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Half Day Hollywood and Beverly Hills Tour
"This tour is quite unique and will allow guest passengers flexibility of time in the maximum comfort and enjoyment of their ride through Hollywood and Beverly Hills. After meeting at the departure point you will go through Hollywood Boulevard over onto the famed Sunset Strip and Santa Monica Boulevard and finally through Beverly Hills to your destination on Rodeo Drive. There you will enjoy world-class shopping and dining for approximately 90-minutes before re-boarding for the return of the tour through West Hollywood and other Hollywood Areas. You will also receive discounts at select restaurants and cafes as well as shoppin the chauffeur will take the best route available for maximum sightseeing and enjoyment and comfort.""""Enjoy this unique experience in an open-air
From $50.00
Self-Guided Hollywood Tour in a California Roadster Rental
"Whisk around L.A. in this brightly colored California Roadster Neighborhood Electric Vehicle which seats up to four passengers including two in a rear-facing rumble seat. Explore all the sights around the greater Hollywood area including Beverly Hills and the famed Sunset Strip. This exclusive offer will provide you with an exciting experience and let you take in all that L.A. has to offer in a unique vehicle. There's nothing else quite like it. No gas to fill because its elect""Have a blast riding around the greater Hollywood area in a California Roadster Custom Electric Car.title=Highlights&1=Choice+of+several+departures+throughout+the+day&2=Pickup+from+a+centrally+located+meeting+point&3=Romantic+experience%2C+perfect+for+couples&4=All+taxes%2C+fuel+surcharges+and+service+fees+included&5=Special+Offer&6=Once-in-a-Lifetime+E
From $149.00
Self-Guided Santa Monica Tour in a California Roadster Rental
"Whisk around Santa Monica in a brightly colored California Roadster Neighborhood Electric Vehicle which seats up to four passengers including two in a rear-facing rumble seat. Explore all the sights around the greater Santa Monica area including Venice Beach and scenic Marina del Rey. This exclusive offer will provide you with an exciting experience and let you take in all that the L.A. area has to offer in a unique electric car. Pick-up and drop-off the vehicle at a convenient Santa M its electric-just get in and go. Rental Period is for 3-hours. Additional time is available for a fee."""Have a blast cruising around the greater Santa Monica area in a California Roadster custom electric car.
From $149.00

Hollywood Tips (23)

The Most Famous LA Community

Hollywood is a community of Los Angeles that is most famous for it's connection to Entertainment/ the Film Industry.

Truth be told, the glamor of Hollywood died out because many stars avoided the increasing number of tour buses and tourists trying to get a look and the stars/ the grandeur.

By the early 1970's the most famous areas were blighted, with closed/ run down businesses. dopers, hookers and trash on the streets. It was really a great disappointment when unsuspecting Tourists saw the decline of Hollywood, where Hollywood and Vine was no longer remarkable and the Brown Derby had vanished.

It languished in that state for a long time--IMO too long for the wealthy entertainment industry to take getting it back in shape. Even then it was mainly foreign investors with the big bucks who cared enough to revitalize the area. Maybe that's why it has more of a Commercial feel than an a return to the old glamor.

Still people flock to see what they can and hope to get lucky and run into someone famous. At least now there are things to see and things to do here again!

lmkluque's Profile Photo
Aug 27, 2014


Though synonymous with the movie industry globally, here in Los Angeles, Hollywood is just another neighbourhood in the sprawling City of Los Angeles. It is located northwest of Downtown LA and east of West Hollywood, and lies in the shadow of the famous Hollywood sign. Most of those who live or work here have nothing to do with the movie industry, yet many of the newcomers and the tourists are attracted by exactly that. The area around Hollywood Boulevard is a big tourist attraction with its mega theatres, celebrity stars and handprints and is a must see for anyone visiting LA for the first time.

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Feb 04, 2014

Being a tourist in Hollywood

We only went to Hollywood on our 10th day in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, it wasn't really a must-see for us, but I'm still glad we did it and I might go back next time to have a more relaxed look around (we would've been late for dance classes in North Hollywood had we stayed any longer).
Following the Walk of Fame of got to Hollywood Boulevard with the Hollywood & Highland Center. Unfortunately, they were working on El Capitan Theater, but we did get a glance of Graumann’s Chinese Theatre. It's a real touristy place, with lots of people taking pictures and locals trying to sell you stuff.

Here's a more detailed report on our trip to Hollywood:

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Nov 21, 2012

Guiness World Records Museum

There are many attractions along Hollywood Blvd. One of America's most visited destinations. Along this stretch of road where the Walk of Fame sits is home to one of these attractions, The Guiness World Records Museum. I vaguely remember my visit, if it weren't for the pictures that I took. You can buy a pass that allows entry into 3 attractions, including this one. I bought that and went in. My friends in LA were busy this day, and I wanted something to do, and to go to Hollywood and see it for myself. I decided to purchase the ticket and venture on in.

I didn't have any expectations, which is good. Because in places like this, it's good not to. These attractions cater to the tourists, of which I was one. It's a huge place that exhibits, as you guessed, records set by various people, animals, etc from all over the world. Examples of this include a model of the world's most tattooed lady, heaviest living things, and a huge statue of Mario from the Mario Bros. games. It was worth a visit, for ONE time. I wouldn't go back again next time I go to Los Angeles. It's great for what it is. It's got many things to keep your eyes glued and lots of vibrant colors and sculptures. It's a museum that's different than your typical one, which is refreshing. But unlike the Louvre, you probably wouldn't wanna make a second trip unless you really liked the exhibits that much.

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Apr 05, 2012
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Hotels Near Hollywood

6820 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, California, 90028, United States
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1755 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, 90028, United States
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1753 Orchid Ave, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, 90028, United States
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Amoeba Records

Amazing Record Store! 1 billion albums for sale and CHEAP. Also I caught an instore appearence by ozzy osbourne some time ago and will definitely be going back for the Belle Brigade on the 13th. Read more bout it here:

May 13, 2011

Complex Hollywood & Highland

The entertainment centre was built as a catalyst for the revitalization of the Hollywood, & to restore the area to its former golden days. Anyways, the area is still very run down, but this centre has a lot of high end stores & the adjacent Kodak Theatre, where most of the Oscars were given out in the 1990s. There is a very huge open square there that is used to host open concerts & large scale events .

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Apr 04, 2011

The Arclight (Cinerama) movie theater

If you leave your cellphone on, or bring a crying baby to this theater, you will get lynched while stoned to death then resurrected just to get gasoline poured on you and burned alive by the mob. People here are serious about movies. You can reserve seating online, grab a bite at the bar before hand, and they have a decent gift shop. The seats are comfy, If you are lucky, you'll be able to grab a seat inside the Dome. No commercials, only previews. Sometimes they have actual props in the lobby or outside that's from the hottest movie at the moment. It was cool to see the Bat-Pod parked outside, or the IronMan suit. You pay more for a ticket ($15), but it's worth it for a really enjoyable movie experience.

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Dec 08, 2009

Wax Figures

While there are wax museums all over the country it's always interesting to me to see how the museum itself is displayed to the outside world. I found the Hollywood display to be very entertaining. Check out my photo.

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Nov 22, 2009

Top 5 Los Angeles Writers

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"Getting at the Heart of L.A."
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"Coming to LA, see what all of SoCal has to offer!"
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"Los Angeles"
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"My Hometown: Los Angeles"
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It's Not Just A Mall

I absolutely loved the Hollywood and Highland center. It is located along Hollywood Boulevard and is the center of attention. Although it houses restaurants and retail shops, I see it as much more than your average mall. It is an open air complex which I really like. The retail shops and restaurants surround the main complex from the plaza area up to the second and third floors which you can visit by taking either the stairs or escalator on the far sides of the center.

The plaza area is complete with some small retail kiosks and a small fountain to cool you during those Summer months. What really fascinated me about this center is all of the intricate artwork as you can see detailed in the photos I have uploaded. The artwork and sculptures are amazing. I walked around for about an hour just snapping shots of the creative artistry. I don't know the history but when you walk up the entrance stairs you feel as if you are walking into a movie set and a grand movie set at that. The columns and structure are gallant and regal. It is an exceptional piece of architecture.

There are many events and concerts hosted within this complex. The Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show hosts many of their outdoor concerts here. While I didn't shop or eat here, I thoroughly enjoyed the complex. It is an absolute must see when in the Hollywood area.

I do not see it as a tourist trap at all. I see it as an open air complex with fantastic and creative architecture.

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Nov 17, 2009

Hollywood TV shows - Film Locations - Attractions

You may want to consider the ultra renovated Hollywood Wax Museum, where even Shiloh, (Brads & Angelina's baby), has a likeness. This is located down the street on Hollywood Blvd. Go have lunch at Musso & Franks with its endless movie history, 6667 Hollywood Blvd, where you can relive the old Hollywood days. The Kodak Theatre Complex, the home of the Oscars, is also just down the street from the Chinese Theatre, and well worth a visit.

You may also consider visiting movie locations. (websites included) , and I believe there is a website that keeps up on actual present time filming locations, where, - if lucky, you can see actual filming. Just a thought. It is also possible to catch one of the frequent filmings that take place in the early morning in Downtown L.A. For instance, you may have seen how they destroyed Downtown in the film "Transformers."

A frequent highlite for visitors is a visit to one of the many sit-coms or talkshows filmed at one of the many T.V. studios in L.A. Tickets can be easily had on-line, or - if you make it to Farmers Market, there will be tickets for free there for all the L.A. location T.V. shows that require a live audience.

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Nov 12, 2009

Hollywood Beverly Hills Star Homes Tours and more.

I am frequently asked questions regarding what to see in Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, including tours of the stars homes, as - I personally did a number of those tours as a portion of the general L.A. tour, which was a part of the overall Californa tour. If you decide to do the Stars Homes tour in your own car, it is wise to stay in your car, as the general security in the area is high due to constant intrusions by a variery of fans. You can pick up a Stars Homes map, available all over Hollywood, including street corners, usually around the street entrances into the residential neighborhoods. Starline Tours still does the British double decker bus tour, (convertable top). if you are looking for that sort of thing, - which is an excellent choice if you are pressed for time. Their bus has made it into dozens of movies, including one of the Rush Hour movies with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. They are located right next to the Chinese Theatre, on Hollywood Blvd. - and they do a combination of Hollywood and Beverly Hills tour. You can't miss them. They have several tours each day. We are pretty blaze about those tours, but that is because we live here. For most however it is often a highlite.

Web sites to explore L.A.

The Kodak Theatre Complex on Hollywood and Highland

For movie locations:

Musso & Franks Restaurant

Hollywood Wax Museum:

Starline Tours:

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Nov 12, 2009

Everybody wants to go to Hollywood

I chose to see 4 things in Hollywood. The Hollywood sign, the stars on the pavement, the foot and handprints outside the Chineese Theatre and last but not least Universal Studios. In universal Studios we took the Studio tour, which was amazing. They showed us how much cheats and tricks there are in TV and film. Highly recomended to anybody!

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Apr 02, 2008

Things to Do Near Hollywood

Things to Do

Egyptian Theatre

Graumans Egyptian Sid Grauman wanted to create an exotic environment for the theater goers in Hollywood so he created four unique theaters. The Egyptian is one of them. It was built in 1922 and the...
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Things to Do

Hollywood Wax Museum

Billed as Hollywood Walk of Fame, is the longest running wax museum in the United States, with more than 45 years of continuous operation by the same owners since 1965. I thought $30 was worth the...
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Things to Do

Ripley's Believe It or Not

This is a tourist attraction in Hollywood. Two floors of oddities, artifacts and Hollywood props in 10,000 square feet of space. Discount tickets can be obtained if you are a AAA (Auto Club of...
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Things to Do

Dolby Theatre

the theater of the Oscar's. As Everyone Knows, This is the Annual Site of the Academy Awards (Also known as Oscars) since 2002. Although this is known as the Oscar's Roost, the kodak theater also...
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Things to Do

Hollywood Walk of Fame

My name is not there. I had no time to follow all the walk, but I think that I'm the only movie star missing there. I knew 85, wrote down more 4322 names, and I'm studying why are they famous. I...
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Things to Do

El Capitan Theatre

El Capitan is a bit younger than Graumans Egyptian and Grauman's Chinese, about three or four years. Originally it was a venue for "live" theater. Unfortunately the Great Depression and the World...
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7018 Hollywood Boulevard


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