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Wynkoop Brewery Tips (4)

Wynkoop Brewery: Like Good Food/Service? Skip Wynkoop Brewery

Here's the lowdown: The food here is generic at best. The service is atrocious. We ordered a bottle of wine and asked if we could, as is tradition, have a sample of two wines before choosing. The waitress said, "Sure," with a smile. Then the manager, looking a little like a haggard cop, came to our table and said, "We'll have to charge you to sample those wines, y'know." Well, okay, we said. We'll go ahead and put out 30 bucks for a bottle without sampling first. It was no big deal. But then what came out was 4 glasses of wine--not a bottle. When we asked where the bottle was they said, "Well, we can bring an empty bottle to the table if you like." We said, "Isn't it customary to bring the bottle to the table, present it, and pour per individual?" They said, "We don't do that here. We focus on the beer." I think it's fine to focus on beer, but if you have wine on the menu, you should be prepared to serve wine, too. Even though I thought this, I didn't state it because we were having a good time--a meeting of friends who had not seen each other for a long time and we didn't want to focus on the bad stuff. Nonetheless, a few minutes later, another burly manager came out and said, "I understand there's a problem with the wine here." We all looked at each other and kinda smiled. What the heck? So this manager brought us out a glass of wine "on the house" saying we probably would have had that extra glass is the bottle had been delivered. Okey Dokey. I can't believe this place is still in business. Must be the convenient location. If the food had been palatable, I'd have seen some redeeming value. But the food was hideous: the "homemade veggie burger" was a pile of smashed beans and the homemade bun was so stale the person who ordered it had to pick off the crusted parts. The tuna salad was rife with bad lettuce and overdressed to the point of sogginess. The fries were battered with an MSG sort of seasoning--fries done right don't need seasoning at all. The only halfway decent thing on the menu was the straight up hamburger--hard to screw that up completely. It was an average burger, while everything else was far below average. Oh--and the fruit bowl you can order in place of the fries--forget it. Do you recall the "fruit cocktail" parents used to force on their kids way back in the 50s? The Wynkoop fruit bowl is reminiscent of that. Seriously--when you're in LoDo ANYPLACE IS BETTER THAN WYNKOOP BREWERY. By far the worst meal and worst service I've had in over a decade.

Favorite Dish My Favorite dish from Wynkoop Brewery is ANY dish at JAX FISH HOUSE--a nearby alternative you should definitely choose. Also, the beer at Wynkoop Brewery is good. I think that's how they've stayed in business: you have to be drunk to tolerate their food and poor service.

Jun 19, 2008

Wynkoop Brewery: Wynkoop Brewery

Wynkoop brewpub, which they say was Denver's first, in the late 1980s, is located in a spectacular 19th century commercial building, opposite the railway station south of downtown. They've done a great job re-purposing the building: the bar has great high ceilings, and there's plenty of atmosphere. The bar plays host, once a year, to a Beer Drinker of the Year competition: that is based not on quantity but on an extensive knowledge of all aspects of beer (the latest winner was a college professor!).

Favorite Dish We didn't eat here, but focused instead on sampling a selection of their brews. Their main brews are very good, especially their flagship RailYard Oktoberfest-style beer, but they also like to experiment, and have, for example, a chile-flavored beer. It's interesting, but perhaps not necessary to drink an entire pint of it!

sarahandgareth's Profile Photo
Dec 07, 2007

Wynkoop Brewery: excellent beer bread, skip the crab cakes

The artichoke dip and beer bread was excellent as always. However, their crab cake is awful! Some of the worst crab cake I have ever had. The beer is goo d- especially the pale ales. The mojito is bland. the salmon was overcooked, but still had some flavor. Overall, would go for beer and some of the appetizers again but not the dinner - overpriced and not very good.

Favorite Dish artichoke dip and beer bread.

Oct 13, 2007

Wynkoop Brewing Company: Wynkoop Brewing Company

Downstairs is the brew pub and upstairs is a huge pool hall. Free brewery tours Saturday from 1-5pm

Favorite Dish bangers and mash and any one of their delicious beers!!!

go_doggo's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002
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