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  • Trona Pinnacles National Natural Landmark sign.
    Trona Pinnacles National Natural...
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  • Trona
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  • Trona
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Trona Things to Do

  • A nice photo opportunity

    This is not a place you'd want to make as a destination, but as you are driving through it is a worthwhile side trip for an hour or so. Take care driving the rough stone, gravel road.

  • Little town on Trona Rd has so much...

    Be sure to go to the museum on Main street when you are in Trona CA, there are many authentic and interesting things there. Across the street from the museum is the mineral processing factory that employs most of the working population of Trona and a large number of people from the nearby town of Ridgecrest. There is an old turn of the century...

  • Searles Lake Gem & Mineral Society~

    This is home to Searles Lake, which formed during the Ice Ages containing 98 of the 104 natural chemical elements. That is impressive. Collectors still do come from all over to gather and see some of the great minerals found in Searles Lake, such as Hanksite, Halite, Pink Halite. They even have festival during the sponsored by the Searles Lake Gem...

  • Trona Railway Museum and Caboose

    They have acquired another wonderful historical asset and have extensively remodeled a building that houses some wonderful artifacts from the Trona Railway. On display are working equipment, such as actual railroad scales, addressograph machines, timetables, stamps and various photographs. The Trona Railway Caboose was built in 1958 and it was...

  • History House 1920

    I was so happy that Trona is right on track in trying to preserve it's wonderful history. While passing through again to Death Valley we stopped and explored. They have acquired a wonderful house built in the 1920's and turned it into another museum.For more information call:OLD GUEST HOUSE MUSEUM13193 Main StreetHours:MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY,...

  • Austin Hall Historical Marker

    It reads as follows: Austin Hall, the much loved focal point of the Trona community, once stood on this site. Built in 1912 the unique structure, with its one-foot thick concrete walls, boasted 45 arches on three sides, the building provided a cooling shelter from the blazing heat with its patio center and oleander trees. Early employees were...

  • Searles Lake Borax California Marker No....

    I like to make a point when I can and stop and read these. The wonderful things about these, even though the individuals of the past are gone, their voices still linger with these markers reminding us of our history:)It reads:Borax was discovered on the nearby surface of Searles Lake in 1862. With his bother, Dennis he formed the San Bernardino...

  • Bring a camera

    The surrounding region is interesting but Trona itself looks like something from backwoods Alabama during the 1930s. Pervasive poverty,ignorance and people living in shacks. Death Valley is just up the road from Trona so thousands of tourists drive thru Trona every year on their way to Death Valley. All of them see Trona and drive thru without...

  • Trona Pinnacles

    Trona Pinnacles is part of the Searles Lake. It's rich in minerals and archelogical findings. It has served as a picturesque spot for photography, camping, hiking, and dirt bike riding or just overall enjoyment of being able to spend with family for a day hiking around and taking in the unique scenery. Namely, the pinnicales are famed for its...


Trona Restaurants

  • Great Food!!!! Great Prices!!!

    We went to the resturant on our way home from Las Vegas the food is awesome !! the owners are very nice, they are open Sundays untill 2pm. this is the only place to get great food in this town we drove by others but they looked abandoned. I loved there tacos, my husband had "the Esparza Fries" the were delishes!!! i will definitly be going back...

  • Italian found out in the desert~

    Sadly we didn't get to try this place out. It was Sunday and they were closed. The last time we passed through here they were just trying to put the finishing touches on the restaurant so it was not open yet:(. Its open for business now though, just not on Sundays

  • Trona Hotels

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Trona Transportation

  • Rest Stop and Information Center:-)

    I was actually surprised that there was a rest stop located here, but not only is a rest stop, its has some wonderful information located next to the rest rooms. The boards a filled with lots of interesting information of the local history. It may appear as nothing much, but unless you take the time to look, you'll learn somethings or two. If...

  • The roads are quite difficult.

    You can pretty much only get there one way (unless you've got a helicopter) and that's by car. There used to be trains going here but..yeah the tracks ends here. The end of the world.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Trona Local Customs

  • Avoid the locals

    by Marbleguy Written Jul 8, 2009

    If you must associate for any length of time it helps to be missing some teeth. You want to mimic the desert rat appearance. Dress like you came from the Ozarks circa 1930. The Tronians will love you.

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Trona Warnings and Dangers

  • Dangers still exist!

    We need not forget that this area was used for mining and still is. So you make come upon areas of old mining holes. So heed the fenced off area! Plus it gets cold or hot here so dress accordingly. Bring plenty of food and water with you, and please take your trash back with you. Respect the local fona too! Be sure you wear proper shoes since all...

  • Water!

    Sounds corny, but you wouldn't believe how many people that forget to drink enough liquid while in the desert. AQUA=LIFEKeep it mind.

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Trona What to Pack

  • Bring Sun Block and a Hat, Too

    by valerian1966 Updated Jul 24, 2007

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: When I lived in Trona, we spent Christmas vacation either swimming at Valley Wells, or going up to the snow in the Panamints at Mahogany Flats. So be prepared for both cold/coolish and/or extremely hot. Most people are on their way somewhere else if they come to Trona, so remember to pack abundant drinking water for your trip through the desert. Spring or Fall be prepared for blowing sand. Bandanas or scarves are good, and sunglasses a must. Clothing, think light colored and loose.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Bring Vaseline petroleum jelly to put in your nostrils so they won't bleed from the lack of humidity. Consider bringing all the water you can drink as a medical necessity, and include sun block, regular first aid kit, and a snake bite kit would be a good idea, too. Always watch where you put your feet.

    Photo Equipment: If the off-road enthusiasts haven't destroyed an area, you can find a lot of interesting plants and small animals in the desert. Depending on the time of the year, there are wild burros and occasionally wild mustangs in the area, and cougars are not unheard of.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: If you're going to spend any time in the heat, one of those ventilated folding car seat cover things is a REAL good idea, and if your car is black, rent a different light-colored one for the trip. You could burn your hands just trying to open a car door under fairly normal circumstances. Be sure you can create your own shade wherever you go.

    Visiting the Pinnacles Visiting the Pinnacles too
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Trona Off The Beaten Path

  • John & Dennis Seales' Wagon Route...

    Although, this is not a offical state historical marker, it is a marker put here for those to learn of the local history. So make sure to take some time and read such wonderful treasures of information. This one tells the history of the Borax Wagon routes used by the Searles' Brothers who drove the wagons.This is located just at the entrance of the...

  • Valley Wells California Historical...

    VALLEY WELLS The plaque reads: In this area, several groups of midwestern emigrants who had escaped from the hazards and privations in Death Valley in 1849 sought to secure water from Searles Lake. When they discovered its salt nature they turned north and westward in despair and with travail crossed the Argus and other mountains to reach...

  • Lots of UFO sightings in Trona

    I came to Trona from classy Orange County,Ca where I had lived since 1946. Had sold my Orange County house/property,needed to find a new abode but did'nt want to spend lots of money. So I basically websearched hell and Trona popped up on my screen. Trona has the lowest property values of any town in the entire state of California. I bought a house...


Trona General

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  • Take the time!

    These information signs are put here so children as well as adults can learn from them. My boys enjoyed stopping a reading these signs since they find the historical markers boring. These signs provide a wealth of information about the area and its past! These are just at the beginning into the pinnacles.

  • Rest Room at the Pinnacles

    I was a bit taken back to see a actual restroom facility at the pinnacles and very glad of it. It is not some porta-potty either. Although, it may still smell like! As you can see from the picture, its more permanent and it was clean at the time, except for the bullet holes in the windows obviously from some idiot!!!

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