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  • Quapaw Bathhouse
    Quapaw Bathhouse
    by BruceDunning
  • Exterior of Crystal Bridges Art Museum
    Exterior of Crystal Bridges Art Museum
    by fred98115
  • Exterior: Buckstaff Bath House
    Exterior: Buckstaff Bath House
    by fred98115
Map of Arkansas

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Pea Ridge National Military Park


Pine Bluff




Eureka Springs

See all 224 Eureka Springs Tips
  • Intrigue Theater - a Must See in Eureka...

    Eureka Springs Things to Do

    We have done a lot of traveling and seen many shows... This was something we decided to do last minute and thoroughly enjoyed it! Both my 8 and my 18 year old had a great time! First of all let me say that this show was entertaining and I loved the showmanship. Both Sean-Paul and Juliane are very talented and charming. We were there for the first...

  • 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa Eureka Springs

    Eureka Springs Hotels

    We did not stay here, but took a long tour of the place and got a feel for what it may be like. They...

  • Thorncrown Chapel

    Eureka Springs Things to Do

    Thorncrown chapel is gorgeous and is perfectly settled into the woods. When I was walking up to the chapel I could not do anything but just stare at the beautiful architecture. When you walk inside there is someone there to greet you and answer any questions you may have. It is extremely tranquil and relaxing just sitting inside the nice cool...


Hot Springs

See all 124 Hot Springs Tips
  • Ouachita National Forest

    Hot Springs Things to Do

    The Ouachita National Forest covers 1.8 million acres in west central Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma. The forest provides a sprawling natural habitat for wildlife, including deer, bear, quail, fox, armadillos, coyotes, and roadrunners. It is also an ideal scenic backdrop for hiking, biking, fishing, or a leisurely drive. It is the oldest...

  • Best Western Stagecoach Inn

    Hot Springs Hotels

    ALSO check out the Hot Springs Bed And Breakfasts and Country Inns List

  • Great Italian and Ambiance

    Hot Springs Restaurants

    Having arrived from a long drive, we were hungry. At first we through we'd just get the first something that we found, but we were glad we held out a little longer to find this place.The hour was late, so I can't say if it was usually busy or quiet, but we had the whole place to ourselves. The food was excellent and the servers polite. The interior...


Fort Smith

See all 66 Fort Smith Tips
  • Executions at Fort Smith

    Fort Smith Things to Do

    During the twenty-four years the federal executions took place in Fort Smith, eighty-seven men died on the gallows. While Judge Isaac C. Parker sat on the bench, 160 people, including four women, were sentenced to hang. Just over half received a reprieve from execution through pardons, commutations, reversals or acquittals on appeal, or death in...

  • Homewood Suites Fort Smith

    Fort Smith Hotels

    7300 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith, Arkansas, 72903, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Ross Pendergraft Park

    Fort Smith Things to Do

    The plaque reads:After spending his early years on an Arkansas farm and completing college, he joined the Donrey Media Group in 1948 as an advertisting saleman. As executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Group, he became an nationally known newspaper executive. He gave of his resources and time to improve the exonomic...


Little Rock

See all 136 Little Rock Tips
  • green grass, blue sky

    Little Rock Off The Beaten Path

    for a relatively large city, little rock has a tremendous number of beautiful parks that are within the city limits and easy to get to. look at the city map on the parks website to find them, and you will see that they are everywhere!

  • The Capital Hotel

    Little Rock Hotels

    the historic capital hotel is located across the street from the old state capital in the heart of...

  • allsopp park -- walking trails,...

    Little Rock Off The Beaten Path

    one of the most wonderful places to go walking is allsopp park, which is bounded by cantrell road and kavanaugh boulevard on the north and south, and by cedar hill road and allsopp park road (called hillcrest avenue at its intersection with kavanaugh boulevard) on the east and west.marked trails wind through the trees and are manageable even if you...



See all 59 Bentonville Tips
  • Crystal Bridges: Way of Color

    Bentonville Things to Do

    There is a must not be missed experience at the art museum, and it can come at the end of the day - Way of Color by James Turrell. Displayed in the evening, you sit on a bench around the perimeter of a room with a hole in the ceiling. As the sun sets, wall colors are changed by programmable L.E.D. lights. The effect makes the sky viewed through the...

  • Doubletree Guest Suites...

    Bentonville Hotels

    301 SE Walton Boulevard, Bentonville, Arkansas, 72712, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Crystal Bridges: Out-of-Doors

    Bentonville Things to Do

    While most will gravitate to the indoor art - and with good reason - the grounds outside are filled with carefully sited works of art that should not be missed. Easily walked foot paths take you by statues in an arboreal setting. Bears, pigs, hares and tortoises are among the easily recognized animals, but then there are the more unusual works...


Mountain View

See all 43 Mountain View Tips

Bella Vista

See all 24 Bella Vista Tips
  • Most Popular Restaurant in Bentonville

    Bella Vista Restaurants

    I received information about a change in hours, which I changed and was also told that their menu has expanded since I visited. See their web site.A delightful surprise while in Bentonville, Arkansas was the discovery of a fantastic place to eat, especially for lunch. It is open from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Closed on Sundays They do not take...

  • The Inn at Bella Vista

    Bella Vista Hotels

    101 Chelsea Road, Bella Vista, Arkansas, 72714, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • $5 off coupon; also, order the au gratin...

    Bella Vista Restaurants

    Oscar's Steakhouse in Rogers, AR is quite possibly my favorite restaurant ever. I highly recommend the steaks, but also you must try the au gratin potatoes. They are to die for. You receive your own dish of potatoes, mixed with delicious sour cream, cheese, scallions, and bacon, covered in cheese and then baked/broiled so that the top is...



See all 37 Fayetteville Tips

Buffalo River National Park

  • Ponca Low water Crossing

    Buffalo River National Park Things to Do

    Access to the river and access to the Elk grazing fields. We didn't see any elk, but there is a field next to the bridge site, where crowds gather all summer long at sunset to watch the elk.

  • Animals of the Park

    Buffalo River National Park General

    In the Visitor's center there was information about the animals of the park. There are about, 200 species of birds here and half of them (such as cardinals) are here year round. There was a stuffed hawk 'flying' in the rafters, and a pictures of a Wood Duck which is said to be a common sight on almost any section of the river. We may have seen a...

  • Visitor's Center at Tyler Bend

    Buffalo River National Park Things to Do

    We visited this park on our way from Hot Springs to Jasper in February. I attempted to have Bob drive up the scenic Arkansas route 7 to Jasper (which was reputed to have green water in the river), but he got very impatient with the turns and ups and downs, so after we ate lunch, we crossed to US 65.One thing we could do even in the winter was go to...


Petit Jean State Park

  • The Winding Arkansas River

    Petit Jean State Park Things to Do

    My brother told me that the water is so clean around these parts that water can be drunk straight from the river. The water did appear to be immaculate and what not, but I was refused to believe that it was safe enough to drink without going through some sort of filtration. The river looked cool from the top of hte mountain, nevertheless.

  • Cedar Falls

    Petit Jean State Park Things to Do

    We hiked down the cliff into the Cedar Falls gorge; it was extremely difficult for me as I sprained my right ankle shortly after embarking on the trip. I probably shouldn't have hiked the three-mile trip (at least I believe it was three miles), but I figured I would never have the opportunity again -- no disrespect intended, but Arkansas isn't my...

  • Petit Jean's Gravesite

    Petit Jean State Park Things to Do

    According to local legend, the Petit Jean Mountain was named after a young woman, of French descent, who discovered that her fiancee, an adventurer, had volunteered to explore the area with Hernando De Soto, a Spanish explorer; she became so upset over this discovery that she cut her hair, disguised herself as a man, and volunteered to be a cabin...


Hot Springs National Park

  • Do Walk the Grounds

    Hot Springs National Park Things to Do

    There is so much to do indoors at this park hat it is easy to overlook the grounds around the buildings. This was a full service facility for the clients, indoors and outside. For the amateur photographer, it is a chance to see and take pictures of the springs, Most have been covered to protect them from vandals. At least walk to the end of the...

  • Fascinating Ranger Guided Tour

    Hot Springs National Park Things to Do

    The ranger guided tour of the Fordyce Bath House provides an opportunity for the amateur shutterbug to see behind the scenes of a bath house and capture shots of the details of a spa. This was a working spa and is in original condition. Think unique. We were there on a rainy day and the lighting, to be charitable, was challenging. Still, I adjusted...

  • Check out the Bath House Exteriors

    Hot Springs National Park Things to Do

    As an amateur photographer, I found the exteriors of the bath houses to be intriguing, They are not your standard boxes built today. The layout of buildings along a single street makes it easy to wander about and take pictures. I used my zoom lens and no tripod, mostly because I like to travel light and have image stabilization lenses.


Siloam Springs

  • Siloam Springs Hospital - 205 E....

    Siloam Springs General

    This is where I had my first real nursing job. I was charge nurse on the 3-11 shift on the Medical-Surgical unit. When I was last there in April 2012. They had just built a new hospital and were in the process of moving. The food in the cafeteria here was so good I used to choose it for a restaurant to bring my family for dinner sometimes.

  • Hampton Inn Siloam Springs

    Siloam Springs Hotels

    2171 Ravenwood Plaza, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, 72761, United States

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Take a walk in the Park

    Siloam Springs Nightlife

    There is no nightlife in Siloam Springs, so we create our own. Siloam Springs has a creek running through the downtown area. This makes a perfect setting for our three parks and a lighted walking trail that goes through all of downtown and around town as well. Comfy walking attire


Mountain Home

See all 22 Mountain Home Tips
  • Dino and Eliane know food

    Mountain Home Restaurants

    All of the entrees at Dino's are prepared upon order ( unlike chain restaurants ) and while the menu is not terribly adventurous, each choice is exactly what it should be.There are a few French dishes available which are my favorites.The appetizers are quite good and the wine selection is the best in the area.The dining rooms are quiet, softly lit...

  • Comfort Inn Mountain Home

    Mountain Home Hotels

    I recommend Lake Norfork resort on the lake, but if you have business in town, stay at Comfort Inn....

  • you get what you pay for

    Mountain Home Tourist Traps

    Norfork Lake is the main attraction for Mountain Home. Many travelers want to stay at the lake itself rather than " in town ". While there are many good lake resorts and more that are getting better all the time, there are many others that border on uninhabitable.The most reliable resource for sorting them out is the Mountain Home Area Chamber of...


Horseshoe Bend

  • Go to Town

    Horseshoe Bend Things to Do

    Horseshoe Bend is a small cross-roads cluster of buildings: a gasoline and service station, a small restaurant and a food market. The "city limits" are larger and include a few shops and churches. The stores in town are enough to provide emergency needs or a replacement for eating at your accomodations. We stayed in the outskirts at the Crown Point...

  • Hillhigh Hotel, Spa and Golf

    Horseshoe Bend Hotels

    900 Fourth Street, Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas, 72512, United States

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Couples

  • The Sun

    Horseshoe Bend Warnings and Dangers

    Even though the altiitude i less than 1000 feet, you are in the South. The daytime temperature in Summer goes over 90F every day (unless it is raining. Sunscreen is a must and hats and umbrellas are needed, depending upon your taste. The humidity is bearable and ther is often a breeze off the lake. Ifyou get out into the fields you amy also be prey...



See all 13 Batesville Tips
  • Independence County Confederate Monument

    Batesville Things to Do

    The Independence County Confederate Memorial stands as a proud sentinel in front of the Independence County Courthouse.Because of its strategic location, Batesville was the headquarters for successive military forces in the region—three Confederate and two Union occupations, punctuated by periods of isolation. Although it was a prosperous trading...

  • Holiday Inn Ex Suites Batesville

    Batesville Hotels

    1130 White Dr, Batesville, AR 72501

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • Independence Bell

    Batesville Things to Do

    In front of the Independence County Courthouse, and behind the Confederate Monument, you will find the Independence Bell. It is reminiscent of the Liberty Bell which, according to legend, rang out America's freedom in Philadelphia in 1776. The Indepencence Bell was manufactured for Independence County's second courthouse, and the first which stood...


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