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Flagstaff Things to Do

  • Pioneer Museum

    The Pioneer Museum is part of the Arizona Historical Society. It is housed in the former Flagstaff Hospital. The hospital was built in 1908 and served until 1938. The museum has displays and artifacts of life in pioneer Flagstaff. The area was import for ranching and logging. The building is hard to see from the road but you can't missed the old...

  • Flagstaff Pioneer Museum

    The Pioneer Museum is part of the Arizona Historical Society. It is housed in the former Flagstaff Hospital. The hospital was built in 1908 and served until 1938. The museum has displays and artifacts of life in pioneer Flagstaff. The area was import for ranching and logging. The building is hard to see from the road but you can't missed the old...

  • Walnut Canyon National Monument

    Walnut Canyon is the location of some very interesting pueblos that were constructed into the side of the canyon cliffs. The unique formation of these cliffs allowed them to be used as the pueblo roofs so the inhabitants only had to construct a front wall. The views are very nice however, the Island Trail was closed when I visited.]Still this is a...


Flagstaff Hotels

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Flagstaff Restaurants

  • Authentic Thai food

    This is a very large restaurant located on the south side of old town Flagstaff. Wait staff are friendly but I stopped I for lunch and the crowd was big and the staff were running about trying to keep up with things.I decided to try their Penang Curry with chicken. It is available in a lunch size portion that comes with a salad. Their spice range...

  • relaxing place for Tea

    I was very happy to find a tea house in Flagstaff. I stop in one evening around 9pm. Nicely decorated with tea items for sale such as mugs and tea pots. there are only a few table for seating but in the window fronts are low floor seats and tables. They have a few pre-packaged snacks for sale like cookies and scones. I ordered a cup of Jasmine Tea....

  • Small portion but good food

    Macy's is much more than a coffeehouse. They make their own baked goods like muffins and Danish. They also have a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. I have only eaten here for breakfast. The first time was back in 2005. I remember the place being much smaller then. I think they bought into the next store and expanded. Now there is a raised...


Flagstaff Nightlife

  • Dancing, Drinking and OTB

    The Museum Club opened in 1931 with the proclamation it was the "biggest log cabin in the world". That soon became in the nation, then in the state. It still holds one distinction though, it has the largest doorway made from a ponderosa pine split by lightning. Sometime around 1900 a Ponderosa Pine was struck by lightning. It then began to grow two...

  • Good food, good beer and good company

    Beaver Street Brewery, to me, really typifies Flagstaff: friendly, homey and good quality.The food is good, the beer is probably the best in town, the atmosphere is great, and the people are friendly. It's Flagstaff...

  • The best beer in town

    I can not belive the Mogollon is not on Virtualtourist yet!!! Mogollon Brewing Company is the coolest place in Flag, and my favourite bar, of course. It is cosy, the barpeople are very nice and so are the customers. You will never sit alone for more than five minutes in this place, people are very friendly, kinda like always in Flag though. One of...


Flagstaff Transportation

  • Greyhound to Las Vegas

    I used the Greyhound for my journey from Flagstaff to Las Vegas in November 2011. My ticket (single journey) cost US$51.00 plus a US$0.99 booking fee.Unfortunately, the bus encountered problems and we broke down not long after departing Kingman. However, the bus driver was excellent - realising early that there was an issue with the bus and...

  • Arizona Shuttle

    Arizona Shuttle connects Flagstaff with Grand Canyon Village and Phoenix.I was very pleased with the service I received.I used Arizona Shuttle to travel from Phoenix to Flagstaff, then connecting to Grand Canyon Village and to return from Grand Canyon Village to Flagstaff.Whilst transitting from Phoenix to Flagstaff, we encountered a traffic jam on...

  • Mountain Line Transit

    Many visitors fail to realize that Flagstaff has a cheap and effective transit system called the Mountain Line. Five routes traverse the town every 30 or 60 minutes, dependent upon the route, and all run 7 days a week. The bus can be used to get from one extreme of town to another, or from Downtown to attractions like NAU, the Museum of Northern...


Flagstaff Shopping

  • Crystals and souvenirs

    This shop has a large assortment of different types of crystals and other metaphysic items. Seems to be an off-shoot of a store you can find in nearby Sedona, known for vortex's and mystical practices. Much more prevelant in Sedona. Surprising to find it here in Flagstaff. An interesting shop to walk around in. Could make for some nice...

  • Stock up on food

    Bashas' is a popular supermarket food chain in the southwest. I've shopped at several through Arizona and Utah. Well stocked markets and decent prices. If you are camping in the area and need to stock up on food, this is a good store for it. They also have a good beer and wine selection.Hours:Monday 6AM–10PMTuesday 6AM–10PMWednesday...

  • All you outdoor activity needs

    Flagstaff is a great area to experience all types of outdoor recreation activities. Fortunately Flagstaff now has an REI store. REI specializes in outdoor clothing and equipment. It is a national retailer but I like to stop in to a new location whenever I find one. This location is well stocked with anything you would need. The staff are also more...


Flagstaff Local Customs

  • Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!!

    Flagstaff is an extremely "dog friendly" town!! You will see people walking their dogs downtown, dogs sitting out on the patios with their owners, dogs off the leash in most or all of the wide open spaces in and around Flagstaff, and of course dogs in the park, and "dog parks" aka bark parks of which we have two.

  • Patios

    If you are in Flagstaff, and it is even a little bit warm outside, your best bet is to go downtown and walk around until you find a place with a patio, then sit and enjoy a couple beers. This is where you'll rub shoulders with locals, and probably have the best time. Overall people are really interested in talking to you, especially if you're...

  • You are close to Navajo and...

    You are close to Navajo and Hopi country here, but be warned if traveling to reservations -- they have their own law, and you don't want to cross them. The reservations are 'dry' so do NOT take alcohol. I haven't run into trouble with them, but I understand if you get pulled over or stopped by 'rez' police, you will have to bribe your way out of...


Flagstaff Warnings and Dangers

  • Homeless or Publically intoxicated

    I hesitated to mention this before, but thought it might be a good idea. As with many cities, each one is touched with the sadness of the homeless or publically intoxicated citizens. Although, we did not encounter any other unfortunate individuals in the center of the historic downtown area, we did while walked over to the old train station that is...

  • ONE-WAY Streets

    With most of if not all of the historical downtown area in America, you will find ONE-WAY streets. Now, I am sure that most local residence is tolerable if tourists are not use to this. Yet, there is a few that ARE NOT and you might incur some “colorful metaphors” as Spock had put it in a movie (can you guess which one?). Any ways, just keep on...

  • Dress in Layers!

    The weather will start out cool and can go to very warm (particularly in the summer months) and then back to cool and/or cold at night!! So, yes, this happens a lot of places, but, I'm always surprised at how many people DON'T dress in layers while visiting here! And if you're hiking into the Grand Canyon...there can be a temperature change within...


Flagstaff Tourist Traps

  • Meteor Crater

    About 50,000 years ago, a meteor crashed into the earth and left this crater. You can't climb in and walk around the inside of the crater, but for $10 you can walk around the crater. If you're that interested in seeing a big hole in the ground, continue driving north to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon. Or, more locally, Sunset Crater Volcanic...

  • Meteor Crater

    Yes it's a BIG hole!!!Don't throw big bucks into it. You could learn something about meteors there. Lowell Observatory1400 W Mars Hill RdFlagstaff, AZ774-3358after all Pluto was discovered here!Visit their website at:http://www.lowell.edu

  • The Meteor Crater.... yes, I...

    The Meteor Crater.... yes, I think you should see this, but at the same time you'll be paying a good deal of money to see it! You'll have to deal with tourists and such... at any rate, it can be kind of touristy, I'm sorry to say. But again, it's not THAT bad if you compare it to other tourists places.


Flagstaff What to Pack

  • Fleece is Fine in the Summertime

    Unlike other parts of Arizona, Flagstaff is at 7000' and gets summer "monsoons" during July and August afternoons that can really cool things off. A fleece jacket or a sweater is a good thing to have with you.

  • General packing tips

    Dress in layers: always. The sun can be hot at daytime even in the winter. But as soon at it sets the tempretaure drops quickly. Sometimes it's almost like you can wear flipflops at day and moonboots at night ;-)There is a good chance of getting snow in the winter, though it can melt fast because of the everyday sunshine. Be prepared for anything...

  • News Flash!

    Just for the record...Arizona is not just a big sandbox. Flagstaff is at 7,000 feet and gets cold! If you're coming anytime between December and March expect snow. The summers are temperate, and usually top out at around 78 degrees. We have a ski resort, as well as a ton of outdoorsy things to do so if that's your bag, then pack accordingly


Flagstaff Off The Beaten Path

  • Downtown Murals

    As we wondered around a bit, I came upon just a couple of murals. I am sure this lovely city has more. So the time next I visit I will explore more and add them. Artist jetsonorama “The San Francisco Peaks Are Sacred” located behind McGaughs Smoke and Bootle, South San Francisco Street and Butler.One of the funkiest murals I have seen was located...

  • Barringer Meteor. Crater Arizona

    Probably one of the most perfect meteor crater in the worldAlmost 2.5 miles in circumference and was created by an impact event in excess of the power of 150 atomic bombs leashed on Japan during WWIIDirections to the Crater centreMeteor Crater is located off I-40 at exit 233, then 6 miles south on the paved road. 35 miles east of Flagstaff, 20...

  • Hwy 89A-Red Rock Canyon Road

    This is a wonderful highway for views and also to stop and enjoy the small shops, see cabins and campgrounds along the way and some unique art. These are some of those. The whole area is like going back into the 1950's, and nothing has changed. NO chain restaurants, or motels' just good folk liking you to stop by. The major views start after the...


Flagstaff Sports & Outdoors

  • Arizona Trail: Aspen Corner to Bismark...

    I started this hike at 7:00am. It was a perfect time of day. The sky was clear and the air was cool. I chose this section of the Arizona National Scenic Trail because I heard it passes through beautiful prairie and stands of Ponderosa Pine and Aspen. The trail did not disappoint! I started at Aspen Corner. This trailhead is on SnowBowl road just...

  • Camping in Coconino National Forest

    There are great camping opportunities in Coconino National Forest. The forest covers a huge area, all the way down to Sedona. I camped just below Mount Humphry, the highest mountain in Arizona (12,600 feet). I found this forest road off route 180. There are only about 5-6 campsites along this section of forest road and I was lucky to get one. The...

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Flagstaff Favorites

  • Hart Prairie

    About 1.5 miles into the a hike on the Arizona Trail from Aspen Corner towards Bismarck Lake, you reach an open area to the left. This area and the valley below is known as Hart Prairie. It is a beautiful vista with views of open prairie and the Hochdeffer Hills on the right. This is a good spot for a break if the altitude is effecting you.

  • Stay in Flag or in Sedona?

    Going to chime in on the side of Sedona to stay for sure. Sedona has beautiful scenery and won't be nearly as cold that time of year. Sedona is definitely pricey, but very serene. There are lots of art galleries, and "woo woo" kinds of places around. Met my wife because she went to a Tarot card reader up there, next day she got on Match for the...

  • The Open Grazing Concept

    As we drove through the countryside towards Meteor Crater, we noticed cattle grazing in pastures running alongside the highway. Well, that's not so strange you might think.However, there were no fences to be seen because Arizona has an open grazing policy.Signs cautioning drivers that calves may be wandering the roadways, seemed so odd to us...


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