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  • UC Berkeley Campus - 4
    UC Berkeley Campus - 4
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    Newspaper Boxes
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    Downtown Berkeley - Shattuck
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Berkeley Things to Do

  • Tilden Regional Park

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    There is a 10 acre Botanic Garden in the Tilden Regional Park. There are ten sections to represent the ten different regions in California (including the California Rain Forest). They are laid out nicely with nice hiking trails throughout.

  • University of California at Berkeley

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The beautiful campus has a number of sites to see including the Bell Tower, a fantastic children's science museum, and often holds concerts and the like. There are plenty of places to relax and read a good book.

  • Lawrence Hall of Science

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Perched on the mountains to the east of town, on the UC Berkeley Campus, is the Lawrence Hall Science Museum. This museum is a great place to take kids and has a number of kid friendly displays. The museum was named for Ernest O. Lawrence one of the inventors of the cyclotron particle accelerator. Hours are 10 AM to 5 PM. Make sure you get a ticket...

  • Berkeley Marina

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Berkeley has residents that are very poor and some that are rich. Berkeley Marina is a nice way to see the lifestyle of some of the latter. The marina offers great views of the bay and some hiking trails in addition to the obvious boating and fishing. There are some art displays on site.

  • Sather Tower

    Sather Tower is one of several buildings on the UC Berkeley Campus listed on the National Register of Historic Places that are well worth seeing. It is modeled after the Campanile in Venice and was built in 1914. It was designed by John Galen Howard. The bells chime every day at noon.

  • Botanical Garden

    The Univsersity of California possesses a wonderful botanical garden. Tucked up the hill from the stadium, it houses a great number of plants native to California, as well as several international and special exhibits. This includes a succulent house, holding cacti and other succulents from around the world, as well as a tropical greenhouse with...


Berkeley Hotels

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Berkeley Restaurants

  • A Bit of France in Berkeley

    We had breakfast here. We arrived just a few minutes after they opened an 8am and already the place was filling up. By the time we left, there were people standing outside waiting to get it. The food was very good. Roasted tomatoes usually come with the egg dishes. I had the two egg scramble with goat cheese and chives, Les Oeufs Lucas, side of...

  • Surprisingly Exquisite Cuisine

    The restaurant is located in the Claremont Resort which looks like an estate from the Old South. The restaurant has a bright ambience. The food was very, very good. We were treated to a carrot soup. It was more savory than sweet as you would think a carrot soup might be. I ordered the roasted baby beet salad with prosciutto and micro greens,...

  • Fantastic flavors and fresh food

    Gather serves healthy, fresh, local ingredients with a gourmet twist. We were very impressed with the high quality and delicious food presented at this well-praised Berkeley restaurant. The service is superb as is the management. I'm only sorry there's not one like this in my town! Everything was delicious!


Berkeley Nightlife

  • Cool Custom Cocktails

    The Ivy Room is in nearby Albany. This is a great place to try a unique cocktail and enjoy a live DJ without a cover.

  • Berkeley's Underground Lounge

    There are not many hip dance lounges in Berkeley (most are in San Francisco). The Shattuck Down Low Lounge definitely occupies a unique niche. It offers Salsa, reggae, funk, soul, Hip hop, international, rock and karaoke nights, to name a few.

  • A Cultural Experience

    Ashkenaz is a community dance hall that offers a wide range of experiences, from reggae to Balkan folkdance!


Berkeley Transportation

  • BART

    For transportation throughout the Bay Area, including San Francisco, there is BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). This is a picture of the main BART terminal in Downtown Berkeley. The subway here is not nearly as extensive as a European one, but it is certainly a worthwhile option for avoiding rush hour freeway traffic!

  • Parking on Game Day

    Parking in Berkeley is usually not too bad, the major shopping streets excepted (Telegraph, Shattuck). The major exception is on game days, when parking anywhere between UC and Telegraph can be a real challenge!Memorial Stadium is essentially a neighborhood ballpark. There are no freeways leading to the stadium. There is very little parking and...

  • Pleasure Cruising in Berkeley Marina

    This was for a charted night cruise and dinner around the SF Bay area. It was a nice and pleasant way to spend the evening. The dock is located just outside the Doubletree Hotel.


Berkeley Shopping

  • Gourmet Groceries!

    What a fabulous store! I found so many things that I can't get back at home. And, if I could throw things into a cooler, I would have bought even more. Lots of gourmet ingredients, salads, meat, cheese, spices, oils. I bought dried edible rose petals. Unsweetened Belgium dark chocolate, demi-glace sauce already made, lemon and salt microwavable...

  • A Stained Glass Artist's Supply Store

    All things stained glass is for sale here. I'm sure if this store was in my home town, I would be inspired to make something or at least learn how to make something!

  • Outdoor Decor and Other Household Items

    Beautiful store with lots of wonderful wares. However, a hefty price tag attached to many of those items. Especially, the bowls, olive wood utensils and the stuff sock kitty I would have bought for my grand daughter if it was not $48.00. But, I did find my shea butter soaps I like to use at $5.00. Worth checking out.


Berkeley Local Customs

  • Students singing

    walking through the university we saw some stands with people having breakfast and chatting, so we figured out if was a students reunion. The meeting was entertained by a group of young students singing a cappella old songs.

  • Bicycling as a statement against oil...

    Good thing i dont have to ride to work with a bike with a basket like this in amsterdam, my boss would relocate me to siberia (nothing against it but being sicilian i like to have as much warmth as possible ): ehm...i actually work for an oil company :P!!

  • Tightwad Hill

    Tightwad Hill overlooks the Memorial Stadium behind the UC campus, and is one of Berkeley's most famous landmarks. Poor students and other cheapskates have been crowding onto this hill to watch Cal football games for free for over 80 years (it is tradition that Cal students must watch at least one game from Tightwad Hill during their...


Berkeley Warnings and Dangers

  • Warning Signs

    At various places in Berkeley and the area attractions you may see warning signs. These are there for a reason, usually your safety and to preserve the area for future visitors. Please obey them.

  • Bad Part of Town

    Like most larger cities in the US, Berkeley has some areas that are worse than others. The area on the opposite side of the interstate from the marina seems to be one of those areas. I have also heard that People's Park can get bad especially after dark.

  • People’s Park it is not

    Although a symbol of the Free Speech Movement in the 1960’s, the area is now a haven for the homeless and drug dealers. Don’t hang out here, especially at night!


Berkeley Tourist Traps

  • Bums - not always needy

    While there is an understandable homeless issue facing the Berkeley area, people who are not used to being asked for handouts should beware. There are some, most notably on Telegraph Ave. and even then the younger set, who are not really homeless, but dress up in rags and panhandle as a way to make some extra cash. There were a series of articles...

  • Telegraph Avenue

    Poor shopping, bad food, and insane homeless people that actually kill people randomly in the middle of the day. This street became the hippie mecca after Regan teargassed the students here back when he was Governor of California. This is only a reasonable place to go if you don't know where Santa Cruz is, or if you want to hang out with other...

  • Berkeley Hotels

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Berkeley Off The Beaten Path

  • Victorian style in Berkeley

    There are many styles of homes in Berkeley. Some of the most ornate are Victorian homes, such as Captain Boudreau's house, a Queen Anne Victorian.

  • Wood shingle homes in Berkeley

    My hometown of Berkeley is gorgeous and has many different types of architectural styles. I live in North Berkeley, which is particularly peaceful. A group called the Hillside Club, whose members included the great architect Bernard Maybeck, developed the idea in the early 1900's that homes should blend in with their natural surroundings. Wood...

  • Berkeley Path Wanderers

    Berkeley not only has residential neighborhoods with intriguing architecture and landscape, but also interlocking pathways that hold a certain mystique. There are so many paths of unexpected design and in unexpected places that even a seasoned resident wouldn’t realize it. There is a Berkeley Path Wanderer association...


Berkeley Sports & Outdoors

  • Walk Through the Botanic Garden

    The trails through the Botanic Garden in Tilden Regional Park are flat and easy to follow. Nice and shady, too.

  • Hiking by the Bay Cesar Chavez Park

    There is a 1.25 mile hiking trail along the bay that gives you very nice views. The trail is pretty level, paved and the entire length is wheelchair accessible.


    For an absolutely magical Saturday, you must go see the Bears play at Memorial Stadium.Before any of the political correctness, free speech and hippiedom and alternative lifestyles and all that... there was, is, and always will be, Cal Football. It's seems so incongruous that a hippie dressed up in reggae garb with huge dreadlocks will come up to...


Berkeley Favorites

  • Map of World Communism

    Map of World CommunismThis is my favourite postcard from Berkeley:Map of World Communism.From right to left:* North Korea* Vietnam* Peoples' Republic of China* Cuba* Peoples' Republic of BerkeleyObviously, the world's greatest Communism place is the "Peoples' Republic of Berkeley".

  • A crazy, crazy place....

    Berkeley may be VERY different from what you are used to. Many say that the folks in Berkeley are crazy and, in a very literal sense, they're right. Dealing with Berkeley-ites requires you to set aside some of your notions as to what is "sane" and what isn't. Everywhere you go it is possible that your ideas about what constitutes good mental health...

  • If you ever are in need

    of the “Uncle Tom's "Bobby-Que" Baste-Marinade" recipe please visit Guantanamera) The “Apple-Lime-Mint Barbeque Sauce”, “Broiler-Oven "Bobby-Qued" Spareribs” and a side of “Hunky Crunchy Macaroni Salad” – to die for.


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