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San Francisco Sunset Champagne Seaplane Tour
"Your seaplane tour takes off from Sausalito a waterfront town just 4 miles (6.4 km) north of the Golden Gate Bridge. While you sip a glass of Mumm Napa a California sparkling wine made in the traditional French method enjoy a gorgeous leisurely flight over San Francisco Bay before the sun sets. Relax during this magical time when the city and water are beautifully illuminated by the indirect light of the sun.Head out to the open Pacific Ocean and then south to the Golden Gate soaring over the iconic red towers as you make your way toward downtown San Francisco. Fly past Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 39 and the skyscrapers of the Financial District
From $239.00
San Francisco Love Tour
"San Francisco Sightseeing Tours aims to provide an enthusiastic and authentic way to get-to-know San Francisco. Hitch a ride for an experience that mixes both our love for modern day living and our memories of San Francisco in days gone by. Our 1970’s Vo complete with neon blue seats beaded curtains and shag carpets foster a Hippie vibe that celebrates Peace Love Freedom & Adventure. You will see breath-taking marvels such as the Golden Gate Bridge Lombard Street China Town The Castro and so much more.Travel down unique streets where other busses are forbidden. Visit the homes of San Francisco’s counter-culture icons such as The Grateful Dead
From $48.00
San Francisco City Tour
"The Golden Gate Bridge is an architectural masterpiece standing at a staggering 746 feet and spanning 8981 feet completed in 1937 it was the world’s longest suspension bridge until 1964. The captivating international orange color is a unique trait of the bridge.An historic icon of San Francisco the cable cars is the world's last manually operated cable car system. Running along California street the cable car connects Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf. Due to limited time we are passing by only.Union Square located in downtown San Francisco is a large open plaza with a towering monument commemorating The May 1st
From $65.00

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Moscone Convention Center Catering: Free Convention Food at Moscone

Not all conventions at the Moscone Center San Francisco offer free lunch but some do. Free Food usually means lunch boxes supplied by large caterers and once you have your convention badges, included inside are usually lunch stubs that are marked per day and once you enter the dining area, you present it to the server and you can choose your sandwich (hey they usually give large sandwiches and are mostly roast beef or roast chicken or roast pork or just plain ole vegetables for vegetarians) and your drinks (sodas or Iced Tea or Water) and a salad. You can only get one per person.

the catering service of Moscone is: Savor SMG

according to their website:

San Francisco's premier large-scale catering and event services company. For over 20 years, we've built our reputation on providing great experiences and world-class food at The Moscone Center and throughout the Bay Area. Think of SMG as your resource to help turn any event, whether a quick business luncheon for two at any of our specialty concessions, or a thousand-guest gala into a truly successful experience.

Favorite Dish The sandwich is filling and the salad is ok, hey it's free so no need to complain!

Opens at lunch 11:30 am to 2:00 pm. on convention days

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Oct 08, 2011

running the gammut: restaurants, good and bad in SF

you have come to the right place!!!!
i've lived in california all my life. i live here in san francisco, and here are all my restaurant tips, spanning the scale from cheap to expensive, terrible to great:

also, check out my tips on san francisco on my SF page here:

hope that helps. you're going to have a blast here! oh, and i wouldn't drive within the city. you're going to pay a lot for parking since you don't know your way around. public transportation is great, and it's a very walkable city. you can email me directly through vt if you have any specific questions.

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Jan 02, 2011

Multiple: San Francisco Dine About Town 2009

From June 1st through June 15th, 2009, you will be able to dine at over 100 San Francisco restaurants participating in the annual "Dine About Town" celebration. Virtually all cuisines will be covered. At participating restaurants you will be able to have a three course lunch for $21.95. Dinner will be at the cost of $34.95. These prices do not include drinks, tax, or gratuity. You may visit: (, for more information including the participating restaurants, and ticketing information

Favorite Dish Not Applicable

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May 21, 2009

bacon wrapped hot dogs: street meat

this appeals to me most when i have been partying all night and i'm walking home with friends at 2a.m. you will see, in the mission district, vendors selling what we call street meat, or dirty dogs. they are sizzling bacon wrapped hot dogs with sauteed onions served over a warm soft bun. you can bet you won't have a hangover the next morning.

rkearns's Profile Photo
Oct 03, 2008
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Hotels Near San Francisco

Animas # 562 ap.3, / Campanario y Perseverancia. Centro Habana, 10200
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1668 Market Street, San Francisco, California, 94102, United States
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1231 Market Street, (formerly Ramada Plaza), San Francisco, California, 94103, United States
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50 8th St., San Francisco, California, 94103, United States
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333 Fulton Street, San Francisco, California, 94102-4423, United States
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465 Grove Street, San Francisco, California, 94102, United States
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Hot Dog Street Vendors: Good for a Quick Bite

If you are in Downtown San Francisco and want either an inexpensive or very quick lunch, try one of the street venders with carts serving hot dogs and pretzels. For a few bucks you can grab a quick lunch. The vendors have warm hot dogs and cold drinks. An assortment of chips is available as well. On a sunny day, you can grab a meal from the vendor and go sit somewhere nice like Union Square. Union Square has a park like setting and makes for a pleasant location for an impromptu picnic. There is usually a vendor on the corner of Post and Stockton Streets right across Post Street from Union Square.

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Sep 24, 2008


I decided to create a list of the best ice-cream stores in town. I`ll do it by the location.

Mission district:
1) BI-RITE CREAMERY at 3692 18th St (between Dolores St & Oakwood St).
2) Unusual flavors in Indian BOMBAY ICE CREAMERY at 552 Valencia Street (between 16th St & 17th St). It`s relatively close to the BI-RITE shop.

Russian Hill:
1) SWENSEN`S ICE CREAM at 1999 Hyde St (between Union St & Warner Pl). Right next to Hyde-Powell cable car line. Hop off to get some ice-cream and then continue with your journey. :)

1) MIYAKO OLD FASHIONED ICE CREAM at 1661 Fillmore Street (between Geary and Post Str). Stop by for some weird flavors.

Outer Richmond:
1) JOE`S ICE CREAM at 5351 Geary Boulevard (between 17th Ave & 18th Ave). If going to the coast (between Golden Gate Park and Lincoln Park), hop off the #38 bus to grab some of Joe`s ice cream. :)

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Mar 21, 2008

*: Dine Out For Less

Here is a great website called where you can search for local restaurants gift certificates by entering the zip code.

Search restaurants, find the one you like, purchase a gift certificate of your choice:
- $50 Gift Certificate is $20;
- $25 Gift Certificate is $10;
- $10 Gift Certificate is $3.

Print it out and you are ready to save anywhere from $7 to $30.

NOTE: Minimum food purchase in a restaurant is anywhere from $35 to $50 with 18% of gratuity included in a pre-discounted bill.

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Jan 10, 2008

Various: Online Restaurant Menus

For online menus of many San Francisco Restaurants you can use the following internet link: You can look up restaurants by name, by type of cuisine, and by neighborhood. There is also a listing for restaurants that have carry-out, and restaurants that are open 24 hours a day.

Favorite Dish General Link, Not Applicable

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Nov 27, 2007

Top 5 San Francisco Writers

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"Bagdad by the Bay"
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"San Francisco - My Favorie City - By Default"
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"San Francisco - "It's a free-for-all up there!""
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"SFO ... a declassé love letter to the CITY"
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"San Francisco: Why this heart never leaves"
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japan town center 1 2 & 3: dont miss the fresh sea food

Japan town shopping center next to the myakio hotel has some great sushi eaters well worth a look

Favorite Dish sushi it was really nice in there there where so many restraunts can't remember all there names but the ones i was in were all good.

May 02, 2006

unlisted: an example of the times

Walking along the street in Chinatown we have noticed some changes in the way food and tea is presented. Pictured here is one that we found.
You will see others..... which makes the city a more interesting place to visit.

Favorite Dish I have listed this tip as a way of showing you that you will walk Chinatown and see many sights.

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Mar 17, 2006


The SF Chroncile also publishes its annual list of the 'TOP BARGAIN BITES' in the City.

Be sure to check out the year's Top SF Bargain Bites

Print their list out and you'll never go hungry in any neighborhood when you travel to this beautiful city!

Hard To Get To Places:
Saigon Sandwiches --Awarded the "Best Bargain In The City"-- 560 Larkin (at Eddy), 3-4 blocks up from Civic Center. Get the $2.25 roasted pork sandwich, made on a fresh crusty roll, filled with shaved carrots, cilantro, peppers, sauce, and mayo. (Ask for "no spicy" if you have a low tolerance for hot food.) There's a long line at times, but it moves fast because their menu of items is small! Sandwiches are heated, wrapped in paper and a thin rubber band. Standing room only. Your friends will ask you, "How did you find this great deal?"

Rosamunde Sausage Grill, 545 Haight (at Fillmore). Get the burger, available only once a week, on Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. "until the meat runs out". Take it next door to the Toronado pub & wash it down with a beer. Includes lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup, pickles, grilled onions, and cheese on a puffy bakery bun. Worth it!

Falooda at Bombay Ice Cream and Chaat, 552 Valencia (at 16th Street). Great shake with your choice of several homemade ice creams (e.g. saffron pistachio, cardamom, and mango!), layered with translucent chewy noodles, crunchy basil seeds, and fragrant rose syrup.

Tommy's Joynt, 1101 Geary (at Van Ness). Freshly roasted turkey on a sourdough roll. There are two kinds of mustard on each table, plus sliced pickles in a barrel at the end of the steam tables. Have it with one of the bar's 100 beers from around the world.

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Dec 27, 2005

Information / Sources: Karnubawax's Guide to Tipping!

It seems that everywhere you go now in the City, every shop with space on the counter has a tip jar! So does that mean you have to tip? Here now, to guide you through the science of gratuitizing, is a little game I call...


Situation: You go to a coffee house, order a large coffee, the server pours it and gives it to you. There is a tip jar on the counter.

Should you tip: Not necessary. If you want to be nice, you can give 'em a quarter. Any more is over-tipping.

Situation: You go to same coffe house for breakfast. You order food. Server calls your number and you go get it. Afterwards you put your dishes in the bustub on your way out. There is a tip jar on the counter.

Should you tip: Again, not necessary. The folks working are not doing anything special for you.

Situation: You go to a different coffeehouse and order breakfast. This time, the server brings the food to your table. Again, there is a tip jar on the counter.

Should you tip: Yes, you should tip about 10% at the time you order. This tip also entitles you to leave without bussing your own table.

Situation: You go to a restaurant, eat, everything's fine.

Should you tip: Definitely, at least 15%. Remember, waiters and waitresses only make minimum wage, and are taxed differently than the rest of us... the government assumes that they will make a certain amount of money in tips based on the amount of sales and taxes accordingly. Your server will fork over about 5% of your bill to the Feds - whether you find it in your heart to tip them or not!

Situation: You go to a bar for drinks.

Should you tip: Yes. Bartenders are in the same boat as waitpersons as far as the IRS is concerned. A buck for a mixed drink or any drink over $4 is average. If you want to be nice you can tip more, although part of a bartenders' job is to know who's tipping them good, and give them special treatment.

Favorite Dish Situation: You go to a restaurant. This time the place is super busy, the service is slow, they make a mistake on your order, your meat is undercooked.

Should you tip: I would, and I would still do 15%. I would also ask to see a manager and voice my complaints, and possibly try to get an adjustment on the check in extreme cases. If a waitperson is genuinely trying, but is being undermined by a manager who understaffs or an overworked kitchen, I'd rather not take it all out on the harried waitperson.

Situation: You go to a restaurant. The waitperson is curt and genuinely inattentive. You have to flag them down to replace dirty utensils. They spend more time chatting with their friends at another table than checking on you. Your drink has a bug in it, you send it back and it still appears on the check.

Should you tip: In this case, I have NO PROBLEM stiffing someone who is clearly in the wrong profession. A waiter or waitress has to truly suck at their job and have a crappy attitude for me to give them a big fat zero, but I will do it! So watch it!!!

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Sep 25, 2005

Things to Do Near San Francisco

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Barbary Coast Trail

The Barbary Coast Trail is a walking 3.8 mile trail using 170 bronze medallions and arrows embedded into the sidewalks connecting 20 historic sites. The southern end of the Barbary Coast Trail begins...
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Fort Mason

Many people pass by the low water landscaped west side of the Fort Mason grounds, where there is also a wonderful expanse of lawn and great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Here there are two (at...
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Crissy Field

The Former Airfield of the Presidio is now a mixed use area for the public now, Crissy Field is anchored by Marina Green on the east side, and Fort Point on the West. The park is home to a multitude...
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Ripley's Believe it or Not!

I was skeptical. Not much of an indoor explorer. But, I truly wanted to say that I had been to Ripley's in San Fran so we got the ticket and went for an adventure. I was not disappointed. It is one...
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49 Mile Drive

In 1938, The San Francisco Downtown Association created the 49 Mile Scenic Drive to highlight the city's beauty and to promote it as a business and tourist destination, so the route began at City...
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Market Street

What Street has given both history and Modernity in San Francisco than Market Street? Market Street is the back bone of San Francisco. To walk the length of the street is to travel throughout time and...
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