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Sonoran Desert Tour from Scottsdale
"Did you know that the Sonoran Desert is home to 70% of the animal species that live in North America? After boarding your custom Jeep which will allow you access to the rugged roads of the Sonoran Desert to explore this unique ecosystem. Your naturalist history and wildlife you come across during your tour. As you hit the mountain roads you will be taken up steep hill climbs along trails overlooking the gorgeous Yavapai Nation lands. Make sure you have your camera ready for all the amazing photos you'll get of the surrounding mountain peaks which are as high as 8000-feet! You'll get a chance to stretch your legs as you follow your guide through the Cholla Cactus Forest. The Sonoran Desert is home to 2000+ species of plants. You'll get to see many along the trails you walk on such as the ocotillo chain fruit cholla and the giant saguaro. You'll understand why the Sonoran Desert is truly a place like no other by the end of your tour. Hotel pickup is available from select Scottsdale and Phoenix area hotels if option is selected at t you will meet the tour in Fort McDowell
From $104.00
Self-Drive Twilight Tour through the Sonoran Desert
"Enjoy an exciting off-road adventure through the Sonoran Desert on this exclusive self-drive twilight tour! These two-seat desert cars are specifically designed for desert off-roading and are fitted with a safety roll cage seat belts and a fully automatic engine. The Sonoran Desert is one of the biggest deserts in North America covering large parts of the southwestern United States including Arizona and California. At sunset leave Fountain Hills (about 30 minutes east of the Phoenix-Scottsdale area) and embark on your thrilling self-drive adventure through the Sonoran Desert. Follow your guide through the rugged desert landscape by the light of your roof-mounted LED light ba washes and ridgelines with your passenger while admiring awesome views of the surrounding desert."""
From $199.00
Scottsdale Rappelling Adventure
"After you meet your instructor you will be briefed with initial safety introduction.   Transportation provided if needed.  Snacks and water provided.  This is a great Scottsdale adventure that allows you to hike to the top to rappel down.  Be the first in your group to lean back and e come join our adventure.  Personable guide that makes you feel like you have done this a million times as your fear subsides into confidence.  Just remember to dress appropriately and bring sunscreen for this outdoor adventure.  Don't forget your camera to show your friends!""""This is a great Scottsdale adventure that allows you to hike to the top to rappel down.  Be the first in your group to lean back and enjoy the views on the repel as you go down.  Enjoy the Sonoran desert as you hike to your descent location.  This half d come join our adventure."
From $135.00

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