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LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Atlanta
"Use your admission ticket to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta anytime during open hours and let your children experience the full range of activities at their own pace. The typical visit takes 2 to 3 hours but you're welcome to stay as long as you like. Learn how LEGO bricks are made on the factory tour. Feel wind and rain during the four 15-minute 4D movies featuring popular LEGO characters. Use lasers to protect a princess during the Kingdom's Qu and pedal to lift your seat off the ground in the Merlin's Apprentice Ride. See LEGO models of famous Atlanta attractions such as Turner Field and the Varsity in Miniland which features beautifully constructed buildings using almost 1.5 Lego million bricks. Let your children enjoy soft play areas and pick up Lego tips at the Master Builder Academy. Stop by the gift shop to see the latest LEGO building sets and snack on sandwiches Dippin Dots and other bites at the cafe. Your little LEGO lover can keep exploring until 7pm most of the week and 9pm on Saturdays.Please note: As a children's attraction and to promote a safe and family-friendly environment
From $19.00
Atlanta Historical Homes Tour
"Visit the Swan House the Smith Family Farm and the Margret Mitchell House on this guided tour of two of Atlanta's famed historical homes enjoying local pickup and round-trip transportation. Built in 1928 for the Harvard H. Inman family the Swan House is one of the most recognizable and photographed landmarks of Atlanta. Noted architect Philip T. Shutze designed Swan House and its gardens as well as many other distinct buildings in the city. You'll take in the home's classic yet elegant demeanor and explore its beautiful landscaped gardens fountains and breathtaking views. The tour includes accurate and vivid descriptions of the Inman family's life inside the historic home acquired by the Atlanta Historical Society in 1966.Continuing your tour
From $58.00
Atlanta's Inman Park Food Tour
"Get your sneakers on your appetite ready and join Food Tours Atlanta. Take a leisurely stroll around the picturesque tree-lined streets all while supporting Inman Park's locally owned restaurants. Food Tours Atlanta will guide you through the area's storied history architecture and culture leaving you with nuggets of wisdom almost as tasty as the food itself. The 3-mile walk meanders through Atlanta's favorite in-town neighborhood stopping at five locally owned restaurants offering generous food tastings along the way. Enjoy tastes from favorites
From $65.00

The Varsity Tips (18)

The Varsity: The Varsity, A local legend!

The Varsity is one of the top money making restaurants in the U.S. If I recall correctly, it is in the top 10 money making restaurants in the U.S. And it does it sheerly on volume as it's primary customers are students from Georgia State University and Georgia Tech University.

It opened in 1928 selling hamburgers and Cokes to Georgia Tech students and was called The Yellow Jacket. The location and name proved to be too limiting, so it was relocated to a bigger facility and renamed The Varsity to accomodate more than just the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

It is a must experience type of location, but remember it is not Haute Cuisine! They do, however, offer TV viewing rooms in addition to their main dining room. It is truly an Atlanta landmark!

Favorite Dish I don't know that I have a favorite dish at The Varsity as I don't go there too often. However their chili dogs and onion rings are staple of the place. And where else can you go to get a pimento and cheese sandwich?

balfor's Profile Photo
Sep 02, 2004

The Varsity: Don't forget to experience the Varsity!

Best hot dogs, slaw, fries, anyone? Head to the Varsity!!!

If you are not in Atlanta, just go to their website -- you will love it!

Favorite Dish Heavy Weight Dog -- imagine a juicy hot dog covered by hot chili and mustard! Yummy! No, not healthy! Yes, very messy!

tatyanap's Profile Photo
Sep 16, 2003

The Varsity: Get the Orange Drink

The Varsity is an Atlanta favorite. The burgers and hotdogs are wonderfully greasy. Try the Orange drink.

Be ready to order before you reach the counter b/c they will literally yell at you if you make them wait.

Always a busy place right across from Ga. Tech

amybrooke's Profile Photo
Aug 28, 2005

The Varsity: Signature Restaurant

My friend came and picked me up and took me here for lunch. The restaurant has been here since the late 20s and it is a drive-in but it also has counter service inside.

It's very tied in to the local education institutions and the local sports teams.

It's a BIG place, but the A/C wasn't on and it was a hot day.

The wait staff has a kind of cant that they speak and they have a special lingo/slang that they use (you can look on their website to see what it is).

After you order, you find a table to sit.

Favorite Dish They have hot dogs, chili dogs, hamburger, and steak sandwiches, but they also have egg salad and tuna salad. I think I may have either had a hot dog or egg salad.

grandmaR's Profile Photo
Jul 08, 2003
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The Varsity: Curb service is still alive

The Varsity is an Atlanta institution. It was founded in 1928 across the street from Georgia Tech by a Mr. Gordy. Legend says the dean called him into his office to tell him he had flunked out and Gordy told him, "I will become a rich man within sight of your office window." He did in fact leave Tech, although I don't know the circumstances, telling his classmates that he would have $20,000 by the time they graduated. He had $40,000.

There is nothing fancy (or healthy) about the cuisine. Their main claim to fame is hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, onion rings and fried pies. All are delicious.

Favorite Dish My favorites are the chili burgers and onion rings. As I said they are not healthy but they are all freshly prepared. The fries and onion rings are not frozen, but cut fresh on the premises. The food is no more greasy than any fat food and probably less fat than some of the chain burger places.

rexvaughan's Profile Photo
Jul 21, 2005

Varsity Restaurant: Traditional Hotdog

When VT fixes the upload problem, I will add pics.
If you bad moth this place, the locals may not let you come back to town. The place has been a congregation point for locals coming downtown, and visitors going through. Frank Gordy started in 1928 as a drive-in place, in a small building. It now holds 800 inside and parking for 600 cars. You get in line inside and walk you way down the line.

Favorite Dish Hotdogs with chili is the necessary staple, along with a side of fires-and yea-Cherry Coke. Prices ofr the hotdogs are $1.50-2.25 and hamburgers only $1.50 to $2.60 loaded and double. So the price is right for sure. Quality is -well what do you expect for all the volume they have; it is okay. You need 2-3 dogs or burgers to fill up.
The volume is unbelievable, but they say they can put through 30,000 a day during a Georgia Tech game. A large number of local residents stop by many times when coming to town, and keep bringing new generations.

BruceDunning's Profile Photo
Jan 29, 2009

The Varsity: World's Largest Drive-in

I went here thinking it would be the biggest drive-in in the world, but really the "drive-in" part is kind of small. The inside is really big though for everyone to eat inside. The food was pretty good. This place was really good considering the price and experience.

Favorite Dish The Orange slush they have is GOOD. The chili-dogs were also pretty good.

sulu88's Profile Photo
Apr 06, 2005

The Varsity: everybody's got their fave

OK, everyone has their favorite meal from the big V, but this is the real deal-----
for meat eaters, get a chili steak, a slaw dog, order of rings, and an orange drink or an FO (frosted orange)
Veggies can get rings, cole slaw and some ketchup. :>>>
I live closer to the Kennesaw location which has all the same stuff as downtown except the local folk are different. I also went to UGA and loved the 2 locations (at the time) in Athens.
The main location is--61 North Avenue, downtown Atlanta, right off I-75/I-85 at 10th St.

Favorite Dish cheeseburger with pimiento cheese

dustmon's Profile Photo
Jun 03, 2010
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"The Monuments"
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"Big city livin in the South"
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"Atlanta & Coca Cola"
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"atlanta georgia"
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"Atlanta - full of surprises"
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The Varsity: What'll ya have?

The Varsity is an institution which is more of a place to be experienced than one to visit for consumption purposes. The original Varsity opened in the 1930's I believe, and was known for its fast food and fast talking servers, who greeted customers with the now famous phrase, "What'll ya have?" This tradition continues to this day although the operation has expanded.

Much like the movie "The Matrix", no one can be told what The Varsity is. It must be experienced. That's how I started to feel after hearing about it from so many folks in Atlanta. Finally I decided to avail myself of the Varsity experience.

Given The Varsity's popularity and location adjacent to Georgia Tech, its a popular place. Long lines form at the walk up counter as Atlanta's faithful and curious tourists line up for a plate of heavenly grease. The menu consists of the hot dogs and hamburgers which made the place famous, along with french fries and onion rings (all are described by the order takers in Varsity slang, such as "yellow dog" for hot dog with mustard). To appeal to those who'd rather dine at The Flying Biscuit, The Varsity has added salads and chicken sandwiches to its repertoire.

The food here is also pretty cheap, which is probably the reason for many of the repeat customers. And, for those who want the drive in dining experience, you can park at one of the

I was told that the true Varsity experience means a chili cheese hot dog, presumably served with a free pass for a quadruple bypass, which is what I decided to do with the experience of eating a Varsity Dog.

Favorite Dish I opted for the bacon cheeseburger instead, served with a side of onion rings, feeling that that was a sufficient amount of grease.

The food was great. I'd recommend The Varsity over standard fast food fare, but, all in all, it was still a burger and onion rings and nothing more. I think the experience of this place is a better reason to go. Its part of the true Atlanta experience.

goingsolo's Profile Photo
Apr 24, 2005

The Varsity: You must go to the Varsity - bring iron stomach!

The Varsity is the epitome of American fast food. That being said, you know it's going to be greasy, fried, & fattening. But who cares! If you go to only one fast food spot while you're in Atlanta, please go here. Warning: it gets crazy crowded at times & it's in downtown (& it's a tourist spot) so it's best to go in the daytime. This place gets a huge crowd whenever Georgia Tech (located across the interstate bridge) has a football or basketball game.

Favorite Dish Chili dog, it's so good & bad for you. Only eat one a year :-)

cvilla007's Profile Photo
Feb 22, 2004

The Varsity: A Real American Experience

Even though you can take-away, or dine in at The Varsity, you definiately should choose the Drive-In solution, as it gives you a true, real American experience in the South, in the middle of Atlanta, GA.
You drive your car in the designated area of the Parking lot, order through your window and get all your food from the guys walking around the cars on a plate, that they will install on your rolled down side window.
You shouldn't drive away, but eat your food there, in your car - this is America...

Favorite Dish The food is not a long remembered culinary experience, but it's eatable every once in a while if you live close, or once for the rest of the surrounding experience if you're on the road and just drive by.
I had a chili-cheese dog and a chili-cheese burger, with onion rings to go on the side. All servings were not relatively small as you can see on the picture as well. I chose to drink a large Chocolate shake, but of course in the shadow of the very close Coca Cola Company Building you should probably opt for Coke if you want the real American experience, they are partners since 1928 - when The Varsity was opened. Or go for the strange Varsity specialty, the orange drink if you're really brave...

balint01's Profile Photo
Jan 14, 2009

The Varsity: Skip This One

Nothing destroys the fun of a trip faster than stomach/digestion problems.

Avoid this restaurant.

The VT recommendations for this restaurant are primarily given by locals - living in/near Atlanta.

Favorite Dish Avoid the greasy food. Avoid the long lines.

Take photos of this historic spot, but don't waste valuable time or risk your health.'s Profile Photo
Jan 18, 2005

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