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Unsafe Areas Tips (12)

Stay out of skid row! DUH!

@TravellerfromAus: I have to doubt the veracity of your post. What kind of person goes cruising through skid row? Not a very smart one, I'm afraid. Perhaps you should read "The Six Blind Men and the Elephant" before making sweeping generalizations about LA. Skid Row is about a square mile east of downtown civic center, which is where your pictures are from. Based on that "experience", you apply that "unsafe" label to all 500 square miles of LA!!

No tourists have any business going there or even being there. It's not hard to stay out of the area bounded by Main St, 4th, 7th, and the LA River. There's no reason to go there, and any sane person can take one look and realize that this is not a good area. EVERYBODY in LA knows not to go there. You have the other 499 square miles to choose from, most of which are pretty safe.

May 27, 2014

Los Angeles remains unsafe for tourists

LA is a very unsafe place to visit. My daughter from Australia got beaten up last night and robbed of all her possessions (in the central district). No one helped her. The police were not interested and recorded the stolen goods as lost - less paperwork they said. Women are totally unsafe in LA. There are plenty of other places to holiday in the world.

Oct 18, 2013

The LA Chicken Little Brigade is out in full force

I arrived in LA, like many of the people reading this board, with bug eyes and shaking hands thinking there were gang members around every corner and I was going to be shot.

Didn't happen.

Lived in East Hollywood (GASP!)

I worked at the Walmart on Crenshaw (OMG!)

I used the bus and Metro (I think they fainted)

Not once was I mugged, shot, stabbed or offered a demo cd and the closest I've came to dying in LA is from a nasty case of food poisoning after eating at a Taco Bell in Mid-City.

Keep your eyes open. If something doesn't seem right then it probably isn't. Can't stress that enough. Most visitors who became victims of crime here ended up that way because they paid zero attention to their surroundings.

Sounds racist but if you don't like the looks of the black or Latino guy in the gansta get up walking toward you, cross the street.

Pay attention to your surroundings and you the only time you'll be mugged is by one of the overpriced restaurants in town.

Enjoy your visit to LA.

Apr 22, 2012

Bad Areas

I cannot imagine any reason for a tourist to be in any gang area. They are concentrated in neighborhoods far away from any tourist destinations or entertainment areas. If you have to go to USC or any of the theaters or museums near there, you will be safe if you get there following directions on major boulevards *in a car* and park in official lots adjacent to your destination. (do not take our busses to odd locations at night. You don't want to be sitting on a bus stop god knows where waiting for a bus at night--though they are totally safe and reliable to take you straight to the beach during the day.) Families who live in safe areas here take their kids to events, IMAX, the science museum, air and space museum, and cultural events on the USC campus all the time. There is nothing to fear. If you are odd enough to be taking "shortcuts" through unfamiliar neighborhoods or trying to save money on parking and parking and walking on unknown streets in any unfamiliar urban area, then you just lack common sense and I can't help you.
l have lived here for 24 years. The city is enormous. Most of it is perfectly safe, as it is well populated and any major venues, shopping areas, tourist destinations are safe well lit, contained, properly patrolled. I go out at night as a single woman. I'm not scared. I stay away from areas covered in graffiti with boarded up windows, just like I would in any major city. If I'm dressed up, in heels, meeting friends at a restaurant in an area I don't go to often, I pay to valet. that's it. Some hotels offer car service. Look into it. If you stay somewhere like Santa Monica, you can easily enjoy the beach, walk to great shopping, entertainment, restaurants and the ocean, and rent a car locally only on the days you want to explore other parts of the city. Another odd thing tourists do is they walk down to the ocean at night. Again, common sense. The beach is gorgeous and well populated during the day. But at night, it is PITCH BLACK, life guards and patrol are off duty. No one could possibly hear you yell over the din of the ocean, and no, you can't run very fast on sand. The beach is not famous for being dangerous at night. I'm just saying its empty because most people are aware enough to avoid pitch black unpopulated areas in a city. So, find an area, near a well lit pier or a restaurant on the water with a private lit beach, if you want to see the ocean at night. There's nothing to see--it's vast and black. But, maybe that's exciting to you. Lol. You don't have to be "street smart" at all to visit LA. just have basic common sense. that's all. I feel safer here than in condensed walking cities like SanFrancisco, New York, Chicago, etc. Here the "bad" areas are generally pretty well removed from "good" areas, or concentrated in little neighborhoods that you wouldn't be going to unless you lived there. There's not a lot of walking at night, sitting around using public transportation alone in strange neighborhoods, you're just not as vulnerable here. If in doubt, ask you concierge, your local friends, friendly looking people on the street or at the cafe table next to you. Have fun. There's a lot to enjoy here.

LA is is beautiful, there are many wonderful walking areas and lots of hiking areas and beaches to explore. Just don't be dumb. Stay in hotels near great places that can be explored by foot. Don't leave your laptop and camera sitting on your passenger seat (duh) and don't worry. In 24 years, I have known only one person who was a victim of a crime (and came out unscathed). the crime was just random and as unexpected as it would be anywhere and took place in safe area... So, come, enjoy, don't be afraid. Just be as smart as you would traveling anywhere in the world.

Mar 13, 2012
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Consider the size of the city

Regarding the crime rates you may hear in L.A, you have to consider the size the city is. The larger the city, the higher the crime rate and it's just simply because of it being more populated. But if you were to compare city-size to crime rate ratios, you should notice that it's not that much different really than any other city. Yes, there are crimes that are gang-related and also yes, you should stay clear from certain neighborhoods such as areas in south central, but mostly because as a tourist you are unfamiliar with the area and there isn't anything as far as entertainment going on there anyways. Also consider that California, especially Los Angeles, is a melting pot for many different kinds of people, so if you're concerned about sticking out, I would not worry at all. There is non-stop tourism in L.A. A day doesn't go by without seeing someone who doesn't fit it (and trust me when I say the non-fitters are almost always locals). So I way enjoy yourself and take any regular precautions you would normally take if you were going out in your own city. Just use regular common sense.

Jul 05, 2011

Los Angeles..danger?

If you have grown up or ever been to any of the Midwest cluster ***s such as Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincy, Milwaukee, ect. then you will be baffled on how anyone can call Los Angeles on of the most dangerous cities. Walking around the Mid west is like walking through a valley of death and anyone who has lived there would agree. L.A. is fine just be aware of your surroundings.

Feb 24, 2010

Want danger? Try Detroit!

I was born and raised in Detroit then moved to LA. Detroit is more dangerous hands-down. LA has more people, but Detroit has a higher percentage of crime. I was robbed twice within 3 hours in Detroit. So far I feel safer in LA.

Feb 18, 2010

Stop Watching The News

I went to Los Angeles by car in 2000 from Toronto. We didnt have any money just enough to get down there we had no place to stay so we just slept in the car. There was 4 myself included. The only thing that made me feel unsafe was the LAPD. The first thing we heard was a radio announcement what to do if the LAPD pull you over never pull over in a dark area never make fast movements always say your recording even if you are not. We got lost in all of the areas just from one wrong turn we ended up on crenshaw , then to inglewood , then compton once we got out it was on to East La not by choice and this all happened at night. What iam trying to say is stop believing everything you hear its nothing but an insult to those working class neighbourrhoods to have to hear nothing but negative about their home especially when there is a lot of positive coming out of there but the news doesnt want to show the positive things. You can get shot anywhere so stop limiting yourself due to fear. The main thing I can suggest though is make sure you have money its no fun without it lol we were there for a meeting so it wasnt just a joyride trip lol lol


Feb 20, 2009

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Protests A-plenty!

Westwood is known for UCLA and some good places to eat and go see a movie. However! This is also home to the local federal building and when a group of people want to protest about something - anything - they usually do it in front of the federal building. These protests almost always take over the streets there - a busy place to drive on a regular day. So, if you're driving in LA and want to avoid sitting in your car for a long time and especially if you have somewhere you have to be at a certain time, be sure to catch some news every day to see if anything is planned or is currently happening there or, if possible, just avoid that area all together.

DueSer's Profile Photo
Jan 31, 2009

Stay on the beaten path

Yes, LA is crime ridden, but so are most other major cities. You should be fine in the tourist corridors. The most dangerous parts of the city haven't seen a tourist in 50 years, unless they take the wrong exit or break down.

Jul 07, 2007

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Richmond's Profile Photo
Jun 19, 2004

Warning about gang colors, areas, bandannas...

I wasn't aware until I first moved here, but if you look even slightly black, Latino, or Asian, do NOT wear red or blue. These are gang colors, and many people have been shot for being suspected rival gang members.

The biggest gang activity happens in Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City, Mar Vista, downtown, East L.A., Hollywood, Watts, Inglewood, Compton, Long Beach, and Eagle Rock, but be careful everywhere you go.

Also, do NOT wear bandannas on your head.

stephpoet's Profile Photo
Jan 18, 2004

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