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  • Nova at the trestle.
    Nova at the trestle.
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    Vern - Breakin' the law! Breakin' the...
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Colorado Off The Beaten Path

  • CHEAP fun for the family - with a bit of...

    There is a small town called Burlington off highway 70. It will either be your first interchange if driving from Kansas or your last if driving from Denver. At first it appears to be just another town, to fill up the gas tank and go on, but it has hidden jewels.You won't see any billboards, but look closely at the state highway signs and you will...

  • Castlewood Canyon State Park

    This is a really nice park! It was really hot the day we went, but it was very pretty nonetheless. Located in the Black Forest of Central Colorado. There are numerous hiking trails, and there are also areas where you can go down into a canyon and explore!! Be sure to watch for Poison Ivy here, because it runs a little rampant. You can also rock...

  • The Tip of Colorado

    "Four Corners" is the name given to the only point in the USA where four states meet, namely southeastern Utah, southwestern Colorado, northeastern Arizona and northwestern New Mexico. We went in 1966 when we were driving from Monterey California to Miami Florida in a 1932 Plymouth and a 1964 VW Bus.Four Corners is on a clearly marked short spur...


    If you drive on Colorado 91 between Copper Mountain and Leadville, you will find the colossal molybdenum mine of Climax atop Fremont Pass. The pass is at 11,318 feet/3450 meters high and the mine carves up the mountainsides to the east to the literal crest of Bartlett Mountain. The first mineral claims were established by miners looking for gold in...


    Located at the west end of the Ski Cooper parking lot is the Tennessee Pass Nordic Center and Cookhouse. Here you can rent equipment or set out with your own on some 25 km of groomed trails through the woods and hills just west of Ski Cooper. The most unique aspect is probably the one-mile ski-in to the Cookhouse. Very elegant and rather expensive...


    Ski Cooper was established as part of the training facilities for nearby Camp Hale where troops of the 10th Mountain Division - among others - were based. Following WWII, Ski Cooper was opened as a local ski area, one of Colorado’s oldest. Today, the resort remains a locally-oriented hill - though rumors of expansion and more lifts are in the air -...


    The 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate) was composed of Norwegians and Americans of Norwegian ancestry who had an ability to speak Norwegian - it was also hoped they already knew how to ski. The 99th was set up originally at Camp Riley, Minnesota on 19 July 1942 and was hoped to help in a possible invasion/liberation of Norway. They received special...


    The 10th Mountain Division was formed in 1943 as the only division-sized unit in the American Army to fight in harsh weather and terrain conditions. The first units trained on the slopes of Mt Rainier in Washington State and took part in fighting in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. These troops - the 87th Infantry Regiment - formed the core of the...

  • drink the many craft brews of Colorado

    Colorado has been at the forefront of the craft brewing revolution since the mid-80s and many of the originals are still going strong like Rockies Brewing just outside of Boulder. It was state's first microbrewery and I stopped there on my first trip to Colorado in 1994 and loved the Boulder Porter which looks to be called Planet Porter now but...

  • Great American Beer Festival

    The Great American Beer Festival is the most prestigious of beer awards in the United States. It is also the longest running with its inception of 1982 and runs for three days, generally the last weekend of September or the first of October. You need every one of those days too as there can be well over 2000 beers at any given festival with about...

  • Colorado Disc Golf

    Disc Golf is a sport played much life ball golf. Instead of holes, there are chained baskets. Trees and water hazards work the same way. Instead of a ball and club, you throw flying discs which are smaller, heavier and more beveled than "regular Frisbees" so you can throw then a lot further. I was very into the sport in 1994 and visited over 100...

  • Visit a Gold Mine

    The Country Boy Mine was a real working mine about a hundred years ago. Today you can take a tour deep inside the mine - but remember the constant tempature underground year around is about 58 degrees. Beside the tour they will teach you to pan for gold in the stream below the mine and any gold you find is yours to keep. There is also some old...

  • Hummer Tours of the Back Countery

    Lakota Guides will pick you up at your condo or hotel in a Hummer or Jeep and head into the back country between Wolcott and Steamboat Springs. We ended up on a ridge near Muddy Pass where we viewed a wonderful sunset. The guides provide cheese, fruit, cookies and crackers while viewing the sunset but only water. If you want something other than...

  • Cowboy dinner at the 4 Eagles Ranch

    "Just west of Vail and Beaver Creek, in a private valley far removed from the fast pace of today’s world, lies a piece of “Genuine Colorado”... I grew up in the West and swore that I would never visit a "Dude Ranch"! Do the horse riding if thats your thing, or sit around and listen to a great cowboy picker sing songs everybody knows.The meal was...

  • Places to hike and fish

    While Golden Gate Canyon State Park is nice and close to the city, another place you can check out that would fit your requests is the Frasier Valley, perhaps 1.5 hours from Denver. This is where Winter park resort is, but plenty of wilderness and cabins and fishing and horseback riding and etc. In particular, Devils Thumb Ranch is a great place,...

  • Telluride

    Telluride is a former gold mining town that dates back to the 1870s. Located at an elevation of 8,750 feet and nestled in a box canyon, it is still fairly isolated from the rest of the state. Telluride's downtown district has kept its historic charm. The town is popular for outdoor sports enthusiasts. It is also home to an international film...

  • Tin Cup Pass; Four Wheeling in the...

    Tin Cup pass connects the towns of St. Elmo and Tin Cup. When trains came to the mining towns in the 1870 the rail line serviced St. Elmo but not Tin Cup. To get ore to the rail line people and supplies had to cross over Tin Cup Pass. Fron Salida, Colorado go North on US 285 to Nathrup then turn west to St. Elmo. From St Elmo its offroad vehicles...

  • Central City

    In 1859, Central City was founded when John Gregory discovered gold at his "Gregory Lode" mine. As a result of the ensuing gold rush, the population of Central City surged to 10,000 (today's population is 335). Eventually, over 17,000 mining claims were filed in the surrounding hills, and Central City found itself in the middle of "The Richest...

  • The Ranch at Piney Lake

    Take Red Sandstone Road out of Vail for about 7 miles. Piney Lake is below Powell Mountian. The ranch is family owned and operated and offers horseback riding, snowmobiling, boating, camping and food. Powell Mountian is the highest peak in the Gore range.

  • Whit's End is really OPEN!!!

    While this is part of the whole "Focus on the Family" experience, Whit's End deserves a tip of it's own. Whit's End is Focus on the Family's own Ice Cream Parlour! You will recognize this attraction as part of the "Adventures In Odyssey" radio series. Inside the downstairs area you will find dedicated to CHILDREN and GROWN CHILDREN alike. We had...

  • Focus on the Family

    This is in Colorado Springs. Having listened to Focus on the Family for several years, I made it a point to visit it. Take the tour if you can, it's actually quite interesting. Be sure to grab the current complimentary issue of magazines that apply to you or your family. This place has samples of every publication they print, well worth the read!...

  • Silver Dollar Lake Trail

    This is a spectacular 1.5-mile hike that is quite close to Denver Metro area. It is surprisingly difficult because of the elevation (>11,000ft). Highly recommended.

  • Pulpit Rock

    This is an unusual rock formation located right off Interstate 25 behind the Pike's Peak Harley Davidson Store in Colorado Springs. When I first saw it on a road trip in 1990, I thought it was one of the most awesome sights. However, as I found out when I moved here, the REAL awesome sight is from the top! You can see for miles. I'll post a pic...

  • Cascade Falls

    Not exactly what you would expect to see in a waterfall, but Cascade Falls is a very beautiful one at that. The nice thing is, all you have to do is pull over to the side of the road, get out of your car, and walk a few feet into the woods to see it. If you don't wish to do this, just pull over, get out of your car, and walk over to the sign and...

  • Agnes Vaille Falls

    These falls were named after a famous female pioneer of the 19th century, Agnes Vaille.This was a short hike, but had a view well worth seeing. You start off at the parking lot, and you hike for only 1/2 a mile...afterwards, you wind up at a very beautiful waterfall. This is a hike well worth taking. Moderate to difficult: Takes approximately 45...

  • Trailheads

    You will find a few of these along the Front Range Trail. These areas you can either park your car to take a walk, use as a checkpoint, or to fill up your water bottle and use the restroom. This one is the Palmer Lake Trailhead.

  • Pawnee Buttes -- an undiscovered...

    Pawnee Buttes rise up out of the prairie grasslands in splendid isolation. The wind has carved the white buttes into beautiful mini-canyons, and it is home to nesting raptors (certain trails are closed from March through June). The drive out there will take you past working cattle ranches, and maybe even deer or antelope will stare at you from the...

  • Mount Cutler Trail

    Very scenic, and right in the city limits!! This is one trail I would recommend a nice day hike. Be careful though, because it has some loose gravel and large drop-offs in some areas. You can also see Seven Falls from here for free!! Unfortunately, though, it's far away, and you'll have to use the zoom on your camera to get a good look. I attached...

  • St. Elmos Ghost Town

    While we were camping at Narthrop, we visited a ghost town. It is located on the road that goes by the Princeton Hot Springs, just keep going from there. We drove up the muddy dirt road for what seemed like 10 miles to St. Elmos Ghost Town. You would think nobody would have found this place or bothered to drive that far on a bad road, but the...

  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    The only zoo I have ever been to where you could feed giraffes. The are SO CUTE!!! This was without a doubt the most enjoyable zoo I have ever been to. What made it an even greater experience was that on the way in, a very nice family ( thank you!!) gave us all free admission tickets ( they had extra ones).The zoo is located in Colorado Springs.

  • Eleven Mile Canyon

    This is a recreational area run by the State of Colorado. This is one of the most fun and scenic areas of Colorado. For a $4.00 US daily use fee, you can enjoy flyfishing, hiking, camping, rockclimbing, off-road (4-wheeling), or whatever else you may enjoy.Located on US-24 past Lake George.

  • Texas Creek

    The stretch of U.S. Highway 50 from Canon City to Salida is very scenic, with Texas Creek ( which becomes the Arkansas River a little downstream of where these photos were shot ) on one side of the highway, and the steep foothills of the Rocky Mountains on the other side. The highway runs along the river / creek bank for most of the 50 miles ( 90...

  • vail pass

    a great hut to hut system stretching 100's of kilometers for trekking in the snow. This is at Vail Pass easy to get to some great wind Lake Dillon Georgetown lake and Loveland Pass Best part is all free except for gas but if you're switching to veggie oil even better. Everything is so easy to get to from the highway I 70

  • Horsethief Falls

    This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Colorado. Even though it may look frozen in this picture, there was still water flowing when we went up to look at it. If you go, be sure to climb up to the top...the view is great!To get there, follow CO-67 toward Cripple Creek. Once you get on a VERY winding road, look for an area with a closed...

  • Camping at Barr Camp

    This place is fantastic!! This is a campground that offer's free camping to explorers / hikers who are hiking up to Pike's Peak. It is located about 7 miles from the entrance of the Barr Trail in Manitou Springs; and about 6 miles from the summit of Pike's Peak. The caretakers there are named Neal and Teresa. They live there 24/7; 365. They cater...

  • Visit a "Ghost Town"

    St. Elmo is a ghost town trying to make a comeback. About 40 people have moved back to the town, but the main population remains the hummingbirds and chipmunks. They'll let you feed them if you're interested.St. Elmo is located north of Salida and south of Buena Vista off Highway 285 and then west of Nathrop. The road heads towards the college...

  • Mueller State Park

    This is one of many state parks in Colorado. Located off CO-67 between Divide and Cripple Creek, this state park has many things to offer. Camping and hiking primarily. There is even a wildlife sanctuary nature trail you can hike that lets you actually see some animals up close (say sorry to Rover and Fido...even though they are allowed in the...

  • Memorial Park

    This park is a must see! There is wide open land here, along with a lake, memorials, and yes, even a VELODROME!! It is located south of the US Olympic Training Center on the Olympic Promenade (Union Blvd). Take I-25 to Garden of the Gods exit, exit there and travel East on Garden of the Gods road. Garden of the Gods turns into Austin Bluffs at...

  • Trails at Glen Eyrie

    This trail is a must see and do! There is a nice waterfall about midway, and an area called the "Punch Bowls" at the end. I'm warning you, though, the water is ICE COLD!! I went there on a 90 degree day in July, and my feet were FREEZING! It is a good cooling off spot, though. The staff at Glen Eyrie do request that you go to the main office and...

  • Front Range Trail

    This is a trail that some man envisioned (forgive me, I can't remember his name). In any case, this trail runs from the New Mexico border to the Wyoming border, and it interconnects all the towns and cities in between. I have biked this trail many times. It is tough to bike, but well rewarding from the scenery, as you can see here!! Part of the...

  • Greenland Open Space

    This area is full of rolling hills and prairie. Evidently, the settlers here in the 1800's called it "Greenland" well, because the area is so green. The Front Range Trail runs through this area.Located in Douglas County off I-25 Between Colorado Springs and Castle Rock.

  • Geocaching in Keystone

    I can't say too much about this place because it's a treasure hunt place. If I did say, you wouldn't have to hunt. But this is a nice trail North of the Keystone Lake. The terrain is not too difficult and once you get towards the top there are some nice views of Keystone.

  • Colorado beauty

    This is truly a beautiful state. Alaska may be G-d's country, but it has nothing on Colorado scenery-wise. And Colorado has better weather.You can quote me on this one.

  • View en route to summit , Crested Butte

    Crested Butte is a small ski town, which many local residents prefer over Aspen or Vail. In the summer, there are numerous opportunities to hike the mountains that serve as ski slopes during the winter.I visited in late May, hoping to make it to the summit of a 14er. Being from South Florida, I was ignorant to the concept of spring as, to me, later...

  • Hanging Lake trail

    Just east of Glenwood Springs along I-70 is theHanging Lake recreation area. Here you will find a short (just over a mile) but steep trail that leads to a most unusual lake.The trail passes through a very narrow section of the canyon and up a steep slope, which has stairs carved into the rock to assit you. As with most hikes that are short but...


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