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Fog / Weather Tips (23)

What to wear

Favorite thing If you want to know what the weather will be like when you come to visit… don’t watch the weather report. They’ll tell you it will be sunny and as soon as you step outside it’s foggy and rainy.

In San Francisco it’s best just to dress in layers since the weather is about as unpredictable as the people who live here. Many people come here thinking, "oh.. I'm gonna be in sunny Calfornia!" only to find themselves frozen like an Eskimo. Go down to Chinatown and by a few t-shirts for $10 and a few sweatshirts for $30. Bring your jacket from home.

Bundle up!

altizachen's Profile Photo
Sep 12, 2004

Golden Gate? where??????

Favorite thing
Well I never expected a fog like this one, and I wonder why London has this fame of foggy, after comparation... SF wins!!!!!

We try to come in different occasions, but on half way from Union Station, the fog always came to our lives LOL and I promise Union was ok...

It seems that is foggy season in August....

Carmela71's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2004

Best Time to Visit San Francisco

Favorite thing The best time to visit San Francisco is during the months of September and October. This period we call “Indian Summer” is when we get the most sunshine. It also occurs after the tourist season, so you’ll probably get better hotels deals.

guell's Profile Photo
Aug 08, 2003

Fog City

Favorite thing Considering its proximity to the ocean and some small hills/mountains to the south, foggy skies are a definite possiblity. But it's not all bad, especially when it's been clear all day and you're near the ocean and you can smell the saltiness of the ocean riding in on the fog. Sometimes I miss that smell more than anything else.

TashieKitten's Profile Photo
Apr 08, 2003
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San Franciscans are the Nicest...

Favorite thing San Franciscans are the Nicest people You'll Ever Meet!! and by the way the picture on the left is real. It hasn't been digitally re-mastered. SF does get real foggy and cold at times. It's weather isn't your typical California image (sunny and everyone's in bikini's). So dress warm and enjoy.

wrldtravler's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2002

'Wear some flowers in your...

Favorite thing 'Wear some flowers in your hair'...just kidding. I'd have to say do anything....or nothing. There's a warm feeling that will follow you no matter where you go.

Fondest memory Believe it or not, it's the fog. I love it.

Aug 26, 2002

Do a lot.. Visit as many...

Favorite thing Do a lot.. Visit as many restaurants as you can in diffrent areas of the city.. From Japanese to Chinese to Indian to Mexican to Peruvian to Euthopian to Italian to Thai to more.. Lots of cultures meeting in this one little city make it fantastic.. You should also catch some shows or just go at some club to check out the local music scene.. definitely a must.. During Christmas time, go to Nordstorm to see the big Christmas Tree, do the Union street and Union Square thing, to drive up behind the Golden Gate bridge and see a great view to check out Ashbury Height for the music scene to indie films and plays... So much to do and so little time.. Do visit the neighboring cities for other great things such as Napa for wine testing, spa, hot air ballooning, Point Reyes, Clear Lake, Half Moon Bay, and more and more and more....

Fondest memory hmmm. Fondest Memory.. so many I have.. I think it's going to a comedy club or theater or museum or exploring restaurants to sitting at the park on a foggy day and watching the ships sail by..

Aug 25, 2002

This is Ocean Beach. A good...

Favorite thing This is Ocean Beach. A good stretch of sand, but its usually foggy and cold in the summer here, so bring your thermal under wear. Across the street used to be an old amusement park called Playland. Parts of it are preserved in a museum near here.

Mindjob's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Top 5 San Francisco Writers

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"Bagdad by the Bay"
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"San Francisco - My Favorie City - By Default"
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"San Francisco - "It's a free-for-all up there!""
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"SFO ... a declassé love letter to the CITY"
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"San Francisco: Why this heart never leaves"
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Walk across the Golden Gate...

Favorite thing Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge when the sun is shining. The views are absolutely incredible. Bring a jacket though because it can get mighty windy.

Fondest memory San Francisco has a huge mix of people and so it shows in the city's culture. There are many great restaurants, shops, music and of course, dot-coms.

Aug 24, 2002

Frisco is a well-worth...

Favorite thing Frisco is a well-worth visiting city, so there are so many
cosy places to be visited that I´d say I´d take someone

Fondest memory Looking at from my window at Berkeley and see the rolling
fog often enveloping the Golden Gate Bridge.
Perhaps I really miss its feelings, its people, etc.

Aug 24, 2002

experience the fog, as its icy...

Favorite thing experience the fog, as its icy fingers curl over the city, and finally shroud its mistress, like a jealous lover

Fondest memory Impossible to have just one... this is the greatest city in the world.

topoftheworl's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

Things To Do in San Francisco

Things to do

Fort Mason

Many people pass by the low water landscaped west side of the Fort Mason grounds, where there is also a wonderful expanse of lawn and great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Here there are two (at...
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Things to do

Crissy Field

The Former Airfield of the Presidio is now a mixed use area for the public now, Crissy Field is anchored by Marina Green on the east side, and Fort Point on the West. The park is home to a multitude...
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Things to do

Ripley's Believe it or Not!

I was skeptical. Not much of an indoor explorer. But, I truly wanted to say that I had been to Ripley's in San Fran so we got the ticket and went for an adventure. I was not disappointed. It is one...
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Things to do

49 Mile Drive

In 1938, The San Francisco Downtown Association created the 49 Mile Scenic Drive to highlight the city's beauty and to promote it as a business and tourist destination, so the route began at City...
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Things to do

Market Street

What Street has given both history and Modernity in San Francisco than Market Street? Market Street is the back bone of San Francisco. To walk the length of the street is to travel throughout time and...
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Things to do

San Francisco City Hall

I guess my values are old fashioned, I do not understand the logic of prohibiting smoking in SF while allowing public defecation, harassment of visitors by the filthy vagrants, and visual pollution of...
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