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Romantic Flight Experience over Miami
"Great opportunity to see Downtown Miami and magnificent surroundings. You'll be able to check out many famous and historical places from a complete different perspective. Cruising over the west side of Biscayne Bay straight to the heart of Miami makes th Haulover and Golden Beach Bal Harbour and North Miami Beach Turnberry Isle and Hillcrest Golf Courses Oleta River State Park FIU Biscayne Campus Aventura Mall Sun Life Stadium – Home of Miami Dolphins Hibiscus Island Palm Island Venetian Island & Belle Isle Golden Glades Interchange Calder Casino & Race Course Port of Miami Key Biscayne American Airlines Arena Miami Seaquarium Virginia Ke""A private airplane tour over Miami with a loved one is definitely an experience of a lifetime. This romantic flight may be one of the best things to do in Miami. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience here is a great opportunity. There is no btitle=Highlights&1=40-minute+romantic+sightseeing+flight+over+Miami&2=Choose+your+own+morning%2C+afternoon+or+evening+start+time&3=Scenic+and+unique+private+guided+air+tour+with+a+professional+pilot&4=Perfect+for+couples+looking+for+a+special+excursion&5=
From $219.00
Sunset Air Tour over Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale
"For the ultimate view of South Florida this route is the most thrilling experience you to get. This is one in a lifetime special moment indeed the most grand tour you can find. Experience a spectacular airplane ride to enjoy the best of south Florida from a panoramic view. This tour provides awesome visuals of Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach like you never seen before. Joint us on this a Haulover and Golden Beach Bal Harbour and North Miami Beach Turnberry Isle and Hillcrest Golf Courses Oleta River State Park FIU Biscayne Campus Aventura Mall Sun Life Stadium – Home of Miami Dolphins Hibiscus Island Palm Island Venetian Island & Belle Isle Golden Glades Interchange Calder Casino & Race Course Port of Miami Key Biscayne American Airlines Arena Miami Seaquarium Virginia Ke Miami and Key Biscayne experience Las Olas Blvd. Fort Lauderdale Downtown Ft Lauderdale Beach & Beach Park Las Olas Beach Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Galleria Mall Harbor Isles of Ft. La""
From $279.00
Speedboat Sightseeing Tour in Miami
"On this 45 minute speedboat tour you'll cruise by the Cruise Ship Channel Port Miami the US Coast Guard Station Flagler Monument Island the Venetian Islands and Star Island where you'll slow down and give a brief narration of celebrities’ multi-million dollar mansions at “Millionaires Row”. Continue your exhilarating ride between South Point Park and Fisher Island
From $38.00

Bad neighborhoods Tips (20)

Miami is a city..

MIami is like any other city. I'm from Boston but I've been living 10 blocks over from Liberty CIty (supposedly one of the most "dangerous parts of FL"). I'm a lil 22yr old white girl working here and its fine. Just don't be flashy, don't walk around the streets holding a map or any other stupid *** like that and you're fine. I hate when people exaggerate how dangerous these parts of the city can be, no one is gunna knife you for walking down the road. Obviously don't go walking around at like 2 in the morning but thats common sense.

Sep 22, 2013

Miami Beach Resident

Like some of the other locals who have commented, when I first saw this thread I was shocked at some of the negativity, until I looked at the dates on such posts. I have heard stories that this city was once dangerous, but with the luxury development of Brickell, Biscayne, the Design District, and Midtown Miami, in addition to the Beach, I rarely feel the least bit unnerved living here, which is saying a lot for a city this large. Many people have made race the focus of their posts, so I think it's important I disclose that I am as blonde, blue, and caucasian as they come; I'm a woman who doesn't speak of lick of Spanish, but have had no trouble living, working, and enjoying life in Miami for two and a half years. I have lived downtown and on Miami Beach. I run at night, walk my dogs alone, and enjoy all that Miami has to offer without fear. That's not to say there aren't bad parts, like any major city, and even most small towns, there are bad parts of Miami, but they are easily avoidable. In 2013, the parts of Miami any tourist should care to visit are extraordinarily beautiful and generally safe.

Feb 15, 2013

miami liberty city

Ive been to miami a few times when i was younger now that im 23 i went last yr for memorial day weakend and had a ball chilled with guys that were locals and enjoyed myself i went this yr and had a terrible time i decided to take my 2 friends witch was there first time in miami to the flea market in liberty city we met some guys thinking that they was cool they set us up to be robbed in back blues alley in a apartment complex the cops said we was lucky to be alive lesson learned for me i will go back but im not trusting nobody at all

Jul 09, 2012

It’s Not That Bad

Ciao, as I read the other comments, I was actually shocked. I am from Detroit, Michigan. I lived on Miami Beach from 2009 to 2011 and I am moving back in 2013. Even though I stayed on South Beach and Golden Beach, I traveled on the mainland plenty of times. I driven luxury cars, a Benz, a BMW and my friend let me drive his Porsche Panamera as well and nothing happened. I know a lot of locals, some considered gangsters and they never harmed me and I met them all on my own accord as a tourist before I even moved there. I have been to some bad areas, day and night and witnessed nothing that made me feel unsafe or in imminent danger. My suggestion would be the same as other, 1) don’t be careless or carefree, always pay attention to your surroundings as in any city, there are usually clues and signs to when something bad is about to happen
2) When in bad areas, do not be flashy
3) Your attitude should always be down to earth, do not be arrogant or act as if you are better than anyone
4) Don’t get drunk and wonder any where alone, especially as a female, there are sexual predators in every city
5) be cautious but not scary, some criminals prey on the weak

Other than that, just enjoy yourself and also avoid weekends that pertain to hip hop or “black” festivities unless you are into the rowdiness and raunchiness, your race doesn’t matter but if that is your cup of tea, go for it. By the way, I am black and in my younger years, my trips to Miami began with Memorial Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Black Beach Week, etc, and when I was 19 to 22, it was fun and I enjoyed it but as I matured, it wasn’t my scene anymore, it was too hype and I prefer the calm, relax vibe oppose to all the crazy partying. I found that New Years is decent due to the diversity but it is still party, party, party, let’s all get wasted.

May 21, 2012
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Theft is very bad down here

Just came back from Miami with a wallet, car keys, phones, and a lot of other stolen in a bag on the beach.

There also were reports of 3 or 4 laptops stolen overnight in my hotel room (Collins Ave and 15th Ave) (shared with 6 people) two nights before that incident. Door was locked. Thief climbed in through the window.

This is not a safe place. If you check here (

the chances of you being a victim of violent crime is 1/100, and of property crime is 1/9.

Stay away if possible.

Mar 15, 2012

Don't Panic People!

I was born and raised in Miami, so maybe I can be a little rough, seeing I'm a Miami Native I'm a little tough...that's so ridiculous, I work and live in Miami, I've lived here 37 yrs, have 2 kids and 1 on the way, I work in the tourist industry and have traveled termendously in that past 20 years, it's all the same, even in the not so big cities, don't expect to go on vacation, get drunk and wonder out on your own, that's a rule of thumb...2nd don't wear flashy jewelery and go around renting Mercedez Benz and BMW's, your going to get rubbed and most likely stabbed to death...that again is anywhere!, be smart travel in groups and never drive anywhere your not familiar with, again I have traveled to many places and there's crime and violence every where, I don't rent a car in places I'm not familiar with, I ask for help from cab drivers and hotel operators, ask the experts people!, if you travel to Mexico don't drink the water, if you travel to Columbia drink the agua diente, if you travel to Miami wake up and smell the coffee!

Mar 27, 2008

Bad Areas

Really this stuff written above is a little bit crazy. Yes Miami has crime just like many other big cities in the US. YES! Miami is a big city! Its a huge very international city. Its a huge transportation hub and one of the largest international financial centre in the world. Miami is not just full of tourist and beaches. Of course Miami has bad areas like Chicago, DC, LA, Atlanta, NYC etc.. But as long as you use common sense, common safety smarts you should be fine. If you ever find yourself lost and you think your in a bad neighborhood just drive east. As long as you drive east you will end up in a better lower crime area. Crime in Miami tends to stay in its areas. I live in Midtown Miami which is very close to an high crime area yet my neighborhood is the safest one in the county.
Also the only time I would warn someone from going to Miami Beach is Labour Day weekend. It is crazy! Its horrible, way to many people and its gets way to crazy there and most years there is a shooting or two. Why? Well its not Miami Beach its the people that come for that one weekend. Why violence always comes that weekend im really not sure. It is Hip Hop music weekend so that might have something to do with it. This is the weekend which most locals stay away form Miami Beach and try to stay on the mainland.

Traffic is going to be bad in Miami. Miami is a big city! Traffic is bad in NYC,DC,LA,Chicago too.
Yes many people speak Spanish and Creole. But most speak english too. That is one of the great things about Miami 58% of its population were born outside the US. THe highest percentage in the world!
So as long as you use Common safety sense you should be fine in Miami.
So come down enjoy the amazing city and night life and have fun.

Nov 15, 2007

No worries!!!

Read the last comment on page 1 (by beachlocal, titled Relax). I couldn't put it any better. These are the only places I go to and I'm a local. I've stumbled into the really bad neighborhoods in the past and I realized quickly. Just stay calm and get out. Take a cab and don't rent a car. The street addresses outside of Miami Beach are not straight forward. They are very confusing, especially if your not familiar with the city. This is why people end up in bad areas.

I stay away from the city and it's events when it's Memorial Weekend, Labor Day and the Hip Hop Conference. Every single year for the past 4-5 years there has been shootings and killings. These are not locals, it's the tourist themselves. The girls disappearing, it was 1 girl and she was abducted by people who lived in the north of Florida. They had a plan and targeted Miami because of the nightlife and tourists. Be aware but relax it's a lot of fun being in my Miami Beach.

Aug 17, 2007

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I am a Miami local- born and raised. Before any future visitors to our great city begin to panic from reading some of these posts, here are some tips.
1) If you don't want to get robbed, don't wear a rolex to the beach. Flashy jewelry- real or fake + bright red tan = easy target.
2) Don't rent a car, spend your money on cabs and save yourself the headache of driving. Miami has "pockets" of very unsafe neighborhoods close to some of the touristy areas, e.g. opa locka, liberty city, overtown, and parts of coconut grove and downtown. It is VERY easy to get lost in these areas and gps system might take you right through them. NEVER open a map anywhere at night, keep driving until you find a hotel where you can ask directions.
3) Cheap hotels are typically in bad neighborhoods. Stay on Miami beach proper or Coral Gables or Coconut Grove. Avoid hotels in downtown as they are typically not in nice areas.
4) There is more to Miami than South Beach clubs! On Miami Beach try: Lincoln Road, West Ave, hotel bars. In the "real" Miami: try Cocowalk in Coconut Grove, Downtown Coral Gables, Brickell, or Sunset Place in South Miami-- great shopping, some of the best food and nightlife in the city. Key Biscayne is a quiet, family oriented area. All are about a $20-$30 cab ride from South Beach, but well worth it.
5) Spanglish: English is the language of business in Miami, but there is a strong latin influence so yes you will hear a lot of Spanish. English is spoken at every nice restaurant, hotel, or bar in Miami. Even if you hear Spanish, the person probably speaks English. Some service workers at casual restaurants, stores, or bodegas may have a harder time, so be patient with them. If you are in bind, chances are someone around you is bilingual and can translate for you, just ask. The Latin influence is what makes Miami great and unique.

Miami is not Scarface or Miami Vice- so please do not panic. Be alert and aware, you are in a big city not a sleepy beach town. Be safe, have fun and Bienvenidos a Miami!

Jun 21, 2007

Miami Beach

As with any place, you should just be careful. I've read many of the comments regarding how dangerous Miami is. I've been several times (having stayed on South Beach and in Liberty City ....which I didn't know at the time but later learned is an extremely bad area). I never once felt unsafe but I was cautious as well (as with any place you visit). I think for the most part if you're aware of your surrounding and try to blend in rather than looking like a tourist, you'll be fine. I guess my experiences with the city have been slightly different because all the times I've visited I've been around I was seen as such rather than a tourist.....not sure...but just remain alert!

Apr 06, 2007

You people should live here before you judge

Wow. I am just shocked and amazed at the terrible and rude comments I've been reading. I've lived in Miami for 25 years, in the same house and the same neighborhood. I have never been robbed, raped, stabed, shot, etc., and I don't know anyone who has either. Like every other major city, you have to be careful and use your common since here. Miami is not a war zone nor a third world country. I would much rather live here than some scarier places I've been to such as Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore, L.A., and New York. If your scared to come here, I suggest you go to Ft. Lauderdale with the rest of the old retired people.

Dec 20, 2006

Beware of pickpockets

When I was looking at this beautiful harbor and listening the music, a man, behind me, was searching in the pocket of my trousers.

What did he want to steal me : my portofolio or the brochure of my camera I had really in my pocket.

When I am abroad, my cash and my visa are in the internal pocket of a vest.

GUYON's Profile Photo
Nov 19, 2006

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Lincoln Road

Highly recommend heading over to Lincoln Road for shopping and dining. Its a place you can hang out all day. Its on 16th street which is a short tax/Uber or Walk from the beach. We actually ate there...
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Holocaust Memorial

Free Art exhibit open year round. At the risk of sounding dramatic, we make a visit to this memorial everytime we have out of town guests. Each time I am moved in a different way by it, not only by...
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Ocean Drive

Beautiful Ocean Drive with its many hotels, restaurants, and art deco buildings is a great place to hang out. When you think of Miami Beach or South Beach Ocean Drive is what comes to most people's...
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The Wolfsonian museum offers a diverse collection of objects related to late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries - nationalism, political persuasion, industrialization, architecture and urbanism,...
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South Beach

Within the Miami area you have two key cities bearing the same name: Miami and Miami Beach. The most famous neighborhood in the City of Miami Beach is called South Beach. South Beach is fairly large,...
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