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Old Hollywood Bar Crawl
"Meet your guide on Hollywood Boulevard for this 3-hour walking tour of some of Los Angeles’ most historic sites. Get an inside look at some of the key places Hollywood’s biggest celebrities have frequented. Sit in the booths once occupied by the likes of and some still do. Stroll Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame and listen to your guide share stories about some of the film industry’s most influential actors directors and writers. Duck into the bars that line the boulevard where celebrities of Hollywood’s Golden Age would mingle and drink. Some of the places still make guest appearances in films and television shows. But you’ll also hear the inside scoop on lesser-known tales of mobster hangouts and a secret ‘Writer’s Room you’ll also see iconic buildings and get to know where the locals like to hang out instead of getting stuck at the tourist traps. The tour concludes on Hollywood Boulevard outside the Roosevelt Hotel which is a great place to continue mingling on your own with locals at the dramatic bar hotel that almost feels like a movie set. You never know whom you might bump into. Please note: Comfortable shoes for walking are recommended. All participant
From $41.00
Movie Stars Homes Tour or Madame Tussauds Admission with Universal CityWalk
"After morning pickup at your Anaheim or Buena Park hotel travel 34 miles (55 km) to Hollywood as your guide provides some background on the city's many famous sights. At the central corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue disembark from your coach for a few hours to explore on your own. Admire famous sights such as TCL Chinese Theatre where you'll find the imprints of hands and heels belonging to a list of famous folks out front. Next door check out the Kodak Theatre (aka Dolby Theatre) where many a red carpet affair takes place. Find your favorite celebrity star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and enjoy photo ops near the iconic Hollywood sign. Browse souvenir shops to find your own little golden man among other mementos
From $70.00
20 Minute Driving Experience in a BMW M-sport Convertible
During the tour You will be driving BMW M-sport Convertible with the full power of turbo engine  - unique combination of gold matte color exterior with the high-end German quality interior. You'll feel perfect driving control and ultimate comfort."""Take Your chance to see Los Angeles from luxury side driving incredible BMW M-sport Convertible with our professional tour guide.You will be driving on the most famous streets in Hollywood. Your unforgettable driving experience on Walk of Fame  Sunset blvd and beautiful Vine street  will be captured by GoPro. On the end of the tour You will have couple minutes photo-shoot  with unique gold matte BMW 6 M-sport Convertible. "title=Highlights&1=Cycle+the+city+streets+to+absorb+the+local+atmosphere&2=Enjoy+fantastic+aerial+views&3=Treat+a+loved+one+on+a+special+occasion&4=Once-in-a-Lifetime+Experience&5=Informative%2C+friendly+and+professional+guide&6=Flexibility+to+customize+y"""Los Angeles
From $89.00

Hollywood Walk of Fame Tips (61)

Hollywood Behind-the-Scenes - Red Line Tours

On the Hollywood Behind-the-Scenes Tour you will see many of Hollywood's most famous landmarks including Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Sign. You will also see many great but lesser known landmarks such as the El Capitan Theatre (Disney's premiere theatre), Grauman's Egyptian Theatre (where the movie premiere was born), and the only fully intact "speakeasy" in Los Angeles.

Their unique “live-audio" system allows customers to hear the tour guide even over the most extreme city noise. Customers wear an audio headset receiver while the tour guide wears a headset microphone transmitter. The tour guide is audible from a distance of 300+ feet and over car and bus traffic, construction noise and other distractions. The system is also helpful for our hard of hearing guests who can adjust sound levels to their comfort. This is not a pre-recorded tour.

We really enjoyed this tour as we learnt a lot about Hollywood and its history, we felt we got a lot from it which you wouldn't get if you walked around Hollywood Blvd yourself. It is not a long walk so is suitable for people all ages.

We paid $20 each a felt it was worth doing.

tomruth78's Profile Photo
Nov 28, 2006

Seeing Stars - Hollywood Blvd.

Take a stroll down Hollywood Blvd. - there's lots to see. First and foremost the STARS! The "Walk of Fame" goes along Hollywood Blvd. from La Brea all the way down to Gower, as well as along Vine Street down to Sunset. But don't forget to look up as well as you walk amongst the Stars - there are many sights to see: Galaxy Theater Complex, Chinese Theater, Kodak Theater shopping complex, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the El Capitan Theater, Max Factor museum (on Highland), Hollywood Wax Museum, Ridgley's Believe it or not, Guiness World of Records, Frederick's of Hollywood, the Pig-n-Whistle restaurant, the Egyptian Theater, mixed in between numerous little souvenier-shops, as well as tatoo-parlors, and punk-rock stores. Of course there are also many little eateries and bars, and a variety of street-performers. Plenty of stuff to fill an entire afternoon and evening.

Factoid: besides tourists, Hollywood Blvd. has also a tendency to attract riff-raff and low-lives. So hold on to your purses. We'd recommend you stay in the LaBrea/Highland area (around the Chinese theater) at evening and night time. Oh yeah - also be aware: you might get offered a "free stress test" - this is a service from the people of Scientology! (A religion founded by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.)

Escadora7's Profile Photo
Oct 10, 2006

Hollywood - Chinese Theater

Check out the shoe size of your favorite Hollywood actors and actresses.

Just be careful, when you are going on the floor to pose for the camera that no eager silly tourist step on your hand or fall over you.

It is kinda of fun to seek and search and find Hollywood's Who's Who.

SLLiew's Profile Photo
Aug 28, 2006

Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is lots of fun.

I had heard stories that it was really scruffy, but it's not. Apparently Hollywood is going through a renaissance and getting a big cleanup.

It's gret walking up and down and reading the names on the stars, trying to get a pic beside your favourites.

All along the street by Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Kodak building etc, are actors dressed up as movie and tv characters. For a small tip they'll pose for a pic.

There's a gift shop/souvenir shop on that side of the street where you can buy tiny shot glasses with your name in a star (if you can find your name) and cute Hollywood star fridge magnets. Tacky, probably, but "must have" souvenirs.

SabrinaSummerville's Profile Photo
Jun 18, 2006
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The Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame stretches along Hollywood Blvd. starting at the corner of Hollywood & Vine. The tradition was started in 1960 by the local chamber of commerce with the aim of boosting tourism and trying to restore some of the boulevard's original glamour. Stars chosen to be included in the walk have to part with thousands of dollars for the privilage, and names to be found include Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, The Rolling Stones and many more.

sunshinejo's Profile Photo
May 04, 2006

Where the stars are immortalized...

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is probably one of the most famous sites in LA. People of the movie and television industries, radio performers, and people in the music indsutry are immortalized here on the Walk of Fame. People who made significant contributions to the showbiz industry, whether it's from the silent era or from a few years ago, are given a star on the Walk of Fame. More than 2.300 stars have been given. Wear good walking shoes as the Walk of Fame, amazingly enough, stretches for 18 blocks!

USCgirlie's Profile Photo
Mar 28, 2006


What a frustration!!
I was waiting for something else!!
The Hollywood Stars are not very good kept. ( I wrote it in 2001)

On my last trip to LA ,I visit Hollywood again as my sister told me good changes were made over there... It was true, now is very good kept (it was easy as before was almost nasty)

The Scientologists are runnig this neighborhood now, they are trying to get people to their "religion", they have a bus going around the area where they talk about their science.

trotador's Profile Photo
Jan 15, 2006

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame runs east to west on Hollywood Boulevard from Gower Street to La Brea Avenue, and north to south on Vine Street between Yucca Street and Sunset Boulevard. Created in 1958, the Walk of Fame has become a tribute to artists working within the entertainment industry

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Dec 25, 2005

Top 5 Los Angeles Writers

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When you wish upon a star

If you visit LA and you don't at least drive or walk along the walk of fame aka Hollywood Boulevard, then think you've missed the point.

They've cleaned up the seedier side of the street now and it's niccer than it was in 1995. Tinseltown it maybe ... but glitz and wonderful it isn't. Having said that the it is one of the MUST SEE's on anyones list to LA.

I have yet to find a cheap or free booklet of the walk of fame listing each and every star and where it is and why they got it etc. But I keep looking. (Anyone knowing of such a book can you let me know pleaseeeeeee).

From the Chienese Theatre, Ripley's Believe It Or Not to Fredericks of Hollywood. Hollywood Boulevard is a must see if only once. If you are driving there, there is a nice little parking place off the main road in Charokee Av I think .. but it's been a few years since I was there .

Enjoy, and when you stand on a star ... maybe ... just maybe your dreams can come true......

Lensmeister's Profile Photo
Dec 18, 2005

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street which is embedded with more than 2,000 five-pointed stars featuring the names of celebrities honored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for their contributions to the entertainment industry. Each star consists of a pink star with the name of the honoree engraved in bronze, below which is a round bronze emblem indicating the category for which the honoree received the star. New stars are chosen from nominees, which are due on May 31 of each year. The Walk of Fame committee meets each June to selecte the honorees for the following year. Star ceremonies are open to the public and are emceed by Johnny Grant, Hollywood's Honorary Mayor.

Blatherwick's Profile Photo
Oct 01, 2005

Plenty Of Stars

Our expectations were let down here. Honestly, we thought it was going to be a lot more glamourous than what it was. The walk itself is located on Hollywood Boulevarde which itself wasnt glamourous at all. But the disappointing thing for us was that a lot of the stars were people we had never heard of. Some were B grade actors who starred in some trashy film years ago. Some were rich people who simply paid a price to be on one of the stars. Sometimes there would be 1 star with a name on it, then 4 blank, then 2 with names and a few more blank. It just didnt seem organised or special in any way. We cant imagine a real star even bothering going there to have their name placed on one. It was actually a little tacky.

It was also a little strange having a man with no legs and worn-out clothes crawling along polishing the stars throughout the day. We realise its probably a good thing that he has a job or an interest, but it wasnt the glamourous sight that we expected.

But, we were in Hollywood, so we ventured along the whole walk and took shots of the stars we knew and thought deserved to be there. I guess its another thing that you need to do if making the effort to go to LA, but you arent missing much if you cant make it to see them.

Chris_Louise's Profile Photo
Sep 14, 2005

Where the Walk of Fame starts

It all begins at this beautiful statue, which epitomizes all of Hollywood's glitz and glamor. From this point, you start into the very heart of Hollywood. Remember, Hollywood Blvd is the only place where you look DOWN to see stars.

By the way, the first two stars on the Walk of Fame: the Beatles and Elvis Presley. You may have heard of them.

spgood301's Profile Photo
Aug 29, 2005

Things to Do Near Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Egyptian Theatre

Graumans Egyptian Sid Grauman wanted to create an exotic environment for the theater goers in Hollywood so he created four unique theaters. The Egyptian is one of them. It was built in 1922 and the...
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Hollywood Wax Museum

Billed as Hollywood Walk of Fame, is the longest running wax museum in the United States, with more than 45 years of continuous operation by the same owners since 1965. I thought $30 was worth the...
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Ripley's Believe It or Not

This is a tourist attraction in Hollywood. Two floors of oddities, artifacts and Hollywood props in 10,000 square feet of space. Discount tickets can be obtained if you are a AAA (Auto Club of...
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Dolby Theatre

the theater of the Oscar's. As Everyone Knows, This is the Annual Site of the Academy Awards (Also known as Oscars) since 2002. Although this is known as the Oscar's Roost, the kodak theater also...
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El Capitan Theatre

El Capitan is a bit younger than Graumans Egyptian and Grauman's Chinese, about three or four years. Originally it was a venue for "live" theater. Unfortunately the Great Depression and the World...
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Getting to Hollywood Walk of Fame


7018 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028


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