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San Francisco Sunset Champagne Seaplane Tour
"Your seaplane tour takes off from Sausalito a waterfront town just 4 miles (6.4 km) north of the Golden Gate Bridge. While you sip a glass of Mumm Napa a California sparkling wine made in the traditional French method enjoy a gorgeous leisurely flight over San Francisco Bay before the sun sets. Relax during this magical time when the city and water are beautifully illuminated by the indirect light of the sun.Head out to the open Pacific Ocean and then south to the Golden Gate soaring over the iconic red towers as you make your way toward downtown San Francisco. Fly past Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 39 and the skyscrapers of the Financial District
From $239.00
San Francisco Combo: Ferry Building Food Tour and Alcatraz
"Meet your personal epicurean concierge (aka guide) in front of the historic Ferry Building Marketplace. It's a San Francisco landmark with its iconic 245-foot (75-m) clock tower. Built in the late 1800s the ferry terminal was renovated in 2003 transforming the concourse into the foodie haven that it is today. Local food purveyors and artisans peddle their wares inside and outside the building — one-stop shopping for anyone looking to experience a taste of San Francisco.Learn more about Boccalone's house-cured fennel salame and freshly made mortadella Acme Bread's fresh loaves and Miette Patisserie's delicate French macarons. Want more? Indulge in a cup of chili from the American Eatery and satisfy your sweet tooth with handmade chocolates from Recchiuti. If you’re visiting during one of the weekly farmers’ markets don’t be surprised if your guide points out some of the city’s revered chefs shopping for fresh produce to include on their menus.After you satiate your appetite
From $130.00
San Francisco Love Tour
"San Francisco Sightseeing Tours aims to provide an enthusiastic and authentic way to get-to-know San Francisco. Hitch a ride for an experience that mixes both our love for modern day living and our memories of San Francisco in days gone by. Our 1970’s Vo complete with neon blue seats beaded curtains and shag carpets foster a Hippie vibe that celebrates Peace Love Freedom & Adventure. You will see breath-taking marvels such as the Golden Gate Bridge Lombard Street China Town The Castro and so much more.Travel down unique streets where other busses are forbidden. Visit the homes of San Francisco’s counter-culture icons such as The Grateful Dead
From $48.00

Golden Gate Bridge Tips (36)

The Golden Gate Bridge.

Favorite thing Amazing as it may seem when I planned out our trip to San Francisco, I did not include a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge in my plan. This was due to me assuming we would be really close to it when we visited Fisherman's Wharf. Of course, we could see the bridge from Fisherman's Wharf, but very, very far away. Well, the Golden Gate Bridge is a must do world famous site, so I had to adjust our plans to fit it in.

To get there we used two buses from downtown - the number 38 and then changed on Presidio Park Avenue to the number 28. The 28 dropped us at the parking lot right next to the bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge linking San Francisco to Marin County across the Golden Gate Strait. It is 4,200 feet long. It opened in 1937 and until 1964 was the longest suspension bridge in the world. It is painted international orange.

Golden Gate Bridge is extremely famous and extremely beautiful. It's another of my world famous sites done and is up there with the Great Wall of China, Sydney Opera House, Ayers Rock and many others. It looks wonderful when you are at the same height as its roadway and wonderful when you are at sea level below.

We walked halfway across it and it was absolutely heaving with people doing the same. This was out of season, so I'm guessing that walk would be awful in summer.

In short no trip to San Francisco would be complete without a visit here. We even returned at night when it was lit up, but our photos of this were nothing great.

IreneMcKay's Profile Photo
Feb 26, 2016

Iconic view

Favorite thing I've seen the Golden Gate bridge at all hours of the day and night, from multiple vantage points, in all kinds of weather. The view never gets old. It's one of my favorite places in the world to photograph. The best views, in my opinion, are from the north side of the Bridge up in the Marin headlands.

jtj3runner's Profile Photo
Jun 28, 2014

What to do in 3 days in San Francisco

Favorite thing There are many things to do in San Francisco. Generally, if you have three days there, make sure to go to the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown and book ahead of time to go to the Alcatraz Island. Go to the Sonoma for a day, too.

joiwatani's Profile Photo
Sep 14, 2012

Parking at the Golden Gate Bridge

Favorite thing They are two vista points at the Golden Gate Bridge, the nearest one just before crossing the bridge is the south vista point and the farthest one is upon exiting the bridge via US 101 going to the Marin Headlands is the north vista point. If you are a cheapskate, then just find parking at the south vista point near the Toll Booths (you have to pay $ 6 toll upon going back to the City from visiting the other north vista point Ok). Parking will be quite difficult as there are lots of Tour Buses and other cars in the area. There is a pay parking at the a lot next to the Bridge administration building that offers a limited number of spaces for $5.00 for a full day. If you have patience then just wait for available parking slots at the 81 slot South Lot Parking Area, subtly named "Golden Gate National Recreation Area View Area." Upon finding a parking slot, load on quarters as the maximum parking allowed here is 90 minutes (or six quarters at $ 1.50).

Fondest memory hard to find parking at the South Vista Point since this is the Postcard Perfect area where you can find in the assorted brochures of San Francisco. Again, if you are a cheapskate, then just ride the Muni Bus or take a taxi going here.

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Oct 12, 2011
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Hotels Near San Francisco

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Various Views of the Golden Gate Bridge

Favorite thing The Golden Gate Bridge Dominates the San Francisco Skyline that you can see this magnificent and Iconic Bridge from several places and several angles in the City like from Baker Beach, from mount Tamalpais, from the two vista points on either side, from below at fort poin or at crissy field or at the marina district, even from the Twin Peaks if you have powerful zoom lenses from your camera or Videocam.

The Golden Gate Bridge was constructed by Joseph Baerman Strauss, it links San Francisco with Marin County, the 1.7 mile-long suspension bridge was completed on May 27, 1937. The Golden Gate Bridge can be crossed by car, on bicycles or on foot. It took more than four years to complete it, at a cost of $35 million dollars. It dimensions are: 4,200-foot long, with two suspension towers of 746 feet (224m) tall, These two cables are 361/2 inches in diameter, Each cable is 7,659 feet long and contains 27,572 parallel wires, enough to encircle the world more than three times. It crosses the Golden Gate Strait. It is now the most recognized landmark of the United States (beating other landmarks like the white house, central park, sears tower, etc.) and the Most popular and photographed bridge in the world!

Fondest memory On the north side, the Vista Point parking lot is free and open daily 7am to 7pm, with a 4-hour limit. The southeast parking lot is metered daily till 9pm. Drive to Fort Point, near the foot of Golden Gate Bridge, for a breathtaking view, or drive across the bridge to the other side and up the hill to see a view of the bridge and the city. You may walk across the bridge if you desire, but bring a warm jacket along, as it can get cold. And be aware that the bridge may sway up to 27 feet with the strong winds. On the south end you will find "Fort Point" A National Historic Monument, built out of brick in 1853-1861 at the beginning of the Civil War, its lighthouse was the second built in California. The first was on Alcatraz Island. The Fort was used as a base of operations for building the Golden Gate Bridge

Crossing over the bridge currently costs $6 but will most likely continue to increase (it was supposed to be free once it recouped its costs) helps support not only the ongoing maintenance of the bridge, but also the highway, bus and ferry service. The bridge represents imagination, vision, and a sense of freedom from the mundane, and still captures people's heart in its design and look to this day.

Address: Northwestern Tip of San Francisco Peninsula

Directions: The bridge is Highway 101's link from San Francisco to the counties North.

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Sep 30, 2011

Golden Gate Bridge

Favorite thing We only had a few hours in San Francisco, but I had to get my picture of the Golden Gate Bridge because it's so iconic. The traffic going over the bridge can be tough, but it's worth it. Just get off the first exit after you get over it and there's a scenic overlook to the right. Tons of people taking pics. I suggest midday to sunset for best lighting conditions for a photo. It gets cold fast here around sunset. Got out of the car with a tshirt, and it was nice. Within 20 minutes, it was freezing as the sun was setting.

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Sep 28, 2011

on beating the fog & not acting smug

Fondest memory The next day we were to meet them at the Embarcadero to check out a farmer’s market and then head over to Berkeley on the BART, but as D and I got up by the Wharf, we noticed the elusive Golden Gate Bridge was no longer engulfed in fog as it had been our first two days in town. So, we called them and changed plans. To make it easier on them, they met us up by the marina and we just walked from the Wharf area.

It was a magnificent trail with great views of the bridge along the way, but our cohorts were lagging behind us quite a bit. My friend loves to snap lots of digital photos and me still being in the stone age of film, am a bit more selective. Also, I know how fickle weather can be and I wanted to get up to the best vantage point for photos as quickly as possible. I felt bad leaving them so far behind but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

I got there in no time and started up a trail to gain some elevation. I didn’t know exactly where I was going but I figured the higher up I got the better pictures I’d get. I was rewarded with great views and soon Doreen caught up to me, with her poor sore feet the victims of new shoes not worn in enough. We got some great shots and set up camp on a bench to soak in the scenery.

By the time our friend got to the base of the hill, the bridge was nowhere to be seen. It was again covered in a blanket of fog. We came down to meet them as there was no use in them coming up since there was no longer a view. I managed to not act smug even though I felt vindicated by my actions. Even when it comes to good friends, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, and I’m glad this time I did. Casual friends might have had a problem with this scenario but longtime friends know each other better, and accept people as they are. And when they are bulls to begin with they know changing the other person would be about as easy as changing themselves.

richiecdisc's Profile Photo
Sep 15, 2009

Bay Bridge

Favorite thing Yes, the Golden Gate Bridge is famous and impressive, but I was also very impressed by the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge, also know as just the Bay Bridge. The Bay Bridge opened to traffic in November 1936, beating the Golden Gate Bridge by six months.

It is a two level bridge, with five lanes of traffic on each level. The length of the bridge (including approaches) is around 8.4 miles. That is some bridge!

Fondest memory I was pretty happy to drive across the Bay Bridge at the end of our stay in San Francisco. We headed east, driving across the lower deck of the bridge.

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Feb 07, 2009

Top 5 San Francisco Writers

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"Bagdad by the Bay"
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"San Francisco - My Favorie City - By Default"
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"San Francisco - "It's a free-for-all up there!""
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"SFO ... a declassé love letter to the CITY"
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"San Francisco: Why this heart never leaves"
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Glorious Golden Gate Bridge

Favorite thing One of the most recognisable icons of San Francisco would have to be the Golden Gate Bridge, and I have always been a huge fan of it (I do love a good bridge!). I was thrilled to have my first spotting of it from Russian Hill, and continued to be thrilled each time I got a glimpse during our visit to the city.

At 3347m long, when the bridge was completed in 1937 it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, but now ranks around 8th longest. The deck of the bridge is approximately 75m above the water, and apparently the bridge is the most popular place in the USA to commit suicide.

The Golden Gate Bridge is painted its reddy/orangey colour as it helps it to stand out in the regular fog that rolls in across the bay.

Fondest memory We drove across the bridge, heading south from Sonoma Valley. I was so excited as the bridge loomed into view, sticking out of the fog. Driving across it fulfilled a long held dream of mine and the experience is now fondly stamped in my memory, helped by a few shaky photos taken through the car window as we drove across.

The toll to cross was $6 in Sep 2008.

sue_stone's Profile Photo
Feb 07, 2009

Golden Gate Bridge History

Favorite thing The Golden Gate Bridge, symbol of San Francisco, engineering marvel, subject of many photographs, the result of one man's vision and persistence, spans the entrance to the San Francisco Bay. Learn a little about Golden Gate Bridge history.

Fondest memory For many years before the Golden Gate Bridge was built, the only way to get across San Francisco Bay was by ferry, and by the early twentieth century the Bay was clogged with ferries. In the 1920s, engineer and bridge-builder Joseph Strauss became convinced that a bridge should be constructed across the Golden Gate.
Many groups opposed him, each for their own selfish reasons: the military, loggers, the railroads. The engineering challenge was also enormous - the Golden Gate Bridge area has winds of up to 60 miles per hour, and strong ocean currents sweep through a rugged canyon below the surface.
If all that weren't enough, it was the middle of the Great Depression, funds were scarce, and the San Francisco Bay Bridge was already under construction. In spite of everything, Strauss persisted, and Golden Gate Bridge history began when San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approved $35 million in bonds to construct the Golden Gate Bridge

Graxie's Profile Photo
Sep 12, 2007

bridge of life

Favorite thing san fransisco was one of most amazing places that i visited with my family. the settings was very breatht taking and hte modes of trasport very interesting (cable car). people were freindly and the golden gate bridge a marvel to view and be a part of.

a bridge is a link of two points be it over water or any other portion. the picture i have uploaded is of me and my wife as a symbol of a bridge between us. there is this bridge between us that keeps us together and bonds one from the other.

Manoj Manandhar

Fondest memory i miss the beautiful places of san fransisco but more over i really miss and have fond memries of monteray bay where we had spent a night before proceeding to san fransisco. the place was so cool, pcituresque and peaceful with a picture perfect settings of sea, land and animal life.

manojmanandhar's Profile Photo
May 15, 2006

Still a Spectacular Sight

Favorite thing For an up close view of the Golden Gate Bridge, park at the Golden Gate Bridge parking lot, or park just east of there in the lot named Battery East.

From either spot, you can appreciate this engineering masterpiece and work of art. On the San Francisco side, you can walk around the parking lot for great views of the bridge and the bay and stop by the Visitor’s Center. Afterwards, take a walk across the bridge to see the equally stunning views of San Francisco from the Marin County side. If you choose to walk, take a jacket, it can be quite windy and cold!

No matter how you view it, after almost 70 years, it's still an impressive sight!

You can listen to details about the Bridge and other San Francisco sights, or add your own narrative at .

Feb 05, 2006

Things to Do Near San Francisco

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Barbary Coast Trail

The Barbary Coast Trail is a walking 3.8 mile trail using 170 bronze medallions and arrows embedded into the sidewalks connecting 20 historic sites. The southern end of the Barbary Coast Trail begins...
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Fort Mason

Many people pass by the low water landscaped west side of the Fort Mason grounds, where there is also a wonderful expanse of lawn and great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Here there are two (at...
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Crissy Field

The Former Airfield of the Presidio is now a mixed use area for the public now, Crissy Field is anchored by Marina Green on the east side, and Fort Point on the West. The park is home to a multitude...
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Ripley's Believe it or Not!

I was skeptical. Not much of an indoor explorer. But, I truly wanted to say that I had been to Ripley's in San Fran so we got the ticket and went for an adventure. I was not disappointed. It is one...
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49 Mile Drive

In 1938, The San Francisco Downtown Association created the 49 Mile Scenic Drive to highlight the city's beauty and to promote it as a business and tourist destination, so the route began at City...
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Market Street

What Street has given both history and Modernity in San Francisco than Market Street? Market Street is the back bone of San Francisco. To walk the length of the street is to travel throughout time and...
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