California General

  • Chapman Ave sign, Orange, CA
    Chapman Ave sign, Orange, CA
    by marinarena
  • Ronald Reagan Park, Anaheim, California
    Ronald Reagan Park, Anaheim, California
    by marinarena
  • Monzogranite clambering - feel the power!
    Monzogranite clambering - feel the...
    by welbourn3

California General

  • Golden Gate Bridge

    San Francisco General

    Amazing as it may seem when I planned out our trip to San Francisco, I did not include a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge in my plan. This was due to me assuming we would be really close to it when we visited Fisherman's Wharf. Of course, we could see the bridge from Fisherman's Wharf, but very, very far away. Well, the Golden Gate Bridge is a must...

  • Downtown

    Los Angeles General

    Handsome architectural features on standard buildings! Throughout downtown L.A., notice not only the grand, but the ordinary buildings with ornate style features. Whether art-deco or beaux-arts is your favorite architectural style, there is plenty of eye candy. As far a a specific area to focus on for architectural highlights, head to the...

  • Beaches

    San Diego General

    take a dip in southern california's pride! Beaches of San Diego Also Include Coronado Area, La Jolla and even Ocean Beach way up north. San Diego has long but scattered beach front areas with some having jagged cliffs. Examples are Mission Beach, Imperial Beach, Cornonado Beach, La Jolla Cove, Moonlight Beach, Whiteansea Beach and a lot more....

  • Giant Sequoia

    Yosemite National Park General

    This tree was in the Mariposa Grove of Yosemite National Park. Most people think this tree is in Sequoia National Park. So the people there in Sequoia get lots of questions about it. So in their FAQ, they say The tunnel through Yosemite's famous Wawona Tree was cut in 1881 as a tourist attraction. It was the second standing sequoia to be...

  • Flora / Fauna

    Death Valley National Park General

    This a Cuscuta, a parasit plant that sucks another plant. It has no leaves, no roots, no chlorophylle, only long stems with sucking devices at the end. It hugs the plant it has chosen, introduce its sucking devices in its stems and sucks the sap of its host. BTW, Cuscuta grow everywhere in the world and you might find one close to home.

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium

    Monterey General

    One side of the aquarium building is a continuous 3 story aquarium. At first I didn't realize it was all the same aquarium, there is just so much to see, but when I finally caught on, I was amazed at the beauty of it.

  • Queen Mary

    Long Beach General

    We knew what we wanted to see so we checked at the office just incase. Glad we did, because they had different packages and that are not on the website or their normal pricing board. We purchased the Queen Passport and it included Aquarium of the Pacific. Plus we payed for tickets for the Diana Pricess Collection at a reduced cost than their web...

  • Museums / Theaters

    San Jose General

    I hope this map helps you find the Winchester Mystery House. We found it very easily! Located on Winchester Boulevard, between Interstate 280 and Steen Creek Blvd. Follow the Winchester Mystery House signs. Here is link from the web site with more directions. Directions to Winchester Mystery House

  • Grauman's Foot & Hand Prints

    Hollywood General

    At front of the chinese theater you can find the first prints done by stars.There are different stories how it came to the prints.Fact is that ,Mr.Sid Graumann invited on 17.May 1927 Norma Talmadge,Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks to put their prints in the cement(all 3 stars at this time)The first walk of fame so to say. Hollywood Blvd.

  • The Pier

    Santa Monica General

    As you probably all ready know what is one of my favorite things is learn the history about the places I visit. So when a community takes the time and especially money to install one of these I like to take the time and read some of the information that is shared. This one is located at the base of the pier by the carousel. Santa Monica...

  • VT Members/ Antics

    Manhattan Beach General

    When we got the details for our L.A. business meeting I was like "Manhattan Beach? I've heard that name before". I checked VT and realised that I was coming to VT land. The "headquarters" are only a few miles from here and the beach was the venue for the first big VT worldwide meeting. Of course I had to check out the local scene a bit and I was...

  • Sunsets

    Big Sur General

    There are so many places to view the sunset on highway one...dont be psycho about getting to a certain you drive you can watch it set slowly and if need be, pull off at the las t possible minute to view this awesome spectacle. And dont all crowd into one turnout...there are plenty matter which way you are going...dont be a...

  • Disneyland

    Anaheim General

    If you are heading to Disneyland especially during the summer time when children are out of school, expect long lines up to a two hour wait! Make sure to take the Disney's Fastpass. This is available to the following attractions: California Screamin', Grizzly River Run, Soarin' Over Califronia, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the RAdiator...

  • The Hotel Del Coronado

    Coronado General

    While organizing your time in San Diego or Coronado, include a stop at the Palm Court just off the lobby of the Hotel Del for an afternoon cocktail, soda or coffee with delicate pastries. It is a luxurious way to relax. After 5:30 nightly there is piano entertainment and on Sudays they serve Victorian High Tea between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm. The...

  • Sports / Recreation

    South Lake Tahoe General

    It usually snows early, then there is a lull. In years past, it was a good sign to see the first snow around Halloween, but it would not stick and stay for long. The next snows would come around Thanksgiving (3rd week of Nov), and then the resorts could be operational early December. But not knowing the year's trend, November and early December...

  • Mountains/ hiking

    Palm Springs General

    Make a trip to Lake Mead, the largest man-made lake in the world in terms or volume thanks to the engineering wonder Hoover Dam. Avoid carrying suspicious looking bags in case you incur unnecessary delay to your fellow travellers when the security checks on you. We can't afford a burst dam after 9/11 can we?


    Sacramento General

    Go to Old Town...everyone will say that but it is true. Old town is darling with its wooden sidewalks and sleepy river ambiance. It is a bit touristy, but that's why it has a few good resturaunts and fun bars. I live in midtown Sacramento, and my fondest memory is sitting outside on my porch on hot summer...

  • Flora / Fauna

    Joshua Tree National Park General

    The Rock formations are really nice to look at and take pictures and they have some pretty nice camp sites......Jumbo Rocks. There were very few flowers in bloom in the month of March i suppose because of lack of rain ......But i did enjoy my one day road trip to the desert and i plan on going back and staying a night in the back of my truck with...

  • Winter Activities

    Mammoth Lakes General

    The weather is fantastic. It gets lots of snow, but warms up during the day and you get plenty of sunshine as well. We were caught in a snowstorm right before Christmas and had to walk in a raging Blizzard to get food. Pulled it back to the Condo on a sled!

  • Danish Feel

    Solvang General

    Solvang was founded by Danish Immigrants who initially lived in the midwest in 1911 and celebrated it's centennial in 2011. being the only danish community in California, it recieves more than a million foreign tourists a year who go and savor the quaint danish atmosphere of this Quiant town. they partake of Danish Food and sweets and buy the...

  • Beaches and Tide Pools

    Laguna Beach General

    Laguna Beach is a good place to get away from LA / Orange County/ Irvine hustle, especially during the weekdays before the weekend. Nothing is more relaxing to me than walking barefoot on the beach, sitting on the rocks out in the surf below the cliffs & watching the waves roll in, or if you're lucky & the surf's up, watching the surfers...


    Pasadena General

    Memorial Park is conveniently located near the well beaten path of Old Pasadena and just steps from the Metro Gold Line stop named after the park itself. Stretching from Holly and Walnut St along Raymond Ave. The 5+ acre park features a big, modern playground for the kids, ample lawn space, cement path for running and the Levitt Pavilion , a...

  • Beverly Hills Arts Show

    Beverly Hills General

    Have a passion for art? Enjoy a stroll in the part? You must attend Beverly Hills Art Show. Walking on the beautiful, scenic grounds of Beverly Gardens Park is best during the major art showcase, which occurs once a year in autumn (October). Artwork is presented by well over 200 artists who produce sculpture, oil and water color painting,...

  • Harbor / Beach

    Oceanside General

    There is a really wonderful walkway that takes you safely from the beach area to the downtown area under the railroad tracks. They accented with some lovely art work and decorated the walkway with a nice paint scheme. Along the walkway they have planted some really beautiful garden. It is also handicap accessible. It is next to Pier View Way. For...

  • Apple Pie in Julian

    Julian General

    Eat apple pie, tour the old mine, have a romantic get-away-weekend at the old Julian Hotel, or just walk down the main street to see shops that cater to the needs of the local residents. One of my favorite shops sells all types of wood burning stoves. In recent years there has been a different type of "Rush" to Julian and that is the "Country...

  • Marin County Info

    San Rafael General

    San Rafael began flourishing as a city in the mid 1800's. The late 1800's attracted a lot of new residents, and many Victorian houses from that era have remained. Here in California, we think this is old. This Victorian house is now the Marin County Museum. The museum is small but does offer some tidbits of information.

  • Beaches / Caves / Cliffs / Coves

    La Jolla General

    Built in 1894, as late Victorian beach cottages and have been listed on the National Register since 1970's, have sadly not been taking care of for many years and are is such sad shape. Once of cottages was called the Neptune and Cove Tea Room. The local heritage group has been trying to save them, but the owners know the land they sit on is worth...

  • IB Pier

    Imperial Beach General

    This section of IB has been in the process of re-vitalizing itself and it's coming along nicely. The best thing is that the popularity of the Pier has not diminished at all. Are you getting the picture? The IB Pier has been for many years the focal point of this area in Imperial Beach and it still is. There is something refreshing and relaxing...

  • Street Wall Art

    Eureka General

    Whenever I visit a new city, I like to observe what they have to offer, especially if I didn't do any research and had no plans on staying. Seems many cities I visit these days have Great street wall art. Some sanctioned by towns others by the business owners of the building. This trip through Eureka I spotted some very interesting art. Most of...

  • Trillium Falls

    Redwood National Park General

    About one third of the way into the Trillium Falls Trail (if you start the loop counter clockwise) you will reach Trillium Falls. It is not very big at all but it is a nice cascading fall set back in a moss and fern gully. There is a bridge directly in front which give a great location to view. It is also a nice platform for a tripod. The falls is...

  • Beach / Boardwalk

    Venice General

    My favorite thing about the Venice Beach Boardwalk is the people who come to see it and the people who earn their living here. It's so diverse and a friendly environment. The artwork is not impressive, the wares are cheap but for the mere price of parking, you can spend 2-4 hours easily being amused and entertained. No fond memories I can think of....

  • Torrey Pines State Reserve Park

    Del Mar General

    The photo shows Red Butte, one of the higher grounds in Torrey Pines' trail system. Several trails spread out from here, including Razor Point, Yucca Point, and the trail to the beach. When I visited, all these trails were closed due to erosion (this year we got more rain in southern California than in Seattle). But that didn't stop people from...

  • Hilbert Museum

    Orange General

    Curious about California from a local perspective? Hilbert Museum invites you in its modest abode. A fascinating continuation of Old Towne Orange charm and smiles is extended within the museum, which mainly features vibrant paintings depicting california from the 1920s. Hilbert is a new addition (opened in February 2016) in the Orange County Arts...

  • Knotts Berry Farm

    Buena Park General

    Boysenberry Jam (of Knott's Berry Farm) Buena Park is the home of the boysenberry. It was created by combining blackberry, red raspberry and loganberry. Walter Knott, namesake of the berry farm, and Rudolph Boysen are the credited inventors. Why Boysen took all the credit namewise for the fruity idea- this I have yet to uncover! Well, I guess it...

  • Point Arena Coast

    Point Arena General

    The Point Arena Coast has stunning picturesque views up and down the coast. The most impressive are from the Stornetta Public Lands, just south of the Point Arena Lighthouse. I was fortunate to arrive here on a very clear day and no fog late in the afternoon. The cliffs are impressive and the surf is high and violent. The waves seemed particularly...

  • Other Natural Attributes

    California General

    California is such a great outdoor destination. One of my surprises was to wandered into a butterfly trail where there were thousands of Monarch butterflies wintering on a grove of trees. Although I have seen them on documentary, it was something else to see these orange colored butterflies in their natural splendour.

  • Hiking - Damnation Trail

    Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park General

    The Damnation Trail ends at a gravel beach on the Pacific Coast. The trail goes out on a point by a narrow trail which is actually over a small arch. But to get down to the beach, there is a trail on the north side just before going out at the final point. The ocean is a bit rough and there is a lot of rock in the water. I tried to look in the few...

  • Fog / Weather

    San Francisco General

    you've come to the right place! (especially if you want to see fog). i live here so check out my travel pages for tips, and feel free to email me for more direct questions. i hate to tell you, but october is one of our warmest months here. september is also warm. the weather changes not only from day to day, but it's a microclimate, so it changes...

  • Universal Studios

    Los Angeles General

    While drinks are more expensive at tourist places like Universal Studios and Disneyland, you might consider buying a souvenir cup that you can take home. Some are even refillable. So under the hot sun, the whole day, you can top up your drink with your special cup and drink too much soda. At least, you will not be dehydrated.

  • Balboa Park

    San Diego General

    I really enjoyed my time at the artists' colony within the park. It's a series of adobe buildings with red tiled roofs which empty into a tiled courtyard....dotted with Bouganvellia vines and cactus. Various artists are housed in the buildings displaying their wares and some will give lessons in jewelry making or other crafts. It's a wonderful way...

  • Weather Wise

    Yosemite National Park General

    The elevations/altitudes within the park can get pretty high. While the weather may be nice at the lower elevations, you may encounter changing conditions while driving up to the higher elevations. Fog and snow can appear suddenly out of nowhere. Also, be aware of the decreased oxygen at higher elevations, which some people may find sensitive to....

  • Other Points of Interest

    Death Valley National Park General

    Corkscrew Peak is the towering sentinel of the Grapevine Mountains of northern Death Valley National Park. Corkscrew Peak derives its name from the twisting, corkscrew-like exposures of the Lower Cambrian Corkscrew Quartzite. It juts out from behind the Grapevine Mountains. There is a sign that points to it while traveling along 374 East toward...

  • Photography

    Monterey General

    Monterey has the largest population of raccoons I've ever seen in a city, small town, or the country. Some nights near the wharves, just after dark, you'll see a mess of coons sneaking out from under the wooden structure to search for the masses of tourist trash that is lying about. Enjoy looking at these crazy little guys, but don't get too close,...

  • Information / Sources

    Long Beach General

    go to helpful city visitor guides, often on bikes or walking downtown streets, especially during the summer season, on Friday during the Farmer's Market and on weekends. Thankfully there are guides to help even the local like me find the nearest bank or the best way to a store or cultural site, let alone the out-of-towners wanting directions to the...

  • Seasonal Events

    San Jose General

    In summer 2008 we saw country artists Jason Aldean and Emerson Drive at San Jose Municipal Stadium. Tickets were $15 for general admission and about $75 for the seating immediately in front of the stage. This is a nice little venue for a concert. This historic stadium's beer stands, snack bars, and barbecue restaurant were open for concert goers....


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