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Admission to Mystic Seaport
"Immerse yourself in 19 acres of America's maritime history. Mystic Seaport encompasses a world-renowned preservation shipyard a 19th-century seafaring village and formal galleries where you'll find assorted permanent and rotating exhibits that explore America's relationship with the sea.  Visit the actively working preservation shipyard where ships and boats of all sizes are restored and main Ship-smith Print Shop and Ship Carver.  Talk with staff well versed in the activities trades of 19th-century maritime America and watch them ply their skills. The village also features three tall ships
From $26.00
Go Boston Card
"Choose free entry to over 40 unique attractions and tours in Boston and its surrounds then let your Go Boston Card do the rest. You'll receive discounts and special offers on shopping dining and activities plus a 69-page guidebook to help you plan your Boston vacation. The Go Boston Card leaves you in control allowing you to have the best customized experience possible. The Go Boston Card is available for one two
From $54.00
Private New York City Night Tour with Driver-Guide
"At nightfall or later if you prefer you will be met for your 3-hour tour at the Manhattan location of your choice. Take a drive in your private vehicle to Hamilton Park in Weehawkin New Jersey high up on the cliffs overlooking the Hudson River. There you will enjoy what is considered to be the best night view of the New York City skyline. From Weehawkin travel along the Hudson River for various river-level views and photos of the city. Through the Holland tunnel across lower-Manhattan and over the Brooklyn Bridge
From $299.00

More Warnings and Dangers in New Haven

CCW Everyday

This is why I conceal carry everyday, one in the chamber, everywhere I go. Protect yourself and your family from New Haven "thugs." Until we start fighting back, the ghetto areas will continue to...
May 20, 2014

Onetimesonn's Warning is Nonsense

State Street is not in the Hill. Nowhere on State Street resembles the situation he describes, and it's a ridiculous exaggeration even for the worst streets in town. Sounds like a fool writing...
Oct 23, 2013


I just moved to C.T. from Brooklyn I am living in New Haven on Sate Street wanting to get away from the whole hustle and bustle of the city life. Now of course I have heard that Hartford was a...
May 06, 2009

New Haven

I just moved to C.T. from Brooklyn I am living in New Haven on Sate Street wanting to get away from the whole hustle and bustle of the city life. Now of course I have heard that Hartford was a...
May 06, 2009


as a member of the high crime rate gang the duce or 1700' s tre you should not walk down derby ave after 10;00 or winthrop & chapel ,norton ,elm street there has been an increase of shootouts in...
Dec 17, 2007

Bad Neighborhoods

New Haven is pretty lively at night, downtown, with all the clubs and pizza joints. There are a couple areas to avoid, particularly at night. All of Fair Haven, the Hill, and Newhallville should be...
Oct 06, 2007
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The skinny on downtown..

Downtown is as safe as it could be and as of recently, is patrolled by plainclothes officers ( I saw no fewer then 5 today, mostly helping parents of Yale Freshman with directions). Even during night...
Osmun79's Profile Photo
Aug 02, 2007

Dangerous Areas of the City

New Haven in the 90's was the most dangerous city in Connecticut and among the most dangerous small cities in the country. Automatic Gunfire was a common sound through the Notorious Neighborhoods of...
Nov 27, 2006

Just use common sense

New Haven like many American cities has its problems. Crime has gone down in recent years and many once horrific neighborhoods are back in bloom. In all of my years in and around New Haven I have...
May 02, 2005

Kensington St near St Raphaels Hospital

Drugs and hookers abound. Other areas to avoid are all the blocks between Kensington to the east up to Ella Grasso Blvd. and Edgewood Park to the west. Whalley Ave to the north and Chapel to the...
jadex's Profile Photo
Nov 24, 2003

Safe or dangerous?

I felt pretty safe while I was visiting Yale University. We were even walking on the streets at night. It wasn't until after we left New Haven that we heard from our friends in Hartford that New Haven...
meteorologist1's Profile Photo
Aug 20, 2003

Downtown New Haven

Downtown New Haven is reputed to be dangerous but after multibillion dollar efforts by the city and university it has managed to transform itself into an entity which is merely...boring. It has some...
May 27, 2003

New Haven is an American city....

New Haven is an American city. The residential areas to the west and northwest of the central business district including outside of Yale University are dangerous at night, as these are high-crime...
Aug 26, 2002

New Haven is a small city, but...

New Haven is a small city, but it can also be dangerous. Almost every week there is a shooting or stabbing, with some resulting in fatalities. While visiting New Haven, avoid the housing projects...
Aug 26, 2002

Top Hotels in New Haven

1157 Chapel Street, (Hotel Currently Under Renovation), New Haven, Connecticut, 06511, United States
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155 Temple St., New Haven, Connecticut, 06510, United States
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229 George St., New Haven, Connecticut, 06510, United States
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30 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut, 06511, United States
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30 Frontage Rd., (formerly Holiday Inn Express), East Haven, Connecticut, 06512, United States
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3 Long Wharf Drive, New Haven, Connecticut, 06511, United States
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Top Things to Do in New Haven

Things to Do

Yale University

A multi storey indoor gymnasium - Payne Whitney is popular with students for daily exercise to get rid of academic stresss and peer pressure. There are basketball courts, squash, racquetball, volley...
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Things to Do

Old Campus - Yale University

For a Brit there is something faintly amusing about a US university deliberately making itself look like the ancient Medieval colleges of Oxford and Cambridge. And Old Campus Yale has very much done...
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Things to Do

Peabody Museum of Natural History

Small though this museum may be it nevertheless packs in a heck of a lot in ters of exhibits and information. There are large number of superb dinosaur skeleton as well as: a real interesting section...
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Things to Do


Lots and lots of architectural styles to see in New Haven...I very much enjoyed just wandering he streets and looking to see what I could see. Always remember to look up. Often the ground floor of a...
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Things to Do

Yale Center for British Art

I visited this place for the first time in 2013, when the building was undergoing renovation and restoration so far fewer pieces were on display. It is what it exhibition of British art...
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Things to Do

Sterling Memorial Library

Well, crikey is all I can say. This is, of course, a superb library (although the public can't access the majority of the library part). But it's just like entering a Medieval English cathedral. A...
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"Most definitely not what you may be expecting...."
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"Yale, and a lot more"
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