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Grand Canyon Railroad Excursion
"Journey through beautiful countryside on your way to the magnificent Grand Canyon named one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World by CNN. Take in the awesome views and have a bite to eat on the train. Sit back as the crew members share engaging commentary about the train it's history and many journeys. The ride takes you across open countryside with mountain views before reaching the Grand Canyon by noon.Upon arrival you'll have free time to explore before your guide meets you for your Grand Canyon rim tour. After the tour enjoy drop-off back at your Flagstaff hotel. """"Take a step back in time as you travel on the historic Grand Canyon Railroad. Each car of this Arizona railroad which made it's maiden voyage in 1901
From $207.00
"25-minute Grand Canyon Dancer Helicopter Tour from Tusayan
"25-minute Grand Canyon Dancer Helicopter Tour from Tusayan Arizona""You will depart from Tusayan Arizona located at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on the safest and most comfortable tourism-based helicopter in the world. On your 25-minute helicopter flight enjoy the luxurious comfort and wraparound windows which offers breathtaking views of the Canyon. You will first fly over the 1.6 million-acre (6500 km²) Kaibab National Forest which borders both the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon. The Kaibab National Forest is home to the world’s largest ponderosa pines. Fly north through the Dragon Corridor
From $225.00
"45-minute Helicopter Flight Over the Grand Canyon from Tusayan
"45-minute Helicopter Flight Over the Grand Canyon from Tusayan Arizona ""You will depart Tusayan Arizona located in the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on the safest and most comfortable-tourism based helicopter in the world. On your 45-minute helicopter flight enjoy the luxurious comfort and wraparound windows which offer breathtaking views of the Canyon. Enjoy the fantastic views of the Canyon as you fly over the 1.6 million-acre (6500 km²) Kaibab National Forest which borders both the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon. The Kaibab National Forest is home to the world’s largest ponderosa pines. Upon reaching the edge of the canyon
From $256.00

Hikes Tips (28)

New Bright Angel Trailhead Sign

If you want to hike down the Bright Angel Trail (located just West of the Bright Angel Lodge), the National Park Service just made it easier to locate the trailhead with a new stone sign. Please do yourself a favor and hike down into the Canyon, even if it is only a mile or less to enjoy a unique experience "below the rim".

mikehanneman's Profile Photo
May 28, 2013

Hiking To Phantom Ranch And Back Up In One Day!

While I don't recommend doing the above stated, since we didn't get a "Backcountry Permit" we were forced to do exactly this! After all, we traveled over 2000 miles to hike the GC and it just didn't make sense not to reach the bottom. I warned my buddy to "Be Ready" for a long grueling day. We started down at sunrise (6:00AM), reached Phantom Ranch at 10:15AM, took an hour break for lunch and reached the S. Kaibab Trailhead at sunset (6:15PM). My buddy experienced some cramping while going up, but worked his way out of it and the hike went smoothly from there on. He showed great resilience and complained little. The only drawback to this day hike, you may not get to enjoy the beauty of the Canyon because you're in such a hurry! This was my third hike to the bottom so it wasn't that big of a deal.

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Sep 09, 2011

Hiking in the Grand Canyon - South Rim Day Hike

We hiked down part of the South Kaibab Trail, past Ooh-Aah Point and onto Cedar Ridge, a distance of about one and a half miles. 

Plan on taking twice as long to hike up as it took you hike down and take plenty of water with you. 

The South Kaibab Trail begins out of Yaki Point on Yaki Point Road. Access to the trailhead is by shuttle bus. It offers hikes that range in distance up to six miles (round trip). Best views of the canyon for relatively short hike. 

It took us about an hour to leisurely walk down and about one hour forty five minutes for a leisurely walk back up. A good excuse to take a rest and a drink is to take plenty of photos. 

There are plenty of squirrels on the trail but advice is not to feed them, not even the one eyed one that we saw.

Ranger advice is not to attempt to hike from the rim to the river and back on one day, especially during the months of May to September. 

vichatherly's Profile Photo
Oct 10, 2010

Cliff Springs Trail

This is an easy half mile (each way) walk to a small spring and excellent view point. The path descends a wooded ravine, past a small Anasazi ruin and along the side of a small off-shoot canyon. The spring that gives it its name is little more than a dripping rock, but the surrounding area is pretty and the view of the canyon very good indeed.

We also found this a good place to spot chipmunks and they seemed especially unafraid of us, probably because other visitors had been feeding them which is not a good idea. As you can see, they will pose for your photos without any enticements, and as they have to fend for themselves most if the year it isn’t good for them to start to rely on the temporary human visitors who invade their territory for a few months each summer.

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Feb 23, 2010
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Hotels Near Grand Canyon

1 Main St, South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, 86023, United States
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Highway 64, South Rim, Grand Canyon, Arizona, 86023, United States
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Grand Canyon Village, South Rim, Grand Canyon, Arizona, 86023, United States
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Grand Canyon Village, Near Mathers Amphitheater, Arizona, 86023, United States
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North Kaibab Trail, South Rim, bottom of Grand Canyon, Arizona, 86023, United States
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Hiking Bright Angel Trail

The Bright Angel Trail is a nice trail to head down into the canyon where you can go 50 yards or 9 miles and still get a better appreciation of the canyon. We went down about 2 1/2 miles into the canyon and then walked back up. You get a great variation of vegetation and geological formations. Bring plenty of water and wear good hiking boots.

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Nov 11, 2009

Hike into the canyon

Take Bright Angel, or another trail, down into the Canyon. The impact of the canyon is more readily realized from inside the canyon.

Bright Angel can be a bit crowded, and it is the same trail used by the mule trains, so be prepared. I've heard it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to hike down, and about 4 hours to hike back. Also, it is much warmer at the bottom of the canyon than at the top.

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Jan 03, 2009

Transept Trail

This trail didn't offer very many views of the canyon (at least the part we were on). What it did provide was awesome views of the forest and wildlife. We were able to get so close to 5 deer. We didn't want to spook them, and they wouldn't move, so we turned around and headed back to the lodge. It's a nice easy trail that's about 3 miles roundtrip.

agapotravel's Profile Photo
Jun 24, 2008

Bright Angel Trail

It's a heavily traveled trail and the same the mules use, so watch out for dung. We were there in March so there was some snow but not right on the trail. My 9-year old son got kind of freaked out by heights and ledges, so we didn't go down too far. But lots of beautiful views. Be sure to carry water.

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Jun 09, 2008

Top 5 Grand Canyon Writers

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Take a Hike

We started down into the canyon from the north rim. We went for about 20 minutes and never got below the level of the south rim. Because we didn't have a lot of time, we started back up. It was over 40 minutes before we were back on top. If you head down, figure 2 to 3 times as long to get back up. The further you go, the more tired you'll be for the climb back up.

Oh, we did enjoy the hike.

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Feb 22, 2008

A Great Hiking Experience

If you enjoy a short hike (one to two miles) and great views, here are a couple of great options the Grand Canyon has to offer.

I highly recomend the Kaibab Trail just east of the main Village. Take a shuttle bus to the trailhead. Don't forget to bring a lot of water, a hat and possibly some snacks. The Kaibab Trail isn't as demanding as some of the other trails the Canyon has to offer but don't under estimate any trail. The South Kaibab Trail doesn't have any water or shade. Try to hike it earlier in the morning or later in the day.

If you can make it around the bend about one to one and half miles down you will be able to see some great views of the Grand Canyon. I wouldn't suggest going past Cedar Ridge unless you are prepared with enough supplies.

The other more visited and congested option is the Bright Angel Trail just west of the main Village area. Last year I was only a half mile down when I noticed 6 or 7 female big horn sheep approaching up onto the trail. It was neat to see their littles ones crossing the trail and going up the steep embankment without any effort. We watched them for about 10 to 15 minutes. The part I liked was when the two mothers started to square off and bunted heads repeatedly.

The problem with the Bright Angel Trail is it is very crowded and your views of the Grand Canyon are somewhat limited versus the South Kaibab Trail.

Always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.

Whether you have one hour to hike or all day, to enjoy what beauty the Grand Canyon has to offer you need to get into the Canyon with a short hike. You will never regret it.

mikehanneman's Profile Photo
Dec 10, 2007

Take a hike

There are hiking trails into the canyon for every level of hiker. My grandson and I just wanted an hour or so, so went about 3/4 mile down the Bright Angel Trail and then back. The trails all descend (except the Rim Trail) at varying rates, so pick up The Guide, the newspaper from the National Park Service or some other publication which will give you information about distances, time, water and restroom facilities. Bright Angel is a bit steep but is not really difficult if you pace yourself and don't try to do too much of it. It is fairly wide and well maintained although footing can be tricky in soft soil or mule droppings so watch out. The whole trail is over 9 miles to the bottom but we did a small portion which gave us great views and we were able to see some petroglyphs left by early Native Americans.

The trails don't seem steep going down, but do coming back up so plan on a much longer time to ascend than to descend. There are lots of switchbacks so descending about a mile takes a walk of about 9 miles. You can see some of these switchbacks in one of the photos.

rexvaughan's Profile Photo
Jun 06, 2007

Hiking the Canyon Trails

This photo gives you an idea of how difficult some of the trails can be. The easiest trail to follow is the RIM TRAIL. It's perfect for visitors who would like an easy walk. You can pick it up at Grand Canyon Village or Herman Road.

BRIGHT ANGEL TRAIL is considered steep and begins west of Bright Angel Lodge. It is noted that the upper portion of this trail could be extremely icy in the Spring. Some portions are very strenuous.

SOUTH KAIBAB TRAIL is another steep trail, which begins south of Yaki Point located on Yaki Point Road. Access to the trailhead is by shuttle bus and is a short-moderate hike. (see shuttle schedule below)

HERMIT TRAIL is an unmaintained steep trail and is only for the experienced desert hikers. This trail begins 500 feet west of Hermans Rest.

GRANDVIEW TRAIL is extremely steep and is for experienced desert hikers only. The trail begins on the canyon side of Grandview Point, which is along Desert View Drive. Be on the alert for ice in the early Spring.

**Shuttle schedule for S. Kaibab Trail: Hikers express shuttle departs directly from Bright Angel Lodge and the Backcountry Info. Center to the S. Kaibab trailhead daily: March-7am, 8am & 9am. April-6am, 7am & 8 am. May-5 am, 6 am & 7am.

(This info. courtesy of the National Park Service)

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May 02, 2007

Things to Do Near Grand Canyon

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Lookout Studio

Built in 1914 and designed by Mary Colter, this building was designed to look like a pueblo Indian dwelling. Made of limestone the same as the upper Grand Canyon walls, this building blends into it's...
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Bright Angel Trail

You will find dozens of tips already written on the Bright Angel Trail, just here on Virtualtourist. This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the assorted hiking guides to the region you will...
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Kolb Studio

It’s going to be nearly impossible for me to write less than a novel about this one as if you’ve ever seen the work of these pioneer photographers of the Grand Canyon and understand what they did -...
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Mather Point

Mather Point is one of the popular destinations in the South Rim area of the Grand Canyon. It is extremely crowded, and you may have to wait a while to get to the location you want to get to in order...
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South Rim

We went on a short trip to Vegas for our 1st wedding anniversary and took a side trip to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We had intended to spend 2 night here as it was such a long drive to get the...
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Hopi Point

The houses of the Hopi shelter, storage and work and ceremonial practices. The stone and mortar is coated with plaster and painted with whitewash. The clay is used to connect the strusture elements....
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