Cape Canaveral Travel Guide

  • Beach to the north
    Beach to the north
    by grandmaR
  • Folks by the channel watching the ships leave
    Folks by the channel watching the ships...
    by grandmaR
  • Main building from cruise ship 2013
    Main building from cruise ship 2013
    by grandmaR

Cape Canaveral Things to Do

  • Kennedy Space Center

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    You will see KSC's industrial area to see NASA HQ, the operations & Checkout building, as well as the International Space Station Centre. In addition you'll get a close up look at the Space Shuttle launch facilities from the scenic AB Camera stop, the Vehicle Assembly Transporters, as well as the Shuttle Landing Facility. The Rocket Garden is a...

  • Cape Kennedy

    I have not visited Cape Kennedy - basically my husband is not interested in the astronaut program at all and the only reason I would visit would be to to see the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse. But I know other people want to go.The launch buildings and other things on the Cape are landmarks that we saw every time we went down the river past Titusville...

  • Jetty Park Amenities

    Jetty Park is a very popular recreational park in Brevard County. In addition to a fishing pier and campground, it has a recently renovated and expanded building on the boardwalk houses an air-conditioned refreshment center and a bait and tackle shop. There is also a big playground.

  • Beach at Jetty Park

    Jetty Park is a Brevard County Park which has a 4.5 acre family beach with its designated areas for swimming and surfing (lifeguards on duty year round). Day parking is $10.00

  • Fishing Pier at Jetty Park

    When we came in to Port Canaveral, I saw a park along the side of the entrance. I think this was Jetty ParkJetty Park is one of the most popular recreation spots in Brevard County. One of this park's best-loved features is the 1,200 foot Malcolm E. McLouth Fishing Pier - open 24 hours, paved, lighted, equipped with fish-cleaning tables with running...

  • The Beach

    The beaches of Cape Canaveral can be considered a hidden treasure of the Space Coast, since many people use the beaches of Cocoa Beach, the next city south. The key to this hidden treasure? The locals work, on their own time, to maintain its beauty, especially the dunes. We love to see you enjoying the beauty the teamwork of the city, the locals,...


Cape Canaveral Hotels

Cape Canaveral Restaurants

  • Watch the Cruise Ships from The Cove

    While we were going out the Port Canaveral channel, I was looking for the Harbourtown Marina and the Cape Canaveral lighthouse. I also wanted to get some photos of Jetty Park. I did take this picture of Fishlips, but I haven't eaten here.

  • Buffet

    The Windjammer is the ship's Buffet. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Windjammer is set up with different food stations with appetizers, entrees, desserts, side dishes and beverages. The food here is not as good as the dining room but is fine for breakfast. We had lunch here the first day we boarded, a few breakfasts and for snacks...

  • Enjoying Some Ice Cream

    To our surprise and delight there was a Ben & Jerry's on board the ship. Liz and I are big Ben & Jerry's fans so this was an added bonus. After a long day of sightseeing we boarded the ship and were a bit hungry. We didn't want a meal since dinner was only a few hours off but needed a snack. We decided to have some ice cream. Liz had Chocolate...


Cape Canaveral Nightlife

  • Casual waterfront dinning and...

    This is a very frequent place for locals on friday nights. Seafood is excellent and the Tiki bar provides live band entertainment. On any sunday afternoon you can sit on the deck and watch the public boat ramp follies. Casual

  • For those wishing to get even...

    For those wishing to get even closer, there are two special interest tours to consider. The NASA Up-Close Tour gives participants a unique photo opportunity of the launch pads,an up-close view of the VAB, and the Shuttle Landing Facility.

  • Cape Canaveral Hotels

    10 Hotels in Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral Transportation


    Each one of the cruise lines has their own terminal at Port Canaveral. Last time we were there, we were getting on a Disney cruise so, we were in the Disney terminal which is Cruise Terminal Eight. This was the first terminal in the U.S. built to a specific cruise line's specifications and for its exclusive use, Cruise Terminal 8 was...

  • Shuttle to the Port

    There is a shuttle from Avis that takes you from the Rental Car Office to the Port and then picks you back up on the return from the cruise. The shuttle is a quick ride about seven minutes and very comfortable (an airconditioned mini bus).

  • Cruise Ship

    We set sail from Port Canaveral on Royal Caribbean's Sovereign of the Seas. It wasd an older and smaller cruise ship yet it was a perfect first cruise experience for the both of us.


Cape Canaveral Shopping

  • Freeze-Dried Ice Cream

    If you have enough calendars, and you don't want to overload your shelves, this may be solution for you. Original astronauts food. Finally, you may taste it and discover how strong and brave astronauts must be to eat this every day.

  • A Photo Memory

    During the cruise there are several photographers set up by the dining room and wandering inside the dining area. We stopped and posed for a few pictures. The next day our pictures were available to view and we chose the ones we wanted to buy.When we arrived in different ports they also took our pictures as we disembarked.

  • An Anklet for Liz

    This particular cruise ship did not have tons of shopping since it was a small vessel. They did have a jewelry store, liquor store, perfume and make up store and a genral store selling souveniers and such. The jewlery store was seling silver and gold chains by the inch. Liz saw a particular style she liked. They measured her ankle and a day later...


Cape Canaveral Local Customs

  • Ship Map

    You will never get lost on one of these cruise ships. They have maps, signs and directoris all over the ship to tell you where you are and what you are looking for. They even have ship model with a deck plan so you can see how the ship is facing at all times.

  • Sail Away

    It's customary when pulling out of port for passengers to get on deck and start to party. It's a fun experience expecially with a drink in hand.

  • Duty, Honor, Country

    The effort to get into space has cost the lives of many brave men and women. One place you can visit at Cape Canaveral that holds a special meaning to many people is Pad 34. It was on Pad 34 that the fire inside the Apollo 1 capsule took the lives of Gus Grissom, Roger Chaffee, and Ed White. If you visit Pad 34, you will see the plaque honoring...


Cape Canaveral Warnings and Dangers

  • The Muster Drill

    The Muster Drill is mandatory for all passengers. Attendance is taken. No one is allowed to leave and continue their fun untill all passengers have particpated in the drill.

  • Security upgraded

    Expect security at the entire space complex to be tighter than ever. If you have been there before, you will see the difference. Expect restrictions on what you can take on the tours and inspections of any bags you take into the Visitors Center. I do know that you can no longer get the detailed maps and pictures from the KSC web site that they once...

  • Cover Up Or Burn Up

    It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people that refuse to put on suncream and opt for nothing or even baby oil or cooking oil in the naieve belief that it will help them tan quicker. It will not, it will only make you burn and then peel quicker.A high factor sunscreen is always a good idea, a healthy white skin is far more attractive than...


Cape Canaveral Tourist Traps

  • The Cocoa Beach Pier

    Average food, high prices and ridiculous parking charges. However, the beach is good, the bikinis are great and they have all kinds of live entertainment. Check out the Easter Surfing Contest.

  • No surprizes

    Thinking of Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral themselves, we had no surprizes. Any time you visit an attraction or major site like this, you have to expect to pay more for food / drink. Prices were higher than they were at Daytona Speedway but not by much. We expected this and were ready for it. For adults this should not be a problem. We can...

  • Watch your money in the Space Shop

    The Space Shop has over 8,000 space related items. When you enter, you just can't help buying 'this for a friend' and 'that for another friend' and 'one little thing for a neighbor', and... But things are not cheap. So be careful, Americans know how to sell their attractions :)


Cape Canaveral What to Pack

  • Be prepared according to the time of...

    Remember, bags will be checked. Some bags like back packs are not allowed at all.If possible, use a small camera bag or a vest designed for photography. Diaper bags may be ok but you should check the KSC web site for detailed information. Clothing should match the weather. Temps go from really hot and humid to very cool depending on the time of...

  • Packing List

    Cape Canaveral is in Florida... and the whole world knows how HOT the weather CAN get here in SUNNY Florida (note: words in CAPS are meant for emphasis and for you to take the HINT!). So remember to wear only LIGHT WEIGHT and comfortable clothes AND shoes/ sandals. Shorts, bermudas, tank tops, sundresses etc. will suffice. O.K., don't laugh at...

  • Leave your long sleeves at home!

    Florida is hot most time of the year. Even when it's not hot, it's still warm. You hardly ever need long sleeves. This is valid for people used to four seasons. I remember that some of my college friends from Haiti felt cold when temperatures fell to +15°C!!! As usual, enough film rolls to capture all the great things there. But, should you run...


Cape Canaveral Off The Beaten Path

  • Cape Canaveral Lighthouse

    I was finally able to see this lighthouse as the Disney Fantasy left the channel.The original lighthouse on Canaveral was a 65-foot brick tower, constructed in 1848. A new tower (built after the Civil War) was composed of metal plates with a brick lining. The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse didn’t receive its distinctive black bands until 1873 - before...

  • Naughty Naughty for your eyes only

    If you are over 18, in Cape Canaveral and have a sense of adventure then you really must stop at the FairVilla Megastore. Hexepatty asked us if we wanted to stop at this store as she was looking to purchase an item of lingere. We pulled into the parking lot and stopped at a octagonal building with no windows and only one door. "What could this be"...

  • Room with a View!

    I'll admit, there were tons of kids, but you know what? You didn't see them THAT much. Still a cruise ship with late hours of booze and a casino might have been more fun. Not sure...As you speak with those who have experienced the Disney Cruise Line, you start to see a common theme in their comments. Families comment on how wonderful the family...


Cape Canaveral General

  • Soda Card

    When on this ship you must purchase your soda or buy a soda card for unlimited refils. The only free beverages are: water, iced tea, lemonade, coffee, tea and juices with breakfast. I wanted to have the option of being able to have soda so I purchased the card. They give you a refillable thermal cup and place a soda sticker on your seapass to...

  • Gratuity

    Royal Caribbean hands out an information sheet regarding customary gratuity amounts. Envelopes are provided in your stateroom the day before arrival back in the home port. You can put money in the envelopes for the appropriate staff or go to the customer service desk and have the gratuity added to your seapass account.The Gratuity Guidelines...

  • Internet Access

    Internet access is important to us. Liz is in school and needs to submit assignments and do homework when we are on vacation. There is an internet area on the ship but we choose to bring our own laptop. They have various packages that range from 60 minutes of time to 180 minutes. The cruise ship provides a map of area on the ship that have wireless...


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