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2-Day Disneyland Resort Ticket
"With a 2-day ticket make the most of your Anaheim vacation at Disneyland. Simply select either the Park Hopper or Park-per-day option then let loose and let the fun begin! Don't forget to look for FASTPASS® attractions throughout the parks. This complimentary service allows imagination and eight different but ever-so magical lands! from Fantasyland to Adventureland and Tomorrowland to Frontierland there is much to see and even more to do! Be sure to take advantage of Disney’s FASTPASS® Service
From $195.00
3-Day Disneyland Resort Ticket
"Make the most of your Anaheim vacation at Disneyland with a 3-day ticket. Simply select your ticket package let loose and let the fun begin! Don't forget to look for FASTPASS® attractions throughout the parks. This complimentary service allows you to save your place in line while enjoying the rest of park.Disneyland® ParkDisneyland Park is the happ imagination and eight different but ever-so magical lands! from Fantasyland to Adventureland and Tomorrowland to Frontierland there is much to see and even more to do! Your 3-day Park Hopper includes one to Magic Morning admission
From $255.00
"Southern California CityPASS: Disneyland Resort
Southern California CityPASS"Disneyland® Park Disneyland Park is the happiest place on earth! Filled with memories imagination and eight different but ever-so magical lands! from Fantasyland to Adventureland and Tomorrowland to Frontierland there is much to see and even more to do! Your 3-day Park Hopper includes one to Magic Morning admission
From $340.00

Disneyland Tips (62)

Disneyland Is AWESOME!!!!!

Disneyland is the perfect attraction for travelers and tourists to visit. It if fun for all ages!!!! With over 50 attractions, it is awesome! Don't forget to search for the hidden Mickeys! Have a nice trip!!!!!!!!!! If you love boat rides, there is a few, I think two, that are! It's a Small World AND Pirates Of The Caribbean, which has sudden drops! You may get wet! Have fun!

Apr 21, 2016


One of the biggest fun place in California.This is the place where fun never ends. Lots of fun and entertainment and magic on one place. Best place to take your childrens with you and no what is your age is place is fun blast for every age. Simply love it and Highly recommended!

Stevehobbson's Profile Photo
May 29, 2015


We have been having such a hard time this year with multiple deaths in our family. We decided to take our family of 9 to Disneyland for the Weekend just to let loose and have some fun. It was our first time to "The Happiest Place on Earth" It was awful. We went to the Disneyland Side and decided to get on the train so we could see the whole park before we decided to choose where to go. We asked the train station person if we could leave our 2 strollers and ice chest at the station since we will be returning when the train comes back. He said yes that it was fine. We got to the toon town part of the park and the train stops and we are asked to exit the train. we were told that there was a "suspicious package" on board and they did not know when the train will resume. so we walked to the train station to get our things. when we got there, there was a young lady in the place of the man that was there before. we saw our stuff was gone and we explained to her the situation. she stated she did not know why the man would tell us that was ok and that the security took out things to lost and found because of ice chest (which only had waters and capri suns was the suspicious package). we left the kids with my in laws to ride a ride or two and my husband and i went to the lost and found outside of the park. we waited in line for an hour and were then told that our stuff was not there that is was still in a location in side the park and that we would have to have our 2 strollers mailed to us in about a week. we tried to get back into the park and forgot our tickets with the inlaws. we explained the situation to the gate person and she then asked if we had taken pictures with our phones to prove we had been there. we told her no due to all the stuff that had happened. after another hour the manager let us in. by this time the park was about to close our kids had only went on 2 rides all day.....and we still had no items that were called a threat....the next morning we stopped by the lost and found again just to see if our items were there. they said no. my brother in law went to go ask and get information about when they might ship out items home and then they stated to him that they did have it and gave it to hime. we left and when i called disney to let them know of our experience they just said sorry that we should have known better than to leave our things.

May 10, 2015

Downtown Disney

when you are going to the Original Disney Resort via a car, the complimentary shuttle tram will take you to downtown disney and from there will be a 4 minute walk to the entrance of both Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks. The downtown disney is an attraction in itself. The Downtown Disney District features open-air cafes, lively entertainment, nightclubs and a movie theater. You'll feel transported to a uniquely Disney world where you can relax and spend some special time with the people you love. And if you live in Southern California, it's all right next door! they also have Dynamic live performers kick up the energy and give the Downtown Disney District a party-like atmosphere. A talented cast of professional musicians specialize in diverse musical styles, ranging from classical, to Latin, to acoustic guitar, to rhythm and blues.

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Dec 04, 2013
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Hotels Near Disneyland

1221 South Harbour Boulevard, (formerly "Holiday Inn"), Anaheim, California, 92805, United States
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1380 S. Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, California, 92802, United States
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1070 West Ball Road, Anaheim, California, 92802, United States
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1111 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, California, 92805, United States
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414 West Ball Road, (Formerly Anaheim Best Inn), Anaheim, California, 92805, United States
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1540 S Harbor Blvd., Anaheim, California, 92802, United States
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Disney's California Adventure

The original disneyland and knottsberry farm are not the only theme park attractions in Anaheim, Disney also has a smaller California Themed Park just across the entrance to Disneyland, called Disney's California Adventure, which is a good attraction too.

I have been to disneyland here in anaheim a couple of times but I only went inside California Adventure twice and unfortunately, the old analog films of my previous jaunt inside are now missing hence a revisit I did and took lots of pictures too. what to do but to have a 1 day park hopper pass and with my kid brother in tow, we did the California Adventure first then Disneyland in the afternoon while my relatives and mom did disleyland. Unfortunately, they are in the middle of a remodelling of the park and that some rides were closed due to it.

Disney's California Adventure Them Park is a smaller then the Disneyland Park and they have a fewer attractions here. Disney California Adventure is divided into eight themed "districts" and they are: Buena Vista Street, Hollywood Land, Grizzly Peak, Pacific Wharf, "A Bugs Land", Cars Land, Condor Flats, and Paradise Pier. Each district is meant to resemble various aspects of Californian culture and landmarks, both stylized and idealized.

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Dec 04, 2013

Disneyland tips to make the most out of your day

Dont compare Fla and California. You cant. They're two different places. Just let each place enlighten you in their own way.
Plan, plan, plan. Not just what to do, but when. Which day. Everything, Or you'll just waste your time in long lines, crowded places and it will ruin your experience.
My fiance and I traveled to Los Angeles to do all the tourist stuff. Obviously she was dying to see Disneyland. I have been to Walt Disney World in Florida a number of times growing up but never Disneyland (DL). Shes been once to FLA. Ive been told Disneyworld (DW) doesnt measure up to Disneyland (4 parks to 2 and about 70% more room kinda spells it out there) but we still went with an open mind. I'll start by saying if youre looking to nitpick and compare the 2 resorts side by side you'll ruin it for yourself. Its a different place. Let your imagination go and pretend youve never been to a Disney owned place before.
We went to Disneyland first. Parking is very simple. One HUGE parking garage for both parks located in the northwest section of the resort. Simple to get to off Interstate 5. GET THERE EARLY. The garage is for both parks so if you get there around 10 it gets backed up with more people coming in to the garage. You walk down the escalators and there are trams that take you to the main entrance to both DL and California Adventure as well as the opening to Downtown Disney. Different from DW is the monorail. You need a park ticket to ride. If you dont want to miss this later I suggest you skip the tram and walk through the Downtown Disney parking lot to the monorail station. You scan your ticket before you board so its not a "free ride" like DW. It takes a series of loops inside the actual DL park so you get a unique view of most of Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. The station is in Tomorrowland and you must get off there, No round trips available. One final note on the monorail is you can ride up front with the conductor (DW no longer offers this) so if you have small kids ask a cast member and you might get a more unique view.
Getting there early is very key to seeing and doing everything in one day while still enjoying taking the park at your own pace. We went to space mountain first. We got a fast pass (for 20 mins later than we were there) and then waited in the regular line which was only 20 mins!. after we got off we went fastpass and went twice! Space mountain twice in less than an hour! Only happens in the morning.
You cant get fastpasses for more than 1 ride at a given time so plan which rides you want to do first and which ones youll do fastpass for so youre not stuck at 12pm for a splash mountain fast ass for 7.
Fantasmic occurs around the Rivers of America in front of Pirates of the Car. so get there about 30mins before it starts for a decent view, earlier if you want a really good spot. Definitely a must see.
We didnt really care about parades so we went on rides during them. Lines thin a little during the parades for medium name attractions (buzz lightyear, haunted mansion) so hit those if you choose to skip the parade. Once its over everyone rushes for the closest ride so keep an eye on the end of the parade when you're around it.
We ate at hungry bear restaurant for lunch and the Blue Bayou for dinner. Lunch is easy but if you want a nice sit down dinner you need a reservation. 5pm to 7pm dinner is packed so we ate late lunches and late dinners to avoid the rush.
Another big thing we have noticed and heard from cast members is its best to go on a weekday. While DW has bigger crowds on weekends as well, DL is filled with more locals than DW, so weekends can be even more crowded. If possible go on a weekday. I scheduled my whole vacation based around days I wanted to do certain things and both parks were for weekdays. Big benefit
If you compare Magic Kingdom to Disneyland Park i would say I like DL park better. More rides and things to see than MK since there 3 other parks to spread stuff out. But DW resort is still king over DL resort
If you want to make the most out of your trip to either park my biggest advice would be 1. Plan everything. 2. Get there as early as possible. 3. Keep an open mind if DW is your favorite. 4. Do popular rides earlier so if you have time you can do them a 2nd time later instead of missing it because the line was too long
I hope this was helpful and everyone going has a great time no matter the ages!

Jun 06, 2012

Disneyland California's Adventure

My family and I recently went on a trip to Disneyland and California Adventure. Here's my positives and negatives about the trip. Positive, Disneyland is so much fun, there is lots to do and see. California Adventure is growing into a bigger and better park. And, even though it was summer and it was crowded the lines went by pretty fast. Also, a great positive is you could bring your food into the park, this means you don't have to spend a fortune on lunch.

The negative's are that these parks are separated, they have individual entrances. Also, parking for the parks is such a hassle. You have to park far away and it cost $15 for parking. Since we came from LAX, we had Prime Time Shuttle take us to the front and we walked about 5min to the entrance. This seemed like the easiest way for us. Overall, our trip was phantasmic it's definitely a fun thing to do every summer.

alayna28's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2011

Great days opt out from reality!

Fifty years on and Disney parks are still a measure for others. Only this century has the cartoon-to-ride tratit been bucked, with the Pirates of the Carribean franchise and the Haunted Mansion growing movies out of attractions.

Won't attempt to describe the rides here other than to say that Space Mountain remains a favourite after 30 years, and to say that, unlike Disneyworld FLA, you cannot dine in the castle, but the best dining in the park is the Blue Bayou - you will be seated looking over the Pirates of the Carribean ride. But you MUST book - and I found out to my cost that booking on the morning is too late, so do what we'll do next time and ring the Disney dining number days in advance. I have listed the number below, I am adding this footnote after having booked up for LA again August 2010, find you can reserve the Blue Bayou SIXTY days in advance.

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Feb 21, 2010

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Downtown Disney

I went with friends to Downtown Disney one rainy January evening for gift shopping. The town is certainly impressive and it made me wish we could have afforded to bring our son here when he was younger.
The car park is large and was busy on a wet Monday night - the town is a mix of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants and the Disney store here is the largest in the Disney empire - it was four times the size of the standard Disney stores found in English shopping centres.
Beautifully illuminated and a delight just to walk around even if like me you have grown up children.

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Jan 25, 2010

Walk from your hotel

If you are staying at a hotel near Disneyland, don't drive to the park and pay for parking. You should park and walk. It is A LOT cheaper and when you park at Disneyland, you have to park so far away anyways. By the time you walk to the shuttle to take you to your car, you are already half way or more to your hotel. You are already paying so much to just go to Disneyland, it is nice to save money where you can.

SJTravel's Profile Photo
Dec 27, 2009

Super Crowded during Winter Break, even Christmas

It probably goes without saying that when school is on break, Disneyland crowds up. I had originally planned to go on Christmas day thinking that people would want to be with their families at home. I was advised not to go on Christmas as it is one of their busiest days. I read advice that said that earlier in Winter Break, it is not as crowded as it is on Christmas. Not true. I went the first Monday of Winter Break this year and Disneyland was to full capacity early on in the morning. If you have options of when to go to Disneyland, I would definitely try to plan a trip when it is less crowded. While it is still fun and you can still get on rides, it makes for a lot better experience if it is less crowded.

SJTravel's Profile Photo
Dec 27, 2009


If you decide to visit Disneyland, you should top of your trip with a viewing of Fantasmic. The show is an awesome experience. The show has live action, cool animation, and is just an absolute treat for your eyes. The show's viewing area (New Orleans Square and Frontierland) can get really crowded before the show's start so get there early if you want to be in a prime location. I personally have never waited for the show and have seen it just fine, while having to be creative some times to see. However, the show is big and you can pretty much see from any point in the area. Although Disney workers are pretty strict about where you can stand and watch so be aware of that. The show can be a little scary for kids, but it has a great message and in the end is happpy and fun.
If you time it right, and Disneyland has a fireworks show that night as well, you can see Fantasmic and then almost immediately after see the fireworks which takes place in the sky above Fantasyland.

SJTravel's Profile Photo
Dec 27, 2009

Things to Do Near Disneyland

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The original Disneyland is immense and almost always crowded but still an iconic must visit site! Many of the attractions are instantly recognizable even if you have never been there before like...
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Disneyland / California Adventure

I liked this park a lot better than the one in Orlando because it is smaller and easier to walk which is a great thing if you have children. It also is cheaper and you can easily walk out to eat at...
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Anaheim Convention Center

Whether for business or pleasure, the Anaheim Convention is worth checking out. Just across from a Disneyland entrance (along Katella Ave), the venue attracts hundreds of thousands each year, many for...
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Farmer's Market

Local farmers market to get fresh produce for you and your family is alive and well in Anaheim, as the Downtown Anaheim Certified Farmers Market and Craft Fair takes over the Center Street Promenade...
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Anaheim Angels

One of the major entertainers of Orange county is Anaheim's own baseball Angels. The 2002 Major League Baseball champions play at Angel Stadium (formerly and regrettably "Edison Field"). Since the...
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Crystal Cathedral - CLOSED Now, Christ Cathedral

We left the hotel at Anaheim and we decided to make a quick stop at Garden Grove to visit this cathedral. We did not expected to like it as we did. I really enjoyed thie beautiful building For more...
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Getting to Disneyland


1313 Disneyland Dr., Anaheim, CA 92802


  • Sunday 09:00 to 00:00
  • Monday 09:00 to 22:00
  • Tuesday 09:00 to 23:00
  • Wednesday 10:00 to 20:00
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