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Sea World Tips (66)

Seaworld, great for all the family.

Seaworld is a must see when in Orlando, so much to see and do. You'll need a whole day for this place. Crocodiles, Polar Bears, Manitees, Killer Whales and Dolphins to name a few. There are also some rollercoaster rides here for good measure but the emphasis is on marine life. Don't miss the spectacular Shamu show, this Killer Whale is world famous and the show is amazing. Be sure to get a seat in one of the first 14 rows as that's the "soak zone", you will get absolutely soaked by Shamu and friends but it's well worth it. Once you're out of there you'll soon dry off in the hot sunshine. There are plenty of places to eat and prices are not too bad. Lots of restrooms and plenty of picture opportunities. If I remember rightly, I payed around $65 to get in here, you can save a few bucks by buying you tickets in advance online but I guess I'll know that for next time. Be sure to see the Polar Bears and Walrus, the sheer size and power is amazing. Also check out the Manitee rescue area. This was the first time I've seen these close up and they are absolutely amazing. Be sure to also check the Sting/Mant Ray area out, you can buy feed to feed them.

JoelWillTravel's Profile Photo
Apr 02, 2006

Sea World

This, as an animal enthusiast was high on mylist of priorities to go to as i had heard that there was killer whales, turtles and many other marine life there, so naturally i enquired to my friend if we could go there. Reluctantly he went and made a bee-line to the rollarcoaster (which was pretty exciting) and on the around i made him stop to check out the turtles (green and hawksbill varieties - alas no giant leatherback or olive ridley). The walk through shark aquarium was quite fun, as you were on a travelator moving quite slowly through a tunnel overwhich was all the fish and a number of sharks. I spotted the black tip reef shark (slightly disapointed it wasnt something more scary) but it was still cool being so close to them without being in the water with them. It reminded me of snorkeling and diving with them. The glass is thick enough and strong enough to hold a lot of elephants aparently (no idea how they tested that, but its reassuring enough)

Finally we came upon my personal highlight of the day, where we saw Shamu and (i think) her daughter. Both came swimming up to the side of the tank where one of the girls in wetsuits were and prompty stuck out her tongue, nodded a few times and then just looked sheepish... was so cute. fell in love with them both instantly. The show itself was also pretty good, and if you sit anywhere near the front you will get wet so if you have expensive cameras and things sit away from the splash zone to avoid your camera getting damaged.

Should you need a map (and we did) you can get some from the park entrance.

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Mar 07, 2006

Feel like a marine biologist for a day

As a marine biologist, I always have mixed feelings about visiting places such as Sea World or aquariums where large mammals are held captive. However, Sea World Orlando does a rather fine job at keeping them occupied, well-fed and seemingly healthy. They have recently added three rides (roller-coaster style) as well as an interactive simulator pod (beware all ye who get seasick!). The shows such as the Shamu Show are fabulous and just all around good entertainment.

Expect to spend the whole day if you see all the events; possible to do half-day but make sure you get a copy of the schedule and check show times as certain shows only run twice a day. We chose to visit on a Friday and there was a fair bit of crowd, especially in the afternoon past 12pm. Expect long lines for the popular attractions.

Icemaiden02's Profile Photo
Jan 16, 2006

See the stars...up close

Volunteer to assist the trainer with the stars of the show! If you are real lucky, you'll be picked to meet one in person. Our grandson was so happy to be chosen to help with a trick during the performance.

VeronicaG's Profile Photo
Nov 09, 2005
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This is as you would expect, dolphin shows sealion shows AND Shamu! The killer whale. He is absolutely Humungous and great entertainment, get to the shows early and sit at the front if its a hot day and you wanna cool off!
Couple of good rides here also, Kracken ( too scary for me) and Atlantis, part water ride part roller coaster.
Generally a more relxing day than the other theme parks, good idea to do this after a few days in the other parks, to give yourself a rest!

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Jun 28, 2005


*FREE BEER* yes thats right, at Sea World Orlando you can taste beer for nothing as it is owned by Anhauser Busch the company that makes Budweiser. The down side is you aren't allowed to drink too much (yeah right) and the stronger the beer the smaller the serving you get. Some are quite nice but others are downright horrible, but who am I to complain when I didn't have to pay for the round.

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Apr 12, 2005


ok, I admit it. I love seaworld. I have always been fascinated watching marine life. Seaworld does a great job. It has aquariums, dolphin and orca shows and a couple of rides, like the world famous Kraken roller coaster.
check out my seaworldtravelouge for more details.
cost is about $50-60, and worth every penny.

shohman's Profile Photo
Apr 03, 2005

Sea World

Quite possibly my favourite of the theme parks! It is a theme park, and also an aquarium. There are some simply brilliant shows to marvel at, particularly the famed killer whale shows (featuring the famous Shamu) and dolphin shows.

There are also a number of 'rides' and attractions of the more theme park mould. The most striking of these is the absolutely brilliant Atlantis Ride. Atlantis is a log flume ride that at times feels like a rollercoaster, with a great preceeding storyline and atmosphere.

Also great was the late night shows, in which lasers and fireworks were used artistically to create some spell binding effects and visuals!

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Mar 23, 2005
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Ray Encounter Pool

This gives you an opportunity to get close to some fish from the seabed and touch them. I`m not sure what sort of rays they are but you can get close to them if they want to get close to you.
Also on show are some baby rays.

DUNK67's Profile Photo
Mar 13, 2005

Good old Sea World

I really got impressed on how this park developed in the last 10 years.
You can visit it with your whole family, and also enjoy some thrill rides like Atlantis and the very nice coster called Kraken....
It's really worth a visit.....

leosantanajr's Profile Photo
Feb 28, 2005

The Shamu Show

This is a definate must see. Who would have thought an animal as big as a Killer Whale could jump so high. BEWARE though, what goes up must come down, and when SHAMU comes down you are likely to get a good soaking if you are sat in the front few rows.

Shamu the Killer Whale performs all kinds of tricks with his handler, it is amazing to watch as he jumps, twists, spins and splashes around.

DUNK67's Profile Photo
Feb 17, 2005

Clyde And Seamore Show

A very funny and entertaining show following the fortunes of the Hotel Clyde and Seamore. The cast comprises of sealions, walrus and an otter with a bit part played by the human handlers, in a slapstick comedy on land and in water.

The animals are in charge of the Hotel and the humans are the brunt of many a joke and end up getting a good soaking.

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Sep 15, 2004

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7007 Sea World Dr., Orlando, FL 32821


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