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Original Pantry Cafe Tips (7)

The Original Pantry: Old Fashion fun in the middle of Downtown LA

This is a simple dinner that has been around forever. Plus it never closes. It is nothing fancy, just a simple casual dinning experience, but I love it. The people are friendly and food is delicious... DURING BREAKFAST ONLY!

The souvenirs are inexpensive as well.


Favorite Dish More than anything, I recomend breakfast at the Pantry. It is cheap, yet you get huge portions. I go with my friends often, as its just down the street from where I go to school.

LRDerentz's Profile Photo
May 30, 2005

Original Pantry Cafe: "More than just an eatery"

The food isnt spectacular its simple and good. The place isnt fancy but the people line up to get into this place. Sometimes you might even see someone famous.
It is also very popular because it never closes.

Favorite Dish The food is all good. I dont think i have ever been not satisfied at the Pantry.
Of course i think their breakfasts are the best.

malianrob's Profile Photo
Dec 07, 2005

Original Pantry Cafe: Just a Basic Meal but very tasty pastry

So if in downtown Los Angeles and crave simple American food, go to the Original Pantry Cafe. Save room for steak and eggs, pancakes, pastrami sandwich or meatloaf. If you don't like to wait to get a seat, avoid coming here in the morning. Don't be fooled by picture. This is a side shot done for artstic purpose :-)

I've come in for lunch when the long curving line outside does not exist. The crowd inside is a nice mix- from white collar tie and briefcase workers to modest blue collars, the young, the old and famous LA figures like the major and other political power players. Foodwise, don't expect anything fancy This place is more an L.A. institution to visit then for dining.

Be forewarned that this is a cash only establishment. Leave your credit card in the wallet!

Favorite Dish any pastry here like the apple one...

marinarena's Profile Photo
Dec 01, 2006

Original Pantry Cafe: Original Pantry Cafe

This place never closes. It is open 24hrs/day. It is owned by the former Los Angeles mayor, Richard Riordan.

It only closed once due to the County Health Inspectors. I guess too many cockroaches spoiled the soup.

It didn't stayed closed for long. I think it was shutdown on a Friday but back in business on a Sunday. This happened when Richard Riordan was still mayor so I assume he was able to get the Health Inspectors back outand working on a Sunday. And of course then-mayor Riordan was the first customer.

Favorite Dish Breakfast items and the meatloaf.

Yubert's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002
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Original Pantry Cafe: Wait On Line, Stuff Your Face

This is a true downtown LA establishment. The procedure is as simple as 1,2,3. You go, you park, you wait in line for what seems like an eternity when you know others are enjoying delicious food without you, you get a table, order, eat, desire a purge. This is a good thing! I can think of nothing better than breakfast at the Pantry, and if breakfast isn't your thing, then stop in for some other meal. After all, they are open all night. As the mug boasts, they never close. The ambiance is real classic diner- tables packed in tight, bright lights, an open kitchen where you can see the cooks work their magic and lots of pictures on the wall including one of all of their longtime employees. Pick up a pamphlet that details the Pantry's long history and do yourself a favor and pick up a mug- they are really cheap and have that great thickness like diner mugs should. Also, it's a lot cooler than a snow globe with the Hollywood sign or a t-shirt of Marilyn Monroe. Go early before the hunger sets in so you can work up an appetite while waiting in line. Be prepared to pay for parking (I think we only paid about $3.00 for the lot around the corner on Figueroa). Cash only.

Favorite Dish Bacon

kidkilowatt's Profile Photo
Apr 26, 2005

Original Pantry Cafe: This is overrated

After reading all the reviews from here, we decided to check it out. As we pulled into the parking lot ($1 flat rate) last Saturday, I saw a line at the entrance. I thought to myself "This must be good enough to be this crowded around 9am". As we come in, I ordered the breakfast with ham for $7, and Jenney ordered the T bone steak and eggs for $14.

They gave you generous portion. But that's about it. Nothing else is remarkable. It may be just a matter of taste, but I don't like their breakfast potatoes (some where between mash potatoes and hashbrown), and Jenney never stop complaining about her T-bone (she's a good cook, so her points were: they didn't give you a real T-bone cut, and they didn't grill the steak but instead frying it).

Favorite Dish But once again, what else can you really do with basic breakfast dish like Ham and Eggs? Only if you can make it cheap enough, then perhaps it would be worth the value. So, I am completely confused as why would people lining up for this place at the door. May be it's just our taste, and our high demand for good value or something...

jenneybumble's Profile Photo
Jul 12, 2004

The PANTRY in downtown on...

The PANTRY in downtown on Figueroa
Never closes, they don't even have a key anymore.

Favorite Dish steaks, chops, and best cole slaw around

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Aug 25, 2002

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