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Napa Valley Wine Country Semi-Custom Limo Tour from San Francisco
"Are you staying in San Francisco but looking for a SF to Napa wine tour? Look no further. Your San Francisco wine tasting tour experience will begin with a simple taxi ride from your hotel (or home) to the San Francisco Ferry Building. From there you’ll enjoy a scenic ferry cruise across the bay. Enjoy a pastry and sip a Bloody Mary or Mimosa aboard the ferry as you take in the views on the open water!Our San Francisco wine tours allow you to enjoy both a unique water view of San Francisc you will join Dynamic Napa Wine Tours for the ultimate San Francisco wine tours adventure. Once you reach Vallejo you’ll board one of our comfortable luxury Mercedes Sprinter limousines. Sip complimentary champagne as you whisk down roads lined with grapevines and old country farms. You’ll visit beautiful vineyards explore underground wine cellars
From $125.00
San Francisco Helicopter and Alcatraz Tour
"The Alcatraz portion of this tour can be taken on the same day as the flight or the day after depending on the selected departure time. If you decide to take the later afternoon helicopter flight you must take the Alcatraz tour on the following day. Check the Important Info tab for more details.Helicopter Tour:After pickup from either Union Square or Fisherman’s Wharf your combo tour begins at the heliport where you’ll board your 6-passenger Bell Jet helicopter a comfortable chopper that provides a smooth ride above the City by the Bay. Your 15- to 20-minute flight provides you with amazing aerial views of the city’s famous sights and attractions: Alcatraz Treasure Island
From $231.00
Private Yacht Charter from Napa to San Francisco Bay
"Kiwi Cat a 50' custom built power catamaran yacht was designed and built in New Zealand by ESPN TV Network for the filming of the 2000 America’s Cup and later used again in the 2003 America’s Cup for its extreme stability maneuverability safety and comfort. Now the Kiwi Cat is at home in the San Francisco Bay and Napa Valley.This excursion will travel the entire length of the 14 miles of the beautiful Napa River through the Carneros region of the Napa Valley to the city of Vallej we may venture out toward the Golden Gate Bridge and on past City front to the Ferry Building. The extra hour rate
From $2,950.00

Farmers Market Tips (10)

Heart of the City Farmer's Market

Most people will know of the main farmer's market near the ferry port in Embarcardo. However, slightly less known, more obscure but therefore more genuine is the "Heart of the City" farmer's market. It is also sometimes referred to as the People's Market.

This non-profit market has operated since 1981 at an extremely low budget line such that small farmers could still earn a living at the same time as provide fresh produce to some of the lower income people in the inner city. Its food stalls are small, the farms small, but the quality and variety is quite large.

There's a little of everything from fruits and vegetables, to music and souvenirs, to arts and crafts. No need to buy anything, but its there if you want to support the local family farms.

Operating hours:
Wednesday - 7am to 5:30pm
Friday - 7am to 2:30pm
Sunday - 7am to 5pm

DSwede's Profile Photo
Oct 30, 2012

Come Hungry!

We walked to the Ferry Marketplace from Fisherman's Wharf at 8:30 and it took us about 30 minutes along the Embarcardo. We sat down to eat at the Market Cafe as we watched people arriving to the Busy Farmers Market held every Saturday. My husband wanted Pancakes, so we missed out on the food booths, but we had a great time enjoying the morning with the locals.

klasher's Profile Photo
Apr 19, 2011

Pick up breakfast and a picnic to go

Breakfast was gathered at the excellent Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market. We stocked up on fruit and muffins, with the odd cinnamon whirl thrown in. We we going to walk up to Coit Tower and so needed the supplies.

vichatherly's Profile Photo
Jul 16, 2010

Farmers Market

If you love browsing in food markets like I do, then make your way to the Ferry Building on a Tuesday (10am-2pm) or a Saturday (8am-2pm) for the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. The market has been running since 1993, and is very popular on a Saturday when around 15,000 shoppers stop by.

We visited at around 9am on a Saturday morning and the market was in full swing. There are stalls selling hot food and coffee, and we had breakfast there. We bought coffee from the Blue Bottle Coffee Co - it was worth the queue. Our breakfast was from Rose Pistola & Rose's Café - we had an Egg Sandwich and some Brioche French Toast. Both were tasty, with the only negative been there are limited places to sit and eat your food.

After eating, we took a stroll through the market stalls and were hit by the strong aromas of the fresh fruit and veg, and the look and quality of the produce - all seemed to be top class.

sue_stone's Profile Photo
Feb 08, 2009
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Ferry Building Marketplace & Farmers' Market

A Farmers' Market in a big city like San Francisco?? Go Figure!

But it's true, and it's one of the BEST!! The Ferry Building Marketplace is a collection of shops, restaurants, boutiques, and unique stores that will delight ALL of your senses. You'll find the Far West Fungi shop (mushrooms), the San Francisco Fish Company, and the Tsar Nicoulai Caviar Cafe, just to name a few.

Then, on Tuesdays & Saturdays you'll find a WONDERFUL Farmers' Market! You will LOVE it!

CelticSu's Profile Photo
Sep 03, 2008

Saturday morning Farmer's Market

We stopped by the Ferry Building on Saturday morning on the way to the baseball game at AT&T Park. After strolling around, we settled on some smoked salmon burritos and watched the crowds. Great selections, too much to choose from!

hoofhearted's Profile Photo
Jul 04, 2007

Farmer's Market

I love to go to the Farmer's Market. It is now hosted outside (front and back) of the Ferry Building along the Embarcadero.

You will find delights like fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oils, nuts, honey, homemade tomales, Indian food, flowers, cheeses, baked goods, meats, etc. The best part about the Farmer's Market is that almost everyone gives you a taste!

Tuesday: 10am-2pm
Thursday: 4pm -8pm
Saturday: 8am-2pm
Sunday: 10am-2 pm

TravelSimone's Profile Photo
Jul 13, 2005

Farmer's Market: Best in the Country

San Fracnsisco is known as having a history of peace and love and hippies which has, I believe, grown up and continued to evolve, still espousing the consumption of organic, natural foods and the finest ingredients and best yet, all at an affordable price (more or less). The place to go to find all these organic, natural goodies, is the Saturday morning Farmer's Market outside of the Ferry Building. Saturday morning was our last morning in San Francisco and we almost skipped the farmers market altogether as we were in the middle of our normal anxious bickering that seems to happen any time a trip is winding down and we have to return to our normal lives again. Luckily, we decided to go, hoping to pick up some fruit maybe for our drive back to LA and our flight that night out of LAX. Oh, the bounty you cannot imagine if you have not yet experienced this, the Ferry Building Farmers Market. Stalls with fresh, wholesome foods, veggies and fruits lined the street as far as the eye could see in either direction and everything was vibrant, juicy and desirable. Across the street, people sold jewelery, clothing and other local crafts. I nearly dropped to my knees, grabbed hold of a table leg and cried like a baby, "I'm not ready to leave; I'm not ready to leave." Alas, we had to go. We bought some granola and a loaf of meyer lemon rosemary bread and said our goodbyes to this place, the mecca of wholesome food that makes you want to eat healthy. I cannot rave enough about San Francisco in general, but when it comes to talking about the farmers market, you're really going to have to put your hand over my mouth to get me to shut up. It is shan-gri la. Check out the website below for directions to the Ferry Building and more info on when the markets are held and what they offer, etc.

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Jun 22, 2005

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My favorites...

* DELICA rf-1: Amazing selection of high-quality Japanese-style salads, bento, and other delicatessen items. Special Tip: Pick up a couple of salad items or a bento and take it to the Wine Merchant. Order a glass of wine and enjoy your meal. A good German Riesling goes well with most Japanese dishes.
* Rechuitti Chocolate: Best small production chocolatier in SF and a great, friendly staff too.
* Potter Family Farms: Most amazing grass-fed beef and pork you've ever tasted. Ask for a sample of the buffalo jerky. They are a supplier to most of the restaurants in the building.
* Golden Gate Meat Co: A mile-long meat counter with anything and everything you could need. All of the highest quality. For a snack, get a little prosciutto or salami, a baguette from Acme Bread, your favorite cheese from Cowgirl, and, of course, a little salad from DELICA and then head out to a benchto enjoy the view or back to the Wine Merchant!
* Saturday Farmers Market: The best, freshest organic produce you have ever seen. If a quick stroll around this market doesn't make you want to immediately start working on a shopping plan for dinner, you must have some type of bizarre food phobia.

Mar 25, 2005

Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building is a must for anyone who happens to be in the City on Saturday morning. Dozens of vendors bring their various wares; produce, flowers, fish, cheese, chilis, plants, fresh bread, meats, and any assortment of specialty items and the displays are colorful and exciting to see.

The market is open from 8 to 1:30. Parking can be difficult but it's worth it to browse the area.

Callavetta's Profile Photo
Mar 11, 2005

Things to Do Near Farmers Market

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Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market

It opening in 1898 where the 1875 wooden Ferry House stood, and became the transportation focal point for anyone arriving by train from the East, as well as from all the East Bay and Marin residents...
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Ferry Building Market Place

We travelled to the Ferry Building on the wonderful f-line historical trams. Great fun! The Ferry Building first opened in 1898. However, for years it was neglected and hidden behind an elevated...
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The Embarcadero -

This illuminated sculpture, comprised of 4,500 LED nodes, is animated by custom software programmed by the artist to display over 16 million distinct colors. The lights, arranged along a series of...
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Transamerica Pyramid Center

Located off Montgomery Street on ground level is the visitor center and gift store. It includes historical displays Chronicling the Pyramid from Conception to its Importance to the Skyline today,...
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Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption

In stark contrast to the traditional, old-world style of the nearby Grace Cathedral, the Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption is built in an ultra-modern style. The design, by Pietro Belluschi and...
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Grant Avenue, between Bush Street and Broadway is the main tourist street of Chinatown. The avenue is lined with dragon-entwined lamp posts and buildings that borrow elements from Chinese...
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Getting to Farmers Market


Ferry Building, Embarcadero


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