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  • 1. Layers

    If you are coming during the winter, be prepared for generally, sunny days and cool evenings. The best way to dress is in layers. When it does rain, it is chilly. So be prepared and do bring a warm...

  • 2. Sunblock - Sunscreen

    Sunscreen is very helpful to have especially in the summer but also in the winter, the sun can be a killer too here. Sun shades are good to have in many destinations but especially here in L.A....

  • 3. Camping Gear

    LA is very casual. Dress is even at it's hippest very informal. I haven't worn a tie in years except for a wedding or funeral. I rarely wear a 'sport coat' I often wear shorts to everything but the...

  • 4. Comfortable Shoes

    If your backpacking, keep it light, dont bring along if going into the shops.` Whatever you do, your will end up walking. Do not try to be all stylish like they show on TV, a good pair of runners will...

  • 5. Luggage

    It's worth investing in a good bag before you leave. I took a small suitcase with wheels and backpack straps and a sholder bag. That left both of my hands free. Hiking Maybe it's cause I'm a girl but...

  • 6. Maps & City Guides

    Since I know the city reasonably well I needed a quick-reference guide with helpful neighborhood by neighborhood advice. I really was impressed by the "Knopf Mapguides". Just enough helpful info in...

  • 7. Water bottle for travel in USA

    You buy water in USA as it is generally not drinkable - to get around this buy a Brita water bottle at Kmart Australia, that has a filter in the bottle. When...

  • 8. Laptop Chargers / Plug converters

    I bought some plug converters before flying out, but found that they didn't work that well in the hotel - they were the right type, but the hotel plugs were...

  • 9. Address

    Make sure you know the address where you are going to stay in the U.S. You have to tell the custom that ... It's almost like an interview to come into the U.S...

  • 10. Passport

    Okey it may sound stupied of course you need to bring the passport to even come into the country but you also need it as an ID. They do not accept Drivense...

  • 11. Packing List

    DON'T forget to bring along your much-treasured ATM card to withdraw cash. Yes, no need to rush to the money-changers to change all your currencies into...

  • 12. Packing List

    This is LA. No need to pack too formal outfits with you. Everyone is dressed sooooo casually here. So, if you want to blend in... dress like them too. Cool...

  • 13. Packing List

    Don't leave home without your VT Biz cards. Never know when you'll use them.Now just how did GioGlobal's card end up there?

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