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Miami Public Transit

The Miami Metro system is a fast and efficient way to get around Miami. The metrorail contains one main line with 22 stations(a subway/metro line), serving downtown Miami and most of the suburbs. The metromover, a downtown metro system with 3 lines, operates in the downtown Miami area. The metromover goes almost everywhere in downtown, and is free to ride. The metrorail costs $1.50 USD to ride. Metrorail goes to Dadeland(an urban area south of downtown, with malls, condos, etc), South Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, the University of Miami, Brickell, downtown Miami, Hialeah, Medley, Miami's medical district, as well as many other suburbs. Metromover operated a downtown loop, which stays in the central business district, a brickell line, which services the Brickell financial district in southern downtown, and an omni line, which services the "Midtown Miami" area to the north of downtown. Transfers from Metrorail to metromover occur at Government Center and Brickell stations. You can also transfer from Metrorail to Tri-Rail at the Metro Transfer station. The tri-rail is a commuter rail line which can take you directly to Miami International Airport, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, and Palm Beach. The tri-rail line is over 70 miles long and serves almost all of South Florida. The one place that is not accessible using public transport is Miami Beach. Plans are in the works to extend Metrorail as a subway or possibly light rail across Biscayne Bay to the beach within a few years. Other possible extensions are a north corridor of Metrorail running to Dolphins Stadium in northern Miami-Dade, and a direct metrorail connector to the airport, which would eliminate the current situation where a transfer from the main line is neccessary to access the airport. Overall, the public transit system, while not as large as New York and Boston, is a much better alternative than driving in the terrible Miami traffic. Although parts of Miami are known for their high crime rates, the metrorail is very safe.

Jan 14, 2007

getting around south florida by train

info about getting around the south florida area (palm beach county, broward county, and miami/dade county) by what is evidently a commuter train can be found at -- the customer service phone is 800/874-7245.

a website with a "trip planner" option is -- for general info -- and -- to enter a specific starting point and destination. what you will get is info on how to get from one place to the other by whatever public transit means are available -- train/bus/whatever.

caution -- i did not try any public transit when i was in this area b/c i found these websites only after i got back!

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Jul 21, 2006

No need for a car in South Florida

Most people that live in Miami and South Florida own a car. However it's still possible to get around South Florida with a bus, metrorail or tri-rail. The buses are not as frequent as, let's say NYC, but you can literally get from North to South with no problem.
The bus systems are easy to understand. Like most cities they will go North and South, East and West.
The metro-rail is located only in the Miami area and will get you to the key destinations. There is a connection from the metro-rail to the Tri-rail.
The Tri-rail is the train that can take you to Broward and West Palm Beach counties.

South Florida Regional Transportation:

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Nov 08, 2009

Getting there is easy. So many...

Getting there is easy. So many airlines fly directly into Miami and the airport is well served by public transport.
I found getting around to be easy. The public transport is good and fairly inexpensive, but I had access to a car. Some people hate driving in Miami but I can say I truly loved it.

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Aug 26, 2002
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The best way to get around...

The best way to get around downtown Miami is by Metro-mover. You can also go to shopping centers by Metro-rail by getting off at the South Miami or Dadeland North station. This is where the locals shop. The only other way to get around Miami is by car. The bus system is less than desirable.

Aug 26, 2002
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"Miami - Escape from Winter Weather"
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Things To Do Near Miami

Things to Do

Art Museum

During my visit there were two exhibits. One on José Bedia which was very interesting. His art was poignant given his background and the art he produces because of it. The other exhibit was almost a...
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Freedom Tower - Miami

Freedom Tower ex- Miami News and Metropolis Building Building Spotted by Chinggis and Borte on 24th of Nov. 2014 at 09:17am Location: 600 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami 33132 FL , USA Photo taken by:...
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Calle Ocho

The first stop was in Miami beach where I take a bath on the beach, the place has great girls and the water was refreshing. Then we visit the Calle 8, where there was market places and restaurants...
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Little Havana

Home to the most famous of Miami's domino clubs, Maximo Gomez Park is a small park located on the corner of SW 15th Avenue and SW 8th Street in Little Havana. Its fascinating to go and watch these...
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Jungle Island

This zoo is great! We usually feel really bad for animals in zoos if they seem neglected . Here, they really try to provide a great educational experience for visitors. Clean compassionate...
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Wynwood Walls feature a constantly rotating mixture of artists and their highly regarded creations. Wynwood was once a warehouse district full of decrepit-looking buildings that is now a mecca for...
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