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University of California at Berkeley Tips (6)

The University of California, Berkeley.

It is one of the most famous Universities in the USA. I personally love its campus: plenty of green areas, students are of all countries in the world, the ambiance is very informal and everybody is very tolerant to the general diversity being seen. Nice.

I feel I am fortunate since I had the chance to study at this University. In 1998 I did enroll in a English Language Program from which I still keep some of my fondest memories. Thank you Berkeley.

MarioPortugal's Profile Photo
Jun 10, 2006

The University of California at Berkeley Campus

The Campanile (Sather tower) is the most recognizable symbol of the campus and a good point of orientation if you are visiting the campus. It’s named and modeled after the Campanile de San Marco in Venice. Its bells ring every hour (from 8am to 10pm) and during noon songs are played. You can take an elevator up and enjoy the great view (or go to It also has a clock, so there is no excuse to ask someone what time it is!

Sather Gate is a prominent landmark on the campus. It was designed by the famous architect John Galen Howard and completed in 1910. It bridges the student plaza from the north campus buildings.

Sproul Plaza is the ideal spot to make an announcement or protest. Student groups have tables set-up and representatives ready to inform or recruit. During the 1960’s it was the site of protests, sit-ins, and a famous speech by Mario Savio, a student protestor. It was also the site of Vietnam War protests and a gassing of People’s Park protestors by the National Guard. (Old archival footage shows students being bombarded with tear gas). It is a great spot to sit and people-watch.

berkeleybear's Profile Photo
Sep 19, 2007


The University of California at Berkeley was established in 1868 and is the oldest of the University of California schools. With 33,000 students enrolled, Berkeley is often ranked as one of the top universities in the nation.

Berkeley was the lead institution for the Manhattan Project which developed the atomic bomb during World War II, and its scientists developed the Unix computer operating system, discovered numerous elements of the periodic table, and isolated the polio virus.

Ewingjr98's Profile Photo
Jul 05, 2007

Go on to the U.C. Berkeley campus

The beautiful campus has a number of sites to see including the Bell Tower, a fantastic children's science museum, and often holds concerts and the like. There are plenty of places to relax and read a good book.

KevinMichael's Profile Photo
Dec 28, 2007
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Check out the University Art...

Check out the University Art Museum. It's a large concrete structure that looks rather clumsy from the outside but is rather impressive from the inside. They have an excellent Rubens painting, and many fascinating works of modern art, including a Jackson Pollack. I'd recommend skipping the minimalism exhibit, though. The museum will be undergoing extensive seismic retrofitting very soon.

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Aug 25, 2002

University of California Berkeley

This is one of California's top-ranked universities. It has a beautiful campus, a great place to simply stroll about. You may even get to see a demonstration. The one shown here was to protest Governor Schwarznegger's cuts to tuition aid; each figure represents someone who would no longer be able to attend.

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Jan 22, 2007

Top 5 Berkeley Writers

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"Berkeley - Icon of the 60s"
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"Welcome to Berkeley!"
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"Lived here while studying at the UC"
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"They don't call it Berzerkeley for nothing!"
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Things To Do Near University of California at Berkeley

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Lawrence Hall of Science

Perched on the mountains to the east of town, on the UC Berkeley Campus, is the Lawrence Hall Science Museum. This museum is a great place to take kids and has a number of kid friendly displays. The...
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Tilden Regional Park

There is a 10 acre Botanic Garden in the Tilden Regional Park. There are ten sections to represent the ten different regions in California (including the California Rain Forest). They are laid out...
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Berkeley Marina

Berkeley has residents that are very poor and some that are rich. Berkeley Marina is a nice way to see the lifestyle of some of the latter. The marina offers great views of the bay and some hiking...
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Lake Merritt

A lot of people give Oakland a bad rap. Yes there are turf/drug gangs. However, as far as personal safety is concerned for a tourist, San Francisco is far more dangerous. San Francisco money makes...
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Oakland's Chinatown is very different from the one in San Francisco. It's an authentic, working-class Chinese-American neighborhood, NOT a tourist trap. In fact, very few tourists go there at all....
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Oakland Museum of California

This is one of the best museums of its kind. It has two sections: One dealing with California's natural history, the other with its social/cultural history. It's an excellent introduction to the...
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Getting to University of California at Berkeley


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