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Photography Tips (5)

Getting that Money Shot

Favorite thing What I loved about the Grand Canyon, was the way it looked at different times of day, and in different weather. Beautiful deep colors at dawn and sunset, seeing for miles at midday, and the moodiness and shadows when the sun went behind a cloud.

For optimal shots, take a rim drive near sunset, or, if you don't feel like driving around, book a Xanterra Sunset Tour. It's not a bad deal at $12.50 per person, you stop at all the scenic sunset points, and the driver gives you a little patter about the history and trivia about the canyon.

A sunset tour has the advantage over the sunrise tour, as you get a good sense of what the weather will be like, and therefore what your shots will be like if you book later into the afternoon. It was quite breezy and and a result, hazy the day we went, but I still got some great shots.

I found early to about late morning great for photography as well as late afternoon and evening. Midday tends to wash the colors of the canyon right out. Of course, color enhancing software helps too, if you can't be at the rim at those times.

madamx's Profile Photo
Apr 23, 2005

Take as many photos as I did!

Favorite thing Take as many photos as I did!
No way to imprint all the wonderful images into our minds!
We forget easily.
So, just click, click, click...

& don't believe people who say they've seen enough pix of Grand Canyon or whatever on VT.
Those are not your pix or my pix.
Who cares?
I want to see my own impression of a place.
I want to share my enthusiasm.
I want the world to see!
Who cares how many pix the internet has!
There are more people in this entire world than the no. of pix internet has on a place!
Everyone feels differently about pix.
So, even if only 4 people happened to like what they see, they are enough reason to put them up! Surely you have more than 4 friends or family members? ;-)

Think... it's the same as Beethoven's story.
If his mother has aborted that last child... we won't have Beethoven, would we?
Sure, some may say who care?
But lots more people would say he's a genius!

Who knows, one day you may be THE genius! ;-)

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Feb 22, 2004


Favorite thing Return to the same viewing area several times during the day. You'll see a completely different view each time depending on the sun and shadows.

Since I was there in the winter, there was snow in the canyon. Of course the sun melted it, but shady areas were still white.

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Feb 16, 2003

Take pictures! Because that's...

Favorite thing Take pictures! Because that's what everyone else does, and I did it too! It is an anticlimax though, coming home seeing the pictures, as you can't get the feeling on the film. A place like the Grand Canyon you just have to experience. If you still want to see some more of my pictures, check my travelogue.

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Aug 25, 2002
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You never know for certain how...

Favorite thing You never know for certain how the canyon will appear due to changing light conditions, cloud movements, even haze and smog. Allow yourself time to really see the Grand Canyon as it changes before your eyes.

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Aug 24, 2002

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Lookout Studio

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Kolb Studio

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Mather Point

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South Rim

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Hopi Point

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