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  • What to Pack
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  • we needed new boots after this trip
    we needed new boots after this trip
    by richiecdisc
  • D looking on as Half Dome does the same
    D looking on as Half Dome does the same
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Most Viewed What to Pack in Yosemite National Park

  • 1. Warm Clothes / Hiking Shoes

    This being one of the top backpacking destinations in the US, a backpack might be a good thing to bring along. There is such a big network of trails, you just couldn't see them all day-hiking so...

  • 2. A Decent Water Bottle

    One if the most important items that you can buy, bring and use, in Yosemite is a decent water bottle. You'll need plenty of water on your summer hikes. The...

  • 3. Bring munchies

    A backpack of course, and water bottles. Curry Village has a cold filtered drinking water spigot inside by the buffet and you can refill free. There is ice by...

  • 4. Don't forget a towel

    If you're going on any of the remotely serious hikes, bring a comfortable pack. Even if you go with only a canteen, having it hang asymmetrically will make you...

  • 5. Things To Pack For A Day Hike

    Decent sized backpack that's comfortable to carry, not too big, but large enough to hold a sweater/jacket in case it gets cold (or warm and you want to take it...

  • 6. Potable water filter and mosquito repellent

    Good comfortable packpacks are required here. No need to spend a fortune, but the daypack won't do for an overnighter. I prefer down filled sleeping backs, but...

  • 7. The Official Guide to Yosemite - free

    Yosemite Guide - At your hotel or around Yosemite Village pick up a complimentary Yosemite guide published by the National Park Foundation. It lists the rules...

  • 8. Bring your camera!

    One thing you really need here is a camera and a lot of film! Because you are going to make more photos than you would have imagined. And these days your...

  • 9. Bring a good map

    Also don't forget to bring a good map. When you go early in the season like I did, there is a good chance that the Tioga Pass is still closed. I had good use of...

  • 10. Based on a visit in October

    - binoculars - to watch the climbers- warm blanket or sleeping bag, if you're staying at Curry Village- food for during the day, and water - it's very...

  • 11. Foam bed pad

    You will have a hard time getting sleep if you only bring a sleeping bag. Try to gt or borrow a foam/inflatable pad to go under your sleeping bag. The ground...

  • 12. Thngs to bring

    Depending on where you are staying, you can pretty much bring everything including the kitchen sink if you want, it depends on your vehicle. Good hiking shoes....

  • 13. Photography

    I would guess that many visitors to the park are motivated by some of the spectacular photos of Ansel Adams and other famous photographers, but in my opinion,...

  • 14. The great outdoors

    Traveling light is usually the way to go, especially if you plan to do extensive exploring of the park on foot. There's nothing worse than a burdensome backpack...

  • 15. Snow Boots and Chains!

    If you are coming here in winter, bring your most heavy duty winter boots. I brought my Sorels this year and was very happy I did. Do not forget to carry...

  • 16. BUG SPRAY!!!

    The bugs are nothing to mess with... Make sure you bring bug spray with you because you'll spend 3X more inside the park. The spray is a definate neccesity!

  • 17. Hot hot hot

    Its hot in the summer. Over 100 degrees by midday. Lighweight breathable clothing is a must, along with a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Mosquito repellent...

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