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"Ghosts Legends and Lore Tour of Fort Lauderdale""Every city has its share of murder and deceit love gone wrong fires and disease and more stories of horror than you would care to know and Fort Lauderdale is no different! As you walk along the New River you will hear tales of the residential spirits ghosts
From $25.00
Gangster and Prohibition History Tour of Fort Lauderdale
Gangsters and Prohibition""Murder and mayhem abound on the streets and history books of Fort Lauderdale and you will discover it all on this adult-only history tour!Begin your tour at a local pub where cocktails and cold drinks are available for purchase. Departing from the pub head up the New River where your expert local guide will regale you with stories of the early days of Fort Lauderdale how the Seminole Wars shaped the area the train
From $25.00
Bike Tour of Fort Lauderdale
"Departing from the New River Inn and Museum take a ride on a Panama Jack beach cruiser for a ride through historic downtown Fort Lauderdale including historic Sailboat Bend. A site seeing ride along the New River as we explain why we are 'the Yachting Capital of the World' is always a favorite among our guests.After a safe leisurely ride along the backstreets and canals of downtown Fort Lauderdale weather permittingWe will head back on your bike towards the New River Inn and Museum where you will walk through the exhibits (museum admission included in price) and learn more about Fort Lauderdale
From $49.00

The Marina Tips (10)

Best Boat Club & Rentals


I truly believe this “business” is nothing but a front for a tourist rip-off ring.

Last weekend my family, locals of Fort Lauderdale, rented a 21-foot boat for a half-day on the water, with two small children and two adults. Best Boat Rentals sale representative David Tabb seemed very nice when he wanted our money. In fact, it was our second time visiting him to consider joining their $6000/year boat club. We seriously thought if we had a nice experience renting a boat once, then we would join as members.

To make a terribly long story short, I will summarize by saying that the boat broke down in Port Everglades by the rock jetty (less than a mile from their dock). The wind was blowing us towards the rocks. I radioed them a dozen times on Channel 16, which Dean – their rental agent - said they monitor in case of an emergency. They don’t. Tow Boat US came to our rescue because they heard the many urgent radio calls; they were monitoring channel 16.

Unfortunately, the towboat that pulled us away from the rocks was en-route to another call and left us in a safe area to wait for another tow. We were stranded more than 1.5 hours for another tow. During the rescue, the Tow Boat US captain made it clear that his company LOVES Best Boat Rentals – as they regularly tow stranded customers back to the dock…. “it’s a good money maker for us!,” he exclaimed.

After leaving the dock, I also noticed: 1) The depth sounder didn’t work. 2) The engine temperature gauge did not work….because there wasn’t one. 3) The passenger seat was not secured properly and when crossing the wake of another boat, my wife almost fell out of the seat. 4). The glass windshield frame was missing screws and falling apart. 5) While anchored and swimming, we looked back at the boat and noticed a large area where the boat had significant hull damage, of course this is the side of the boat that was tied to the dock at Best Boat Rentals. 6) This explains why the bilge pump (the device that stops the boat from sinking) ran continuously during our ½ day excursion.

Yesterday I found an unauthorized fraudulent $2,000 charge on my debit card from these con artists. Additionally, they overcharged me for the rental. The rental contract read $275 and I was billed $339.50. To charge me anything for this experience is disgusting. I have reported these fraudulent charges to MasterCard.

Best Boat Rentals claimed the damage to the engine was my fault because I took the boat into the ocean. But on their website, the 21ft Polar Dual Console we rented states we can “Cruise comfortably through the canals or head off-shore to fish, water-ski, and snorkel…” Additionally, nowhere on their contract, in their literature, facilities signage, or in the boat does it say that the boat should not go in the ocean. It was a beautiful day, and we rented the boat to go in the ocean, explore beaches, and swim with my two boys – ages 6 & 8.

Interestingly, when I returned the boat under tow, Best Boat Rentals dockhand checked the propeller and looked over the entire boat and said it was clear to him that we had done nothing wrong. Having owned boats for more than 30 years myself, I know exactly what went wrong. It was simply a lack of maintenance to the propeller hub. This company, in effect, rented me a boat with “bald tires” and when I returned it, tried to tell me that I need to buy them new ones.

If anyone doubts the veracity of this story, call Tow Boat US and ask them how often they rescue Best Boat Rentals victims.

Richard Ticktin and Christina Twomey

Jun 11, 2011


We had a wonderful family trip recently to Fort Lauderdale. Our first day was spent hoping on and off the water taxi which was an excellent way to familiarise ourselves with the area. We got off the watertaxi on our first day at Bahia Mar Marina where we enquired about one of the fishing trips!

This happened to be the best thing that could have happened. We arranged a trip for the following day $125 each for 4 of us for 4 hours! The guys on the boat Chip and Freddie were awesome. Within 10 minutes of starting fishing we had caught a giant Kingfish. Freddie knew his stuff and in the 4 hours we had caught 5 Kingfish, 4 Dolphin fish (more about these later) and a baracuda which we got mounted for $500 and my husband has on his den wall!!

When we got back to shore Freddie gutted the dolphin fish for us and arranged for the restaurant at Bahia Cabana to cook it for us. I have to say it was the most amazing meal I have ever had. Knowing that the fish was pulled out of the water only a few hours before and by little old me surely contributed! We were staying in a hotel and unfortunately couldn't take the king fish but they boys assured us they would not be going to waste!

I have never gone ocean fishing before and had always imagined it was a lot more expensive and is something I never thought of doing. So I am extremely glad to have bumped into Freddie on the dock when coming off the Water Taxi. The boat is called the Miss Gail.

Nov 09, 2007

Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

We took a fishing trip and had a great time. My daughter did most of the fishing and my wife caught some sun. I took pictures and totally relaxed. If you want to give it a try take a look at Great service and very knowledgable!

Aug 18, 2005

A glimpse into a life of luxury.

Take a water taxi if you get the chance. There are several companies which operate boats, and they are all pretty similar. They charge $5 for unlimited riding all day long and will take you from New River out to the Intercoastal and back. Riding round trip will take around 3 hours, but they welcome you to come and go as you please. You can pick up the boat at many locations; ranging from Las Olas to Ft Lauderdale beach, so there are many places to stop and have a look. The boats also stop by some fantastic waterfront resturants, so you are able to stop for a bite to eat.
The boats cruise by some of the most amazing houses ever which are owned by the minds behind Blockbuster and Alamo rent a car.

LeananSidhe's Profile Photo
Jan 09, 2003
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Hotels Near Fort Lauderdale

250 North Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33301, United States
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205 N Federal Hwy, Dania Beach, Florida, 33004, United States
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620 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33301, United States
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711 North Federal Highway, 33304
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908 N. E. 15th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33304, United States
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77 Hendricks Isle, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33301, United States
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JungleQueen Riverboat Tour

Cruise down the intercoastal waterways . . . See homes of the very wealthy like the home of the guy that invented the paper clip . . . See homes of the famous like Burt Reynolds (some say that he even comes out and waves some times) . . . See the oldes home in Lauderdale . . . You also make a pit stop at an indian village and see an indian wrestly an alligator . . . It is kind of hokey, but you can't deny the wrestling is for real . . . All in all a fantastic way to see this side of Lauderdale . . . Cost is only $11.50 . . . Tour lasts about 3 hours . . . Reservations suggested

allenkite's Profile Photo
Sep 02, 2002

Go to the marinas and watch...

Go to the marinas and watch the boats go by...I used to work on boats when I was growing up so I have a fondness toward boats and Fort Lauderdale has the best of the best. Near Las Olas Boulevard you can go to one of the bridges and watch them go underneath...small and large ones that they have to raise up the bridge. Great cheap fun.

davidb4732's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

The Intracoastal.

Deemed the Venice of North America, Ft. Lauderdale boasts some of the nicest waterfront property this side of the Atlantic, with the rich boating from house to waterfront bar and restaurant in carefree fashion. What’s worse is most of the multimillion dollar homes are just winter residences and often the boats are even more expensive than the homes.

richiecdisc's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2002

The Water is Where to Be

The layout of the city is conducive to take in all the access points to water. The Intercoastal Waterway is a barrier, and also a chance to see many sites from more than one viewpoint.

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Feb 25, 2009

Top 5 Fort Lauderdale Writers

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"The Venice of America"
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"fort lauderdale"
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"Fort Lauderdale - Venice of America"
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"A MUCH needed break in the Sun"
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"Ft Lauderdale"
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Live Vicariously though Others

You should check out all of the pretty yachts in the many Marinas along the Intercoastal roads and canals. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get to ride in one. I wasn't....

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Mar 16, 2005

Jungle Queen Riverboat: Enjoy...

Jungle Queen Riverboat: Enjoy a B-B-Q and shrimp dinner as you cruise the New River and enjoy the variety show and the sing-a-longs.
Joyous dinner and ambiance.

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Aug 24, 2002

Things to Do Near Fort Lauderdale

Things to Do

Broward County Main Library

Broward County Main Library I really needed to find internet access to email home and you can log on here for free for an hour. If it’s slow they might let you stay on longer. There are two...
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Things to Do


I apparently wasn't paying attention when people told me to visit Las Olas Boulevard, for some reason I thought that the section they were referring to was near the beach so we started walking...and...
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Things to Do

Old Fort Lauderdale Museum of History

Old Fort Lauderdale Museum of History The museum depicts the city’s history from Seminole era to recent times. There’s a model in the lobby that shows what old Fort Lauderdale used to look like. The...
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Things to Do

Broward Center for the Performing Arts

the broward center for the performing arts is a state of the art theater located in downtown fort lauderdale. the performing arts center host broadway shows and other dance, music, and theatric...
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Things to Do

Las Olas Blvd

located a block south of broward blvd. in downtown fort lauderdale is beautiful las olas blvd. las olas blvd. offers upscale clothing stores, restaurants, and bars. one of the nicest shopping streets...
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Things to Do

Jungle Queen

We enjoyed the Venice of America Cruise a $25 two hour ride around Fort Lauderdale's beautiful waterways. We traveled along the, the Intracoastal Waterway and Port Everglades. This boat ride gave us a...
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Getting to Fort Lauderdale


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