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Daytona Beach Things to Do

  • Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse

    Anyone know the degree of incline of the steps? 203 Steps up 175 feet, but what incline? This was my second time climbing to the top of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, but it was quite an experience. I remember the first time I did it, I was out of shape and had trouble climbing due to exhaustion. I made it to the top though. This time, 20 years...

  • Beach

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Daytona Beach is famous for its hard packed sands that have long been driven on by beach goers. In fact these beaches are so famous, the first stock car races at Daytona Beach actually occurred on the sandy beach. The first street and beach course ran down A1A about 1.6 miles then turned onto the beach at Beach and returned 1.6 miles to the...

  • Main Street

    the daytona beach cemetery is located on main street across the street from the boot hill saloon. this historic cemetery is the final resting place of many of daytona's early settlers and and several confederate civil war veterans. a historic and interesting place to visit on main street.


Daytona Beach Hotels

Daytona Beach Restaurants

  • Stoney Farms Crab Shop & More

    When I first visited Daytona about a year ago, my friends told me about this place. I am a seafood nut. I love anything & everything that comes from the ocean. One thing I don't like though are chain restaurants. I want something fresh...something local. So this place was perfect. We pulled up and walked inside. We were greeted by the staff who...

  • Nice small seafood market!

    When I first visited Daytona about a year ago, my friends told me about this place. I am a seafood nut. I love anything & everything that comes from the ocean. One thing I don't like though are chain restaurants. I want something fresh...something local. So this place was perfect. We pulled up and walked inside. We were greeted by the staff who...

  • Sloppy Joe's

    Ate at Sloppy Joe's with the kids at Daytona Beach. It was really good. I ordered the conch fritters for the table, the kids have never tried them before and they liked them. Joshua got the FRESH CATCH OF THE DAY (cute dish), Noelle got the Shrimp Alfredo Pasta, Brandy chose the Chicken Parmesan, and I opted to get the Cayo Chicken Wrap with Cuban...


Daytona Beach Nightlife

  • live entertainment

    wise guys is one of the newest drinking establishments on main street. they offer live entertainment and the decor is not as well worn as their main street neighbors. a nice place to have a drink and listen to music on main street. casual

  • Friday evenings in Daytona Beach

    I hang out here quite a bit mostly because of the following reasons:1)It's on the water with a beautiful atmosphere2)Live entertainment (Neil Freestone plays every Friday 5-9pm so that's my night)3)Really tasty food at a good price, awesome fish dishes4) After 10 it turns into a cool dance club but I'm usually in bed by then, very trendy and...

  • new orleans style

    bishop tavern is a new orleans style bar located on main street. this is one of a chain of bars that also have locations in st. petersburg and gainesville. they have a upstairs patio which is a fun place to drink and people watch. the bishop tavern is one of the nicer bars on main street. casual.


Daytona Beach Transportation

  • Driving a car in Florida

    I thought I could turn right at a red light if all was clear, but I was wrong. Well, I didn't see the sign saying don't turn at a red light, at this junction anyway :) I was still getting used to driving here and completely didn't see it, and so when I got back to the UK, found a letter telling me I had a $200 fine :(The rule is something like...

  • Where to find parking while at the track

    Is this tip related to transportation or tourist traps? You could apply it to both topics. Parking on non-race days is usually easy to find and free. We parked across the street from the main entance to the Raceway in the shopping center where Ruby Tuesdays is located. We left the car there for about 6 hours each time with no problems at all. Race...

  • Rent a car

    Once you arrive at the Daytona Beach airport, rent a car ASAP. You can do nothing without one. You can't just walk around, there are no sidewalks, and distances are huge. I always had to drive everywhere, even to the supermarket. You'll only see pedestrians close to the beach; within the city you'll see nobody walking (as I said, no sidewalks).


Daytona Beach Shopping

  • Swimwear

    I reckon Daytona sells the best beachware ever. I bought a bikini in 2004 & haven't seen anything better - I've now stopped shopping for bikinis! Pretty expensive tho - you look at the top & think "hmm - quite expensive for a bikini"....then you realise the price is for the top only and the bottoms are equally expensive. Place I bought mine ( can't...

  • That Shirt You Were Always Looking For

    When you go to Daytona, you may wonder why you see so many references to "***".Who is this "***"? Why, she's YOU!If your partner rides a bike, then you're the *** who sits behind him. Or if you're even luckier, you're the *** who owns your OWN bike! In the latter case, you'll want to purchase this kind of shirt - which you won't have any problem...

  • It's All About the Leather Accessories

    You KNOW you need those chaps.....but where can you get them for less than $100???Why - in DAYTONA, during Bike Week!!!!Here we see David getting a little help from Yours Truly assuming the valet position, attempting to zip up his leather chaps before he gets back on his bike.It does take practice, folks. As low as $39.00, which is the bargain...


Daytona Beach Local Customs

  • bike week

    daytona beach has a number of events through out the year. one of the most attended events is bike week in march and biketoberfest in october. motorcyclists from all over the country come to daytona beach for these events. see the attached website for more information. for those visiting daytona beach for a quiet relaxing vacation these two events...

  • Scalpers are always there.

    Ticket scalping must be a local custom at DIR. There are LOTS of men (not saying there aren't any women but I never saw any) on the side of the street / sidewalk buying and selling tickets. All of the men that spoke to us were polite and all we had to do was say no and they left us alone. As always, the rule is be polite to strangers if you want...

  • You can drive on the beach . . .

    . . . but I don't see why people do. I mean, it just seems like a good way to *** up a perfectly good beach. Can't you park and, I dunno, walk to the beach? Americans are allergic to walking - or excercise in any way, shape, or form, but this is rediculous. My ex-boyfriend MADE me drive on the beach one day, and my car got stuck. (Uh, it's wet sand...


Daytona Beach Warnings and Dangers

  • crime statistics

    for the most part daytona beach is a very safe place to visit for the tourist. there are some high crime area of daytona beach which you should avoid. to see crime statistics by area seach daytona beach on the attached website.

  • Watch where you lay your blanket

    Motorized vehicles allowed on beach. Don't be fooled if you are in an area that doesn't allow cars - you still have beach patrol, ice cream vendors, etc. Nothing like the roar of a car rushing inches away from your head as you sleep on the beach to make you jump up and drag the blanket significant distance away.Watch yourself and your stuff. There...

  • Girls Gone Retarded

    Daytona Beach is friggin crazy during Spring Break. Personally, I don't like it. I mean, if I wanted to stand next to some guy who says things like, "Dude, my balls are huge!" while holding up two beach balls and then laughs like an idiot, I would visit some sort of special home for people like that. Also, the feminist movement gets knocked back...


Daytona Beach Tourist Traps

  • Scroungers

    People begging for money Daytona is the only place in Florida where I get stopped by bums scrounging money. They're invariably guys travelling with a pregnant woman who needs medication....Perhaps I've just got one of those gullible faces?

  • Is the tour a waste of money? Maybe.

    Taking the tour of the infield at Daytona Speedway was almost a waste of money. I say almost because while the information the guide had was not worth the money, the experience was. Compaired to the number of people that come to races, the infield crowd is small. The tour gives a view of the track from an "inside-out" angle. My advise? If you are...

  • Getting money from an ATM....

    That's something that can cost you more money than really neccesary. Depending on where you get it. I've seen ATM's that would charge up to 4 dollar if you'd use them.. If you ad up the cost you're own bank will charge you for using an ATM outside the country. In the event theres no K-mart, Wall Mart or anything like that closeby just pay by using...


Daytona Beach What to Pack

  • Daytona_Info's Profile Photo

    Packing List

    by Daytona_Info Written Aug 26, 2002

    Luggage and bags: If you bring Leather, be sure to condition it first, the humidity can play havoc on leathers. It can cause mold to grow quickly. Be sure not to leave cloth, vinyl or leather in the sun for long as it will dry it out, and cause cracking and fading.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: In Daytona we dress for comfort, be sure to bring clothing that will allow you to dress for a warm, and often Humid Climate. Be sure to check our current weather forcast before you come down. Our temperature changes can be extreme, so be prepared to put on, and take of layers througout the day.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Bring lots of sun block. Daytona Sun is one of it's greatest features. However, people often underestimate it's intensity and fry like a lobster. Bring Aloe Based care products as well, this way if you do get burned you can treat it right away before it ruines your vacation.

    Photo Equipment: Keep in mind that salt air will corode contacts. Bring extra batteries. Many locals recommend the Alkaline and Nicle Metal Hydride rechargable, and or disposable batteries, but be sure to check for corrosion were the contacts meet.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Daytona Beach Area has alot of beautiful camping opportunities. But keep in mind that we have alot of standing water, and swamps. This is a breeding grounds for mosquitos. Mosquito bites do not necessarily hurt, but they do itch. More importantly though Mosquitos can carry uncomfortable illnesses. Although it is almost never heard in the area of anyone contracting mosquito born disease, don't take a chance. Wear mosquito protection. Avon makes some great products, that are said to be better for your body than other products on the market.

    Miscellaneous: Be sure to pack for the type of trip you are planning. It's simple if you are going fishing, remember your gear. Horse back riding, bring a saddle, and in all cases bring your favorite swim suit.

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Daytona Beach Off The Beaten Path

  • last resort bar

    the last resort bar, formerly known as the port orange pub may be of interest to those interested in florida crime history. the last resort bar was the capture site of the serial killer aileen wuornos. wuornos was a prositute that murdered seven central florida men between 1989 and 1990. the manhunt and trial of aileen wuornos received national...



  • Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse Museum

    You will enjoy the walking tour of the Ponce de Leon Light Station. There are great exhibits featuring the history of this lighthouse.If you are in good physical shape, be sure to climb to the top of the lighthouse. There are 203 steps to the gallery deck. This lighthouse is 175 feet tall and contains 1.4 MILLION bricks! Be careful -- climbing is...


Daytona Beach Sports & Outdoors


    My family and I had a great time learning to surf at Go! Surf Daytona.My two children at first were nervous, but were able to stand up in the first lesson.The instructors were very pollite and took my two daughters step-by-step through the process to learn to surf. All equipment is proved by Go! Surf.Free use of surfboards, tent, and water.

  • MM 829.5 Caribbean Jacks

    The former English Jim's has undergone a sea change, and is now Caribbean Jacks. There are new fixed piers, a pool, and new showers etc. There is a boaters lounge with TV and internet line. There is cable TV at the dock. The promised restaurant has now been built. Parks is within walking distance and is very good, and cheap (has early bird specials...

  • Daytona International Speedway

    What a cool place! I don't really have any particular interest in racing, but I had the opportunity to visit the track when they were testing and when it was closed to the public. The place is huge and track is so long and high when you see it up close! You can also pay to either have a driver drive you around the track or you can pay extra and...


Daytona Beach General

  • Beach walkin' breaks up a road trip

    I do a long road trip from time to time, driving from Key West to Northern Virginia. Daytona Beach is a good goal to reach in the afternoon. For the three dollar twilight fee you can drive right onto the beach and have a nice long walk on the beach to break up the driving. You can't beat a nice barefoot walk in the sand to help you recover from...

  • General area vibe

    I'm using this area to just say that although I had a nice time, I was there with colleagues mainly on business. The area isn't really all that kid-friendly and is heavily into the "biker" scene. There are many biker bars (some quite nice, one with a great blues band!) but there is only a very small boardwalk area with limited family activities. I...

  • The graduate & accomplices

    Christopher, the graduate, is on the left with beard. He cut off his long hair just prior to graduation and the beard went when it was time to find a job. Brother and sister were along for support....or aggitation....wherever their moods took them. These three are sometimes very funny when they get together after long periods of separation.All our...


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