Sedona Tourist Traps

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  • Main Drag in Sedona
    Main Drag in Sedona
    by Roadquill
  • This is the driveway going up hill
    This is the driveway going up hill
    by joiwatani
  • The Holy Cross Chapel perched on a red rock
    The Holy Cross Chapel perched on a red...
    by joiwatani

Most Viewed Tourist Traps in Sedona

  • 1. Jeep Tours

    Why not rent a 4WD vehicle? Its not like the drive in a 4WD is any less appealling than with a 2WD. However, a 4WD gives you the option of truly exploring the area, while a 2WD forces you to shell out...

  • 2. Casa Sedona

    This Bed and Breakfast Inn is highly overrated.I do not know how they got the AAA 4 diamond star rating- carpets and walls have stains- towels are not very...

  • 3. Be Careful Where you Buy GAS!!

    The gas station closest to the intersection of 89A and 179 charges about 30 cents more per gallon than anyone else in town. Travel west on 89A to find stations...

  • 4. The Main Drag on Hwy 89

    Coming into town from the North you drive right into the tourist stores of Sedona trinkets. We had to walk through at least once and we did get suckered in...

  • 5. Motion Picture Museum -Time Share Trap

    Although this is a nice little tidbit of a museum that explores the history of many wonderful westerns that were filmed here and pays tribute to Bob Bradshaw...

  • 6. Parking on top of the Holy Cross Chapel

    While going down the hill at the Holy Cross Chapel, we were surprised to see a huge recreational vehicle (RV) going up hill to the chapel. Apparently, the...

  • 7. Use the bathroom before you head downtown Sedona

    Make sure to use the bathroom at the first Information Center in Sedona.Most of the stores in Sedona don't have public restrooms. They only allow their own...

  • 8. Sedona gift shops

    I find many local businesses raise the price of goods sold much higher than you can buy them for direct from the manufacturer. Check to see if the maker of the...

  • 9. Shop

    Okay, I'm not sure if this should be in Tourist Trap or not; but there are numerous tourist shops along the main road in Sedona. There does not seem to be much...

  • 10. Uptown Sedona

    Uptown Sedona (located on the northern part of Route 89A) is basically a tourist trap. There are some neat little shops and restaurants, but you won't find many...

  • 11. Sedona (the town) IS a tourist trap

    I hate to say it... but if your definition of a tourist trap is "an enterprise setup in a prime location offering dubious goods and services at extremely...

  • 12. Time-share Traps

    There are a plethora of "welcome centers" and "information booths" up and down the roads leading to the 'Y.' Most of them, however, are fronts for time-share...

  • 13. Timeshares

    Don't get sucked into buying a timeshare at full price as there are many on the resale market at less than half the price. Take the "free" tour if you like and...

  • 14. The Endless Souvenir Shops in Sedona

    Ihave no photo because I refuse to give credit to these places. I know that millions of tourist love them and actually go to Sedona to do nothing but shop....

  • 15. Tlaquepaque

    Pronounced TEL-a-kwa-pak-ee, this place is a shopping centre in Sedona designed after a famous arts and crafts neighborhood in Guadalajara, Mexico, and has...

  • 16. Oaxaca Restaurant - Awful Mexican food

    I don't know why this place gets good ratings because the food was awful. If it were really inexpensive then maybe I could write it off as a good place to sit...

  • 17. Japanese Tour Bus

    You too can avoid the hassles of getting too close to nature by joining a tour group on a huge Air Conditioned Bus!Get out only to take quick photographs!! Then...

  • 18. Sedona gift shops: Proceed with caution.

    There are a lot of wonderful, nice people in Sedona, and many of them sell things. There are also a lot of overpriced jewelry/crystals/Sedona related items. And...

  • 19. Pink Jeep Tours

    For quite a hefty pricetag, you can ride in the back of a modified (pink) jeep and see the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area. With a healthy sense of...

  • 20. Well, some of the shops (ok,...

    Well, some of the shops (ok, all of them) cater to tourists. Some can be skipped, like ones that sell Arizona and Sedona trinkets and such. Then there are those...

  • 21. AND more shopping ! All...

    AND more shopping ! All throughout Arizona though you will find many Indian artifacts and treasures .


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