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Typhoon Lagoon Water Park Tips (6)

Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark

Typhoon Lagoon was 1 of the 2 water themeparks of Disneyworld. It's a very nice place for family to visit after a sweaty day in other Disney themeparks. You can only do so if you purchase a ticket which will allow you to visit any themepark and a water park on the same day.
The castaway creek is very relaxing after a tiring day so, grab a tube, relax and enjoy the water as you float. Other activities like tubing, surfing, diving with the sharks, single and family water slides and a giant wave pool are also available for you to better enjoy the park.
Life guards are always on the look out so you shouldnt worry but of course pre~caution is
always the best! Dont forget to put on your sunscreen so you wont get toasted :-)

During summer season, the possibilty of rain fall in the afternoon is greater than early morning. As per our experienced, they closed the water parks if there is any lightning or thunder (even without rain).

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Aug 17, 2007

Typhoon Lagoon

Hey! I'm from the Orlando area and we go to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon a lot. Beautifully relaxing on a hot day. Love the Castaway Creek! It's a slow moving river (with chlorine) that circles the whole perimeter of the park and brings you through waterfalls and pretty tropical scenery. We also really enjoy the shark tank reef. You swim through a salt water tank, with all kinds of tropical salt water fish, including some small harmless sharks.

Get there early as soon as they open so you can get a nice spot, picnic tables are scarse but there are some out of the way spots that are pretty to set up your camp for the day. Warning about the wave pool: If you have small children and you go in there waves are large and powerful and will easily displace children. Heads bash, bodies come at you and hit you. Not my favorite as you might guess. Good chance that you'll lose your sunglasses in there too. There's a new water roller coaster there, and we love it! We also like Disney's other waterpark, Blizzard Beach, exellent slides, but we don't like the atmosphere there as much. Tip: You can bring your own lunches, drinks (no glass containers)You're not allowed to bring alcohol, but they wouldn't guess that you placed your booze in a in a jug, just tell 'em it's iced tea. Also- you can bring in coolers. I fill a large one up on wheels ( the walk to the park from the parking lot is quite a distance with a large cooler). If you're bringing in your own beer, (Not allowed) smuggle it in (cans of course) on the very bottom of the cooler. Fill with a lot of ice. The employees may try to search your cooler. If you get caught, they'll take the beer, not arrest you., so don't be too nervous. If you place alot of other things on top of the beer and place a whole bunch of ice on top, they won't try to get all the way to the bottom. You only need 2 or 3 beers per person anyways, not good to drink in the hot sun. Be sure also to drink a lot of water if you drink. Be sure to write me at

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Jun 19, 2006

Typhoon Lagoon/Blizzard Beach

You have to visit any of the water parks in the park, they are a blast! The kids will love them! Typhoon Lagoon offers snorkeling with the sharks (nurse sharks, very small, not dangerous), the water is cold for them, though. During the busy season (which is about 50 weeks a year for Disney) get there early to get a chair and get set up, the water parks get crowded and can close, even to people staying inside the park. It is a great time for everyone!

May 14, 2003

Typhoon Lagoon water park.

Typhoon Lagoon is an amazing water park set in the heart of the Walt Disney World complex. The centre-piece of the park is a giant pool, which every so often unleashes a gigantic tidal wave. At the back of the pool is a boat which had been lifted up by a typhoon and dumped right on top of the hill.

When the park is closed to the public you can even take surfing lessons on it.

The park also has a number of slides and smaller pools fools for the kids and a lazy river for a relaxing float around the park on a rubber tube.

The highlight of the park for me was getting to snorkel with real Hammerhead Sharks and other fish. At first I thought that they were underneath a piece of perspex but once I got into the pool I soon realised that they weren`t. They were totally harmless though and it was great fun swimming amongst them, even if the water was a little bit cold.

There is a number of places dotted around the park to get something to eat or drink and even a souvenir shop next to the entrance.

You can also find showers and lockers available here, although you have to pay a small deposit for the lockers.

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Sep 20, 2004
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Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

This one is the older of the two water parks at Disney, but equally good! This one has a kind of Caribbean/Lagoon/Lost Ship kind of theme to it. What's neat about this place is a large pool you can go into (saltwater and COLD) that has nurse sharks and such. They give you a wetsuit and snorkel. It's pretty neat.

Aug 26, 2002

Disney's Typhoon lagoon Water Park

There is a nice place for kiddies here, very safe, lots of lifegurads around. There is a great inner tube ride for the whole family its quite high and queues are big so wear your sunscreen! There are also tubes that you can float in aroundthe edge of the lagoon its very relaxing and ok for non swimmers as its not too deep. Also you can go snorkelling here, there is a small lagoon with lots of fish in, you just borrow the gear and off you go, underwater viewing as well for those not as me! A great pool with a wave machine, quite deep in places so watch the little ones! Lots of sand, great food and plenty of places that just flood you with water so WATCH OUT!

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Jun 28, 2005
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