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Pismo Beach Dune Buggy Experience
"Rent your dune buggy in Oceano just 5 minutes down the road from Pismo Beach at your selected time. Get fitted with your gear and receive a safety orientation. You will then hop on an open-air tram which will drive you a mile down the beach to the staging area. Hop in the driver's seat or passenger's seat of your fully automatic 4-wheeler dune buggy and zoom off through the Oceano Dunes.The Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area is among the most unique California State Parks as the only place where you can drive your own vehicle on a public beach. Spend two hours exploring first approximately 2 miles (3 km) of scenic beachfront before zipping and zooming through 1500 acres (607 hectares) or rolling sand dunes in your dune buggy — a fun exciting way to spend a day along the beautiful California coast!Upon completion of your dune buggy adventure
From $124.00
Wine Country Biking Tour in Santa Barbara
"Your group will be picked up by air-conditioned vans at a prearranged meeting spot at 10:00 AM. We will then shuttle by van to the Santa Ynez Valley. After getting riders fitted we ride along the scenic back-roads to our first winery. Once there the winery staff takes us for a tasting and your guide will prepare an enjoyable “deli spread” picnic lunch with lots of options. Cold beverages and water will be provided throughout the tour. Then we pedal on to the second winery. Your guides wil and several wineries extend discounts on wine purchases to our guests. This trip receives rave reviews from guests. We have done similar tours for wine and travel writers corporate groups bachelorette and birthday parties as well as families and tourists. This is the wine tour that was featured on the television show Giuliana and Bill."
From $159.00
Paso Robles Wine Adventure
"You can expect to meet other wine enthusiasts and get to know them over the course of the day. You'll spend the day with a small group and visit between 4-6 wineries. Your group will discuss various options with your guide and craft an itinerary of winer those that are family-owned historic and off-the-beaten path but there are no strict rules. Your guides try to avoid taking you to places you have already visited (unless you want to go back!). They will point out landmarks and wineries along the way tell stories and talk about the local history and of course wine making
From $69.00

Giant Redwoods Tips (20)


Humboldt Redwoods State Park has a large forest of these huge trees. Worth the drive and walk to see this amazing place. Many of the old growth trees are more than 2000 years old and a growth of over 300 feet on 52,000 acres.

JudyinPA's Profile Photo
Oct 05, 2003

From little acorns....

I suppose that most people have heard about the Giant Redwoods of Northern California. But even I was surprised by their GIGANTIC size when I eventually saw them. (See my Redwoods Page). Here is just one of them, which is to be found along the roadside, on Route 101 at Humboldt. certainly a 'Must See' activity!

Geoff_Wright's Profile Photo
Jun 29, 2003

Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park is home to the tallest trees in the world with some reaching heights of 380 feet and living as long as 2200 years. They only grow in Northern California and southwest Oregon and these parks provide great hiking and camping opportunities. These lush forests need our protection and you should try to experience them first hand so you don't let anything deter you from joining in to ensure their longevity.

richiecdisc's Profile Photo
Oct 15, 2009

Standing next to a giant redwood tree

One of the incredible experience is to be amongst a grove of giant sequoia trees. These ancient tall Californian redwood trees are tall and huge.

Some trees even have a tunnel or hole big enough to walk through or a car to drive through.

Fortunately, these giant trees are being well protected and found in many national parks in California like Kings Canyon National Park and Giant Sequoia National Park or Muir Forest near San Francisco.

SLLiew's Profile Photo
Oct 19, 2006
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We are tiny, tiny people

Redwood National and State Parks in Northern California truly give a person perspective on their place in this universe. We are tiny, tiny people. Redwoods used to cover much of North America - the same climate change that did in the dinosaurs also spelled doom for the redwoods. That, and logging.

Our two favorite areas of the parks were the Simpson-Reed Grove, in Jedediah Smith SP, and the Lady Bird Johnson Grove, which is in the southern part of the NP. Even between the two one can notice a difference in size - northern redwoods are larger than southern redwoods.

Unlike most national parks, there is no admission fee to drive through Redwood.

cruisingbug's Profile Photo
Aug 04, 2004

Giant Redwoods and Colonel Armstrong

We heard that these trees where up North from us and given that this would mean going over the San Francisco Bridge, and taking pics of Alcatraz while near the bridge, it was perfect.

When we arrived there we couldn't really believe just how big these things are. I have seen Karri Trees in South Western Australia, and these where huge, but not the same really.

I loved it here with these trees in California more, and I suppose having my wife with me to enjoy it made a huge difference. And after all, these Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world.

Funny picture of my wife, we laughed a lot at this. She looks like a creature of the woods.

Madasabull's Profile Photo
Dec 13, 2013

Avenue of the Giants

The Humboldt Redwoods State Park in Northern California is home to Avenue of the Giants, a drive-through scenic side road which parallels Highway 101. You can pick up an auto tour guide at the entrance to the Avenue (we entered on the north side in Pepperwood).

The road winds for 32 miles past various groves of redwoods and points of interest. You can park and walk along trails if you wish. The road meanders for a while along the Eel River - down to a trickle when we were there in late July, but apparently it can get quite high in the winter.

The southern end of the tour is in Phillipsville, but you can get back on 101 at various points along the way.

cruisingbug's Profile Photo
Aug 04, 2004

Mill Valley - Muir Woods

Mill Valley - Muir Woods. Peaceful and serene Muir Wood is the old-growth redwood forest closest to San Francisco. It is a 550-acre (223-hectare) preserve, with some trees 1,000 years old and as high as 252 feet (77 meters). There are easy trails to wander amongst the giant redwoods. midway between Silicon Valley and the Sonoma and Napa wine country.

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Jul 26, 2003

Top 5 California Writers

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"CALIFORNIA ~ It's not about the glam, but nature!"
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"California - What More Do I Need To Say?"
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"Always on My Mind....California"
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"Our awesome trip to California summer of 2004"
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Grants Pass to Crescent City or Vice Versa

Yes, THAT Grant. He hated the left coast. It was in the west he first earned his rep as an irresponsible boozer & was asked to resign his army commission or be cashiered. Luckily, a war came along in time for him to redeem himself. They usually do.

Don't miss the redwoods to or from Oregon. Breathtaking! You might even wish to consider changing plans a bit whether driving Coast Highway 101 or inland via connecting route 199 to I-5 or route 99. It was 2 lanes bumper to bumper when I drove it in my youth a century ago, probably 4 lanes now. Old superhigways, if they still exist though, often offer the best scenic experience.

IncogNeat-0's Profile Photo
Dec 04, 2007


One thing for which California is famous is its redwood trees. These are primarily in two distinct regions with different, but related tree species.

Contrary to some peoples' impressions, they do not grow over all, or even most, of California and they are not suited to growing in most of the state but are adapted to specific regional climates. People often get the two confused and mix the type of the Sierra with the extensive forest found only in the second, coastal region. The Sierra trees tend to be more isolated, further apart, more twisted or bent, thicker, and shorter. The Coastal trees tend to be in larger, often very dense, etensive stands, tend to be straighter, thinner, and taller.

Both types of trees may be extremely old and get extremely large but as far as I know a few of the largest Sierra trees are slightly larger in girth and volume than the largest coastal species but the coastal trees are the tallest.

Both types of trees are somewhat threatened, partly a result of massive logging for the timber industry in the 19th and early 20th centuries, especially of the Coastal Redwoods. At the time, most houses in Northern California tended to be made partly or wholly from Coastal redwood, valued not only for its appearance but for its pliability and ease of use combined with resistance to decay as well as the nearby access to huge stand of trees which had been called an "inexhaustible" supply of timber.

One group, confusingly often referred to as "Giant Sequoia," is Sequoiadendron giganteum, and it is found in the western Sierra Nevada, mostly to the south, from the American River in the North down to Tulare County south of Yosemite in the south. These can be extremely large and old, yet they tend to exist in small, even isolated stands or groups with relatively few trees. The climate tends to have snowy winters with summers that are sunny, hot or very warm, and very dry.

The other main group, the Coast Redwoods, is Sequoia sempervirens and it exists on the coast, stretching from the Monterey Bay region of California's central coast in the south into SW Oregon in the north. However, roughly 90% of these trees are found in California's Redwood Empire, California's North Coast from San Francisco to the Oregon border. This consists of the counties of Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, Humboldt, and Del Norte. With heavy marine influence unlke the Sierra redwood region, this area has much lower diurnal and seasonal temperature fluctations. This region tends to have moderate, cool, extremely wet winters, in some places in Sonoma and Del Norte Counties normally reaching close to, and sometimes exceeding, 100 inches of rain annually. Snow is rare. Summers normally tend to be cool to somewhat warm throughout the region, summers can get fairly warm during the day in the southern and more inland reaches. Summers often have consistent, often very dense fog from the ocean, so that even without rain the area is often chilly and wet in the summer, barely warmer than in winter. In the north, epsecially, there will be periodic rain all through summer and in the summer the area may be completely covered in fog or clouds all day, every day, for weeks, making places like Portland, Oregon seem sunny and warm. Unlike the Sierra redwoods, these trees may, even today, be in extensive, dense, dark forests with thick undergrowth of ferns, vines, and other plants. The biggest tree stands are in Humblodt and Del Norte counties in the far north, but the term "Redwood Empire" was coined in Santa Rosa, in Sonoma County, in the early 20th century as a tourism marketing ploy. Major preserves to visit for camping and hiking include Redwood National Park, Humboldt Redwoods State Park (both in Humboldt/Del Norte Counties), Navarro River Redwoods park in Mendocino County, Armstrong Redwoods preserve in Sonoma County, Muir Woods in Marin County, and Big Basin preserve in Santa Cruz County.

WulfstanTraveller's Profile Photo
Jul 16, 2009

Giant Redwoods

I went on a tour to the Giant Redwoods. They didn't pay the entrance fee and also only gave us an hour there. I didn't feel it was worth it at all. The trees were awesome and I wish I could have spent a lot more time there.

ArenJo's Profile Photo
Feb 10, 2008

California Redwoods

The famous redwood trees of California are indeed great wonders. So serene, so beautiful, and so incredibly tall.

They're primarily located in Del Norte & Humboldt counties, in the north of California.

rmdw's Profile Photo
Jul 10, 2003

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