling Their Goods

At every overlook there are between 2-10 Indians selling jewelry, sandstone pieces, baskets and any other type of ancient looking artifact you can think of. I did not buy from them at every stop, but...
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Salesmen out in force

Be aware that you will run into Navajo folks trying to sell jewelry and art at almost every overlook you stop at. If you're not interested, politely decline, but be aware that they will probably ask...
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