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Tampa History Cruise
"With 4000 years of people living in Tampa on this cruise you will learn about how this this city grew from a Spanish outpost to the fastest growing city in Florida. This tour takes you step by step through the evolution of the city and as you cruise along the waters the history unfolds all around you. Your guides will divulge little known facts about this city and share them with you. Many locals have said ""I have lived here all my life and never knew that about Tampa!"" When you leave this tour you will know more than locals! Learn more than you image possible about Pirates and their history in Tampa. See the Pirate ship “Gabriella” up close and be sure to ask your guide ""what's a Pirate beard in Tampa?"" You will be surprised at the a"""One of the most picturesque harbors in Florida
From $30.00
Bayshore Drive Motorbike Tour
"Select the best time to ride around Tampa and then make your way to the Port of Tampa located at 604 Channelside Drive. Meet your professional and friendly guide who will drive you around on the motorbike. Strap on your helmet find your seat on the motorbike and head out into the streets of Tampa. On your way to Davis Island cruise along the longest continuous sidewalk in America while taking in the panoramic views of Tampa Bay. Then pass by beautiful mansions and real estate on Davis Island. Stop at the Davis Island Marina for a chance to take pictures
From $80.00
Helicopter Tour of Tampa Bay and Davis Island
"Get a bird's-eye view of Tampa Bay and its surroundings on this exciting helicopter tour. Start off by flying west over Davis Island where you’ll see beautiful homes along the water. Next fly near downtown Tampa past Bayshore Boulevard and over the Port of Tampa taking in the wonderful views. Before returning to the Peter O. Knight airport head to Hillsborough Bay where your pilot will lower the helicopter to bring you closer to the water where you’ll see bottlenose dolphins frolicking about!"
From $70.00

Clothes Tips (7)

Some packing tips...

Luggage and bags I like to travel light, but this is up to you. You don't need any heavy winter clothes in Tampa, that's for sure!

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear During the summer, make sure you have light clothes and flip-flops! It rains a lot too, so be prepared!
For the winter, I would say spring/fall clothes.

Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear Sunscreen is a must! Mosquito repellent too if you visit Tampa during the summer and if you go camping. When you go to the beach, make sure you have lots of water or some kind of drink!

Jan 14, 2005

Bring Something Warm if You Go in the Winter

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear Although southern Florida tends to be very warm even in the winter time, it is still possible for the temps. to drop into the 60's or even the 50's at times. This happened on the last day of our stay and I was really glad that I had a sweatshirt. Like I always say, it's better to have it and not need than to need it and not have it.

Toiletries and Medical Supplies Suncreen is a must any time of year, especially on the face! If you are pale like I am you'll need at least a 30 SPF.

Dec 11, 2004

Packing List

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear It all depends on what time of year you visit. Winter well, Northeners love it. It's cold to me, but hey, I've been here all my life. Sweatshirts, jeans & light jackets should do.
Spring, Summer & Fall: Shorts, tank tops & bathing suits of course!

Toiletries and Medical Supplies Calamine lotion & mosquito repellant.

Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear Sunblock w/ alot of SPF for you fair skinned travelers. A big umbrella is a must for the beach if you're going to be out there for more than a few hours.

Miscellaneous Make sure to bring your ID or drivers license...Just good things to have anywhere you go.

Aug 26, 2002

Packing List

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear It is quite hot in Tampa all year round, but during July - October the is a thunder storm almost every afternoon so bring a rain jacket but not an umbrella unless you want to join the statistics of people who get hit by lightening each year in Tampa (the highest in the world!)

Aug 26, 2002
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Packing List

Luggage and bags If you plan on spending time at the beach, bring along a smaller bag to hold towels, sunscreen, a bottle of water and a few snacks etc.

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear SWIM SUIT!--you can't go to Florida without bringing one, unless you are planning to buy one down there. Dress is casual by day but bring some smarter clothes for evenings.

Toiletries and Medical Supplies If you forgot it, they do have stores and you can buy whatever you need

Photo Equipment Having a camera is great--I take my mini-spy cam everywhere b/c it fits so nice in the smallest of purses--I went on my last trip for 4 days and used 2 rolls of film--but I love taking pictures!

Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear Bring a towel to lay out--or a sarong is useful too and saves room in the bag.

Miscellaneous Sunscreen if you need it and don't leave the house without chapstick.
Oh and if you fill a water bottle with alcohol (say vodka) no one is the wiser....

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Aug 25, 2002

Packing List

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear Wear light clothing cause Florida gets VERY hot but humid. It rains alot in the Tampa area too so be prepared for showers and lightning. Tampa is the lightning capital of the world so becareful not to hold up and metal poles.

Aug 24, 2002

Packing List

Photo Equipment Here you can see 'Time for West Tampa' Ybor City.

Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear September to the end of October, it can get a bit cooler, so pack a couple of light jumpers or jacket for those chiller evening.

Miscellaneous Don't bring babies yunger than two years in the months of July and August, its is quite simply too hot.Don't forget your suncream.

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Aug 24, 2002
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"Tampa Florida"
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"Yup, this is Tampa."
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"tampa florida"
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"Pine covered sand flats and a one-track railroad"
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This beautiful old theatre is detailed with inspired design. Watch an old movie or a black&white film but make sure you get there 30 mins ahead of time. The opening act to a movie is a wonderful...
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Henry B. Plant Museum

I knew I had to see this place in person once I found out about it. The architecture is brilliant and inspired by the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England. It was originally a hotel and now belongs...
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Hyde Park

Hyde Park Village Perhaps my favorite memories of Tampa are from the time we spent exploring Hyde Park Village and its surrounding historic residential area as evening transitioned into night. Hyde...
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Ybor City

This is Tampa's traditional Cuban neighboorhood and today is lined with bars and restaurants. There is a small museum, some art galleries and a lot of souvenir shops but the main attraction here is...
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Lowry Park Zoo

Very nice zoo with naturalistic settings, this zoo has a pretty extensive collection of animals in location just north of downtown Tampa. Definitely worth a visit as a cheaper alternative to Disney's...
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Seminole Hard Rock Casino

Not that I ever really wanted to go to the Seminole Hard Rock, but we were in the area for a concert across the highway at Ford Amphitheater, so we decided to stop in for a bite to eat. The roads here...
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