Colorado Local Customs

  • Graffiti. GRRRRRR!
    Graffiti. GRRRRRR!
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  • Local Customs
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  • Bighorn Sheep
    Bighorn Sheep
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Colorado Local Customs

  • Marmots

    Rocky Mountain National Park Local Customs

    Marmots are seen in rocky high elevation areas. Many of them have become acclimitized to tourist and will pan for cameras. if you go to the forest overlook parking area you are very likely to spot a few of them

  • Moose

    Rocky Mountain National Park Local Customs

    If your lucky you might get a chance to sight one of the parks Moose population. Moose are much more reclusive and solitary than Elk and sighting one therefore is more rare. They are mostly found in the Kawuneeche Valley in the west side of the park.

  • Elk Herds

    Rocky Mountain National Park Local Customs

    The park is home to large herds of Elk particularly in the west side of the park. During the summer they congregate in the high elevations to feed on the tundra. During the rest of the year they are found at lower elevations.


    The best savings at ski resorts is always to buy a season pass, but if you are only coming for a few days .... no cost savings there! Locals can score season tickets for under $300 in some cases and these passes can be good for more than one ski area - something that is unheard of in Oregon, sadly enough.There used to be more special deals for the...

  • A brief outline of Colorado Skiing

    A brief outline of Colorado Skiing from plaque of Colorado Springs sculpture “About the End of an Era – Circa 1960”:“The first documented use of skies in Colorado occurred in a snowbound mining camp during the winter of 1859 – 1860 near presentday Breckenridge. Ten men left in camp made skis and traveled downvalley where they built a cabin and...

  • Skiing equipment years ago

    From information near sculpture “About the End of an Era – Circa 1960” located near Pioneers Museum in Colorado Springs about skiing equipment century ago:“Pioneering skiers used a single wooden pole. By the early 1900s, tow poles were in fashion. The shafts were often made from bamboo until superior poles of a light metal alloy were developed....

  • Colorado Springs Local People

    Colorado Springs in general tends to lean more towards the conservative side, while the majority of Colorado cities have a tendency to lean more liberal. If I could rate all of Colorado Springs's local population on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being just downright rude, mean, and hateful; 10 being absolutely pleasant), I would have to rate it about an 6....

  • Granola

    I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA as to why this is such a big deal, but I hear people from other parts of the U.S. call people from Colorado "Granola." I know it is a cereal, and it also comes in bars....(I think it's yummy, personally). It's either has something to do with Pantheism (tree spirits) or everyone here being in good shape.....Everyone here is...

  • The Mile High Step

    At the west entrance to the state capitol, there is a step that has a "One Mile Above Sea Level Marker"

  • Pronunciation

    Most people from outside the state pronounce Colorado like "ColorOdo." But the people that live here pronounce Colorado like "ColorAdo." Also, my Grandpa lives here and he says "crik" instead of "creek." :-)

  • Mardi Gras

    >It's not really a cultural tip just for Colorado, but...while you're here, you just HAVE TO have F U N and party a lot, hehe!!!

  • Native Americans in Colorado

    Though the mythology and religion of the ancient southwestern Native Americans varies from tribe to tribe, there are many similarities. Emotional attachment to the land they dwelled upon dominated their lives and religion. The homeland was the center of their universe, an no common forces of nature could impel them to leave. Today's Pueblo people...

  • Tomato wars

    Taylor Adams began the Tomato Wars in 1982 as a protest against Texans in Colorado who constantly try to change the environment of the state. Legend has it that in 1982, when Adams was still the owner of the Black Wolf Inn at Twin Lakes, a woman from Dallas, while gazing upon Mt Elbert, said: "This is a pretty area. Its a shame nobody's done...

  • Greeley's failed commune

    New York Times editor Horace Greeley attempted to create a cooperative colony in west Colorado. In 1878, Nathan Meeker was appointed agent of the colony. An overly zealous man, Meeker attempted to "civilize" the Ute population in the area by educating them in the ways of the whites. Meeker even went so far as to have the Utes call him "Father...

  • Odd Colorado laws

    One of the most interesting amendments passed in Colorado in recent years, but subsequently declared unconstitutional, was one stating that all official business must be conducted in English. It was so broadly worded that it was questionable whether lawyers could use Latin terms.In Ouray, it is illegal for a woman to work as a waitress or bartender...

  • The Original Hard Rock Cafe

    The original Hard Rock Café, although not of the franchise. In 1934, the Empire Café in the town of Empire, changed its name to the Hard Rock Café, honoring the hard rock miners of the area for their patronage. The Hard Rock Café chain, est in 1971, sued the preceding Hard Rock Café restaurant for trademark infringement, and lost.

  • Colorado Darwin awards

    As late as the 1940's people who owned cabins in isolated regions of Colorado would leave them unlocked and stocked with food, in case a stranger would need sanctuary from a storm. Unfortunately, in the years following WWII, there were many cases of theft and vandalism to the cabins. Many owners dealt with the problem by locking their doors. But...

  • Dumb Colorado LawsCar dealers...

    Dumb Colorado LawsCar dealers may not show cars on a Sunday.It is illegal for liquor stores to sell food or grocery stores to sell any alcohol except beer that is at most 3.2% alcohol.No liquor may be sold on Sundays or election days. (Repealed)It is illegal to ride a horse while under the influence.Tags may be ripped off of pillows and...

  • Colorado natives are very...

    Colorado natives are very proud of the fact--you'll see a lot of bumper stickers attesting to it. They also get very grumpy at rude motorcyclers who tear through towns at ungodly speeds--NOT us, but the few who spoil it for everyone

  • Buy your lift tickets at...

    Buy your lift tickets at King's Soopers. This is a supermarket that will save you half the price in most cases. We got a package for Winter Park that included lift ticket and lesson for $50.00 The normal ticket is $58.00 Do the math.



  • Here lived the Manitou Cliff...

    Here lived the Manitou Cliff Dwellers:Centuries ago these dwellings were the homes of the Anasazi Indians.These architectual perfections were achieved by the Indians of the Southwest during the great Pueblo period of 1100 to 1300 A.D.

  • While wandering through the '...

    While wandering through the ' Pueblo ' a three story structure depicting the architecture of the Taos Pueblo Indians of today, you can feel the past come alive. A tour through the museums exhibiting will show such things as Pottery, weapons, tools and dioramas of the Anasazi culture.

  • Enjoy visiting the indian...

    Enjoy visiting the indian village and watching colorful Indian dancing which are educational,entertaining . ( during the months of June - August )

  • I felt a deep sadness as I...

    I felt a deep sadness as I watched the Indians perform their sacried ritual for tourists. Their way of life has been taken from them and now is only a part of history and tourism.I felt like I was intruding and had no right to ask them to entertain me. But I was glad I had the opportunity to see Amerika through a small window into its past.Which...

  • ...i climbed a mountain and...

    ...i climbed a mountain and then I turned around...and I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills...until the landslide brought it down...

  • Coloradans are proud of their...

    Coloradans are proud of their western heritage. Many people moved here to start a ranch, or a farm or to strike it rich in the gold and silver mines. Those traditions, though not widely still in practice, bide us to the land. There are many rodeos and stock shows. Horse culture is still big on the plains and in the valleys of the mountains. The...

  • In Denver I went to watch a...

    In Denver I went to watch a game of Baseball against Colorado Rockies and Houston Astros. My first game of baseball ever!! I had a confusing and fun time. For more photos, please check out my Denver page.

  • While there is some...

    While there is some disagreement on the subject, I feel Colorado is still a 'cowboy state.' While there are plenty of sophisticated folks, and those of us who don't own a cowboy hat or boots, there are still those who do. To me, that makes Colorado not the same as other parts of the U.S., where those items are a costume, not a way of...

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Colorado Local Customs

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