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Durango Things to Do

  • Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge...

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Durango's most celebrated attraction, and a boon to the local economy, is the railroad to nearby Silverton. Using old-fashioned steam locomotives, this train offers a variety of different cars for the traveler. Durango began as a railroad in 1880. This line was used in a number of movies, including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It's still...

  • Mesa Verde National Park

    This set of Native cliff dwellings, located about 45 minutes outside of Durango, Colorado is very impressive and warrants a visit if you are in this part of the country.The first Ancestral people to settle at Mesa Verde was about 550 AD and flourished here for the next 700 years before moving onwards to other places. They grew crops on the mesa...

  • Mesa Verde National Park

    The most famed Indian dwelling in the United States is Mesa Verde. The settlement dates back close to 1,000 years ago. The inhabitants, known as Ancestral Pueblans, abandoned it around 1300 AD. So these cliff dwellings are about the same age as Europe's great medieval castles and cathedrals. Why did they leave? Probably due to depletion of...


Durango Hotels

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Durango Restaurants

  • IPA's all around!

    Upon hearing to try this place from a friend, I decided I had to try this place. Located in the heart of Downtown Durango, this place was booming for a Thursday evening! Each night of the week hosts something different, and this night was "Pint Night". Locals and visitors alike cram the bar and groups of people having a good time at the tables. It...

  • More than Cold Soup...

    I was concerned when the person at the sunglass store recommended a good restaurant by the name of Gazpacho. I speak a little Spanish, so a place named after cold soup had me worried. Luckily for us, the oven was working properly. I decided on the mixed fajitas with green and red chile, which is known as "a side of Christmas".This was definitely my...

  • Wow!!!

    We had some great and usual food here . I had a japanesse roll with a southwestern twist. It was excellent . My husband dish also was excellent . If you like Japanesse food or pan asian .....go here. Japanesse roll with a southwestern twist (a little spicy)


Durango Nightlife

  • A bar for those who like to boogie

    If you want to dance and drink with locals, this isn't a bad place to start. If you just want to taste a local beer and grab some fried food, there is a seperate section from the dance and bar area with tables and a great view of the brewing rooms. Durango has a lot of bars to choose from. You can find anything from the small hole in the wall,...

  • Nightlife - that's a good one.

    I love it when people talk about all the great bars in Durango. They have got to be talking about a different Durango, because Durango, Colorado has the lamest assortment of drinking establishments I have ever had the misfortune of coming across. Bad enough that most, if not all of them have lighting that is more appropriate for a barber shop, but...

  • Diamond Belle Saloon

    Diamond Belle SaloonYou can listen to some honky tonk or rag time piano, and meet people. And yes, all you single girls and guys out there -- this is where you can meet JC, Angie Denise and Peter. Whatever!


Durango Transportation

  • which way to go

    Durango is a good stopping ground to explore other areas near -by .You have a choice of going North to Silverton and Ouray . or east to Mesa Verde and maybe north from there to Telluride. i guess it depends what your looking for and how much time you have . Both are worth a trip . You can even go to Four Corners and Canyon de Chelly in Arizona as...

  • Driving .....

    Four wheeled drive is recommended . We had a car which was really fine . However if you want to drive off the beaten path your best off with one . There are certainly alot of opportunities but it's not a must .

  • To get around

    To me, the best way to get around Durango is to walk wherever you go. Safe streets (from drivers and crime), sunshine (300 sunny days a year!), clean air, a city trail system (some sections under constuction, get a map!) and the small size of the town make it a good place to go for a stroll, even at night (take a friend, it's always a good idea....


Durango Shopping

  • Herbal Essences

    All the walking in the desert on the couple other days really had our lips chapped, so we decided to stop in to an herbal remedy store to grab some lip balm. It was the wisest choice on this particular street and man, my lips felt better afterward. There were also plenty of other herbs and spices there to add to your bath or other herbal remedies....

  • Shady Spot for Shades

    I made the mistake on this trip of not purchasing sunglasses until the fourth day, which made driving in the desert very difficult. So, when I hit Durango, I was swayed to drop in on the local sports store to grab a pair. And with alot of fortune, there were quite a few options that were on sale. Sarah, Anna and I took quite a bit of time trying...

  • Main Street

    Most of the shops worth visiting are on main street. You can find anything from basic souvenir (shot glasses, T-shirt) to artesian candles, sporting goods, clothing. Avoid the mall as there are only very few shops and all of them chain stores you can find in any other city.


Durango Local Customs

  • Beer Drinking Habits

    When it comes to beer, Durango is the place. Durango has many micro-breweries making and serving a wide variety of brews. If you like beer do not visit Durango without trying a few of its local flavors. I suggest Ska Brewing Co (most local restaurants and all local liquor stores carry varieties of Ska). If you get a chance stop by their brewery and...

  • Indian artifacts

    The area was once inhabited by the Pueblo indians and many artifacts remain in the area. According to local or state law (Im not sure as this is how it was relayed to me) those who find artifacts on their property are allowed to keep them. This law, or policy, has caused a great deal of dissent.

  • River of lost souls

    I was told that "Animas" is a Native American word meaning "lost souls" and that the river is known as the River of Lost Souls


Durango Warnings and Dangers

  • Tips RE: Durango Hostel's

    Hi -- Just wanted to give an update RE: Hostel's in Durango Colorado. Durango, CO used to have two different locations where hostels have existed. There was one on the north side of town on 32nd Street, near the Animas River. There also was one that was in Downtown Durango near the train depot. Neither of those hostel's exist anymore. That being...

  • Drinking liquor at high altitudes isnt a...

    we figured since we had to carry it all in we should get the strong stuff well thin air and booze sure pack a punch

  • Durango Hostel no more

    Parked my car. Walked up and down the block trying to find this place in my guidebook. Right side, wrong side, right side of the street. Nothing but a chain link fence and a construction site. The trailer with the adress tells it all - the Durango Hostel at 543 E. 2nd Ave. is no more. It's still in some guidebooks but the place has gone the way of...


Durango Tourist Traps

  • lidman's Profile Photo

    Tourist Trap? Seems like I...

    by lidman Written Aug 26, 2002

    Tourist Trap? Seems like I get caught in these 'traps' everywhere I go!! :)
    This is a great little night spot on Main St. called 'Players Club'

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Durango What to Pack

  • Packing List

    by cloudhopper Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Whatever

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Walking/Hiking shoes, whether you are touring main street or taking advantage of the many excellent trails in the area (the Colorado trail runs from Durango to Denver), chances are you will be spending a lot of time on your feet.

    Light, comfortable clothing in the summer, warm layers in winter (depending on the day I wear anything from a t-shirt to a winter coat)

    Many people would want to bring a hat, the sun is much more intense in dry climate at 6500 feet than it is at sea level.

    Mid-July through mid-September is our monsoon season, accompanied by sudden, brief downpours and thunderstorms in the afternoon.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Sunscreen!

    If camping, don't use fruity shampoo if you can help it, the bears are really hungry this year!

    Photo Equipment: Anything you want!

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: If you decide to go camping or hiking in the mountains or the desert, be sure to bring plenty of water! Every person in your group should have their own supply when hiking, preferably more than those dinky little 8-12 oz bottles. The dry climate, wind, intense sun, altitude, and physical exertion all conspire to dehydrate you. A properly hydrated person will have more energy and will be less susceptable to altitude sickness. Remember, if you start to feel thirsty, your already 2 quarts behind!

    Also, if you are camping, make sure you keep your food in a bear-resistant location and never sleep with food or wrappers in your tent! Nylon will not stop a bear!

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Durango Off The Beaten Path

  • million dollar highway

    If your in Durango . It is worth going up to the million dollar highway . This is a stretch of highway North of the town . The highway has many pull- offs with beautiful scenery . Some consider it one of the prettiest in the country . The best stretch is from Silverton to Ouray . Beware the drive is difficult . Many winding roads with no guard...

  • Random views of the mountains

    I hope you never fear those mountainsIn the distanceNever settle for the pathof least resistance.Living might mean taking chances,but they're worth taking.Loving might be a mistake,but its worth making.Lee Ann Womack I hope you DanceA picture perfect November morning, as seen from the top of Animas mountain. Clear skies extend for miles, broken...

  • An isolated viewing spot

    We hiked to the top of Animas mountain on a Tuesday morning and deserted. This was the perfect spot to tak in the view and enjoy the weather.


Durango Sports & Outdoors

  • Snowmobile Tours

    I took my family to Durango for the winter holidays last year and we ended up snowmobiling on one of the days we decided to take a break from skiing. We had never done it before and I was really anxious about it but we found a company called Ice Pirates and they were awesome!The guides were great with my kids, they had a really thorough safety...

  • Fishing and rafting on the Animas river

    The river runs right through the center of Durango and is well known for it's Trophy fish. Fly fishing is very familiar.Also rafting is popular here. In spring the river is rather wild, but in Summer the river is calmer which makes a rafting trip perfect for families and persons of all ages.

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Durango General

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  • The train / bus trip to Silverton

    "A trip to Yesterday" is written on your Souvenir Ticket. We bought the ticket 1 day ahead for the bus ride to Silverton and back by the Durango & Silverton narrow gauge railroad.The bus has to go over 2 passes. The first one called Coal Bank Pass (10'650 f), the second one the Molas Pass at 10'910 f. The landscape is really very pretty: rocks,...

  • The canyon

    The train has 2 water stops on the way from Silverton to Durango. Both are picturesque spots. The Animas River changes from one side to the other so everybody gets a good view. The canyon itself becomes very narrow but is rather short. We even saw 2 kajaks on the river through the canyon.

  • Sparsely populated

    Durango has approximately 14,000 residents. As one person put it, Durango is a big small town. The low population density is evident in this photo which shows how far apart the houses are and how much wide open undeveloped space there is.


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