Atlanta Warnings and Dangers

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  • Sitting in comfort in the warmth
    Sitting in comfort in the warmth
    by BruceDunning
  • He took her picture!
    He took her picture!
    by Yaqui
  • Celebrating my birthday in Woodruff Park
    Celebrating my birthday in Woodruff Park
    by annaegardner

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Atlanta

  • 1. Not So Safe Areas

    Hi everyone, I've been reading through the post but would like to hear a more current point of view like the last two. I am planning on relocating to Atlanta to be close to family. I would like to...

  • 2. Traffic & Driving

    Yea, we got honked at/almost crashed into somebody-from the SAME state[NC] as us! We went to stay in Atlanta for the Big South National Qualifier that was in the World Congress Center. But then again,...

  • 3. Parking

    Make sure you park in a designated parking area if you are inside the perimeter. If it isn't marked, then assume it isn't designated, as the towing companies & booters are always out in force. Once...

  • 4. Police

    Atlanta is the 3rd most dangerous city in the US. If you're looking for trouble here, you're probably going to find it. Most areas of the city are safe, but at night trouble spots are around major...

  • 5. Being a Yankee

    I don't think people care anymore if your a Yankee or not. I moved to Fl, from MI, last year and plan to move to GA in Aug. I am considered a Yankee BUT my family comes from the south and I've lived...

  • 7. Looking to move

    Hello,I'm looking to move within the next 6 months to Marietta. I have searched Google for areas suitable for a family, and places near Murdock Rd area were...

  • 8. Bums. Bums. and More Bums.

    Downtown near Underground is a place to go if you want to give out change and cigarettes and hear sob stories about needing money to get to church on a...

  • 9. Atlanta Hartsfield Airport SUCKS!

    More so than any other I find this airport to be completely unpredictable when it comes to lines for security or check-in. Always give yourself at least 2 hours...

  • 10. can i have a dollar?

    look, every city in america, or in fact, all over the world have your street people asking for hand outs. out of all the citys in america, atlanta has to be the...

  • 11. As a result of some town in...

    As a result of some town in New York making it illegal to carry firearms in the 60s or 70s or so, Kennesaw decided to 'show them yankees' and do the opposite....

  • 12. A man died recently after...

    A man died recently after eating at El Azteca Mexican Restaurant on Ponce de Leon Ave. This surprised no one I know who's ever eaten there. Avoid.

  • 13. This is the old Omni where the...

    This is the old Omni where the Atlanta Hawks(NBA team) played. Right next to this arena is the CNN center and the park where the bomb went off during the 1996...

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  • ideabuzz's Profile Photo
    Apr 28, 2014 at 5:03 PM

    TRAVEL WARNING: Guns are now allowed in the Atlanta airport except in areas where TSA has screened passengers. You are AT RISK if you leave these secured areas.

    As per Georgia HB 60 Section 755 16-11-130.2.
    No person shall enter the restricted access area of a commercial service airport, in or beyond the airport security screening checkpoint, knowingly possessing or knowingly having under his or her control a weapon or long gun. Such area shall not include an airport drive, general parking area, walkway, or shops and areas of the terminal that are outside the screening checkpoint and that are normally open to unscreened passengers or visitors to the airport. Any restricted access area shall be clearly indicated by prominent signs indicating that weapons are prohibited in such area.