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  • Nightlife
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Helen Things to Do

  • Dukes Creek Falls

    Dukes Creek Falls is a 200-foot cascading waterfall. Despite the name, the waterfall is actually on Davis Creek. The falls are easily accessed from the Dukes Creek Falls Recreation Area in Chattahoochee National Forest. Note that there is a day-use fee for accessing this area, payable at self-serve kiosks in the parking lot. From the parking area,...

  • Anna Ruby Falls

    Anna Ruby Falls, actually two waterfalls, is one of the most popular attractions in Helen. And for good reason - the waterfalls are spectacular and easy to visit. The Anna Ruby Falls Trail is only 0.4 miles from the visitor center to the falls with only moderate elevation gain. Additionally, the trail is paved and there are benches along the way to...

  • Raven Cliff Falls

    Raven Cliff Falls is a really cool and unique waterfall located just outside of Helen in the Raven Cliffs Wilderness of Chattahoochee National Forest. From the Raven Cliffs parking area, hike along the Raven Cliffs Trail, which is well-marked and easy to follow. Along the way, there are countless cascades and three waterfalls along Dodd Creek. You...

  • downtown helen

    pictured is a replica german building in downtown helen. on main street, (hwy 17) there are numerous bars, restaurants and gift shops. a fun place to visit when in northeast georgia.

  • Dukes Creek Mines

    You can pan for gold or gems or fossils here---not sure how for real this is, but there were folks there when we drove by sitting in the shade looking through their buckets in the water troughs....Prices for gem buckets go from $10-75 and for gold $15 each bucket. Free admission and parking.

  • See Alana Falls

    Right in the middle of the main drag, there is a peaceful break in the shopping called Alana Falls---not really much but pretty flowers and misty air from the small falls----


Helen Hotels

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Helen Restaurants

  • Nice Location, Lousy Food

    The Troll Tavern is a bar and restaurant appropriately located under the Main Street bridge over Chattahoochee River right in downtown Helen. Given the cute name and scenic location, my wife and I stopped here for dinner while staying in Helen. The outdoor seating is nice and the views of the river were very pretty. That's about all I can nice...

  • Great Breakfast

    Our first morning in Helen, we asked the motel staff for a recommendation for breakfast and he suggested Hofer's. So we gave it a try and were very pleased. In fact, we ate breakfast here every morning during our week in Helen. The service was friendly and prompt and the food was very good. I had the Belgian waffles for breakfast, alternating...

  • Good American Food in Helen

    We visited Helen during the off-season and a lot in the town was closed or on limited hours. We found Cowboys & Angels our first night and had a good experience, so we also ate here again before we left. Helen has a German/Bavarian theme, so most of the restaurants serve this type of food. I'm not really a fan, so it was nice to find a place that...


Helen Nightlife

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  • Old Bavarian Inn

    On Saturday April 5, 2014, Tony and I was walking around the quaint Village of Helen, Ga. We were walking down an alley between the shops and saw some steps leading upstairs above the Old Bavarian Inn...I found a great BAR and I was so excited. Tucked way back among a slew of other shoppes.It reminded me of when I lived in Germany and I wanted Tony...

  • King Ludwig's Bier Garden

    Tony and I was in Helen, Ga on Saturday April 5, 2014 and we enjoyed the Bier Garden at King Ludwig's which is located in the front part of Helen Square.They were playing loud music, country not German Oompa but it was good music. There is one opening where they were asking for ID, but the other opening was wide open so No one was being stopped or...

  • on the river

    the troll tavern is located on the chattahoochee river in downtown helen. this combination bar and restaurant has a nice patio right on the river. on a hot summer day the troll tavern is a nice place to have a german beer or two in downtown helen. casual.


Helen Transportation

  • Helen-Park Where Designated

    Watch the areas to park. They do pass out tickets form what the locals say. The designated parking areas are free for some spots, and pay for others. They do fill up fast, though. Then the alternative is to drive out of town, and park far away, having to walk back into town. Or, you can traverse back and forth up and down the main street in the...

  • Treachery CAn Be in Front of You

    Drivers need to be alert at all times. There are many side roads and driveways entering the highways, and local people are not as attentive as you would like. They can pull out right in front of you, and then take off at 20 MPH, or very slow speed. Also the timber trucks are part of there life up here. If caught behind one of those, you may as well...

  • Winding, meandering hills

    You need to prepare yourself for a trip longer than anticipated. Every time I have come to the Georgia hills, it seems like it takes 2 to 3 times longer than you envision to get to the destination. That is because of all the small towns along the way, and the winding rods. Some places you can only travel 30-40 MPH 50-60KM, due to the winding roads...


Helen Shopping

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  • Kopper Kettle Fudge Shoppe

    Saturday April 5th, Tony and I was walking around enjoying the sites and sounds of Village of Helen. They have several Candy Stores and the Kopper Kettle Fudge Company is one of them they we stopped in. Not as large as Hansel and Gretels located at the beginning of an Alley way and NO FREE SAMPLES...HEY????Anyway, the placed smelled good!! A little...

  • Wildewood

    Saturday, April 5th While walking around the Village of Helen, we went down one of the many alley ways and found this wonderful shop hidden in the back. This shop was full of rocks and wood creations like outside decorations for your garden and windchimes. There was this guy there playing music on a wooden flute and another guy was making some type...

  • Windmill Dutch Imports Shop

    Saturday April 5, in Fau Bavarian Village of Helen, Ga after eating I went to explore some of the shops off of Helen Square while Tony enjoyed sitting in the sun at the Bier Garden outside the front door of the shop drinking and listening to Country music....The shop is full of gorgeous Delft china pieces..I love these pieces that are white and...


Helen Local Customs

  • hot air balloon race

    in june of each year helen hosts the helen to the atlantic hot air balloon race and festival. the balloon race begins in downtown helen and the first balloon to cross I-95 to the east wins the race. there is a hot air balloon festival following the race for a couple of days. see the attached web site for dates and festival information.

  • oktoberfest

    helen hosts it's annual oktoberfest celebration from mid september to the end of october each year. thousands of visitors attend this event each fall. pictured is oktoberfest hall that offers bavarian food, music, dancing, and of course german beer. a good reason to visit helen in the fall of the year. the oktoberfest hall is located on...

  • Treasure hunting one way or another

    I would not have been surprised to see someone panning for gold here as this area had a minor gold rush in the 19th Century. In fact, enough is still found to keep people interested and the dome of the Georgia Capitol Building is gilded with gold from this area (it doesn't take much). However, I don't know if the guy in the photo is looking for a...


Helen Warnings and Dangers

  • Speeding is a No No

    When you get toward the town, you may think it is safe to follow the crowd of cars, if not jammed up. Wrong. The speed limits could be enforced strictly Be careful; tickets are very costly and the police thrive on the revenue

  • Watch Where you Park

    There is not a lot of parking, and only a couple of town lots. So if you think you can park and shop quickly and get out before a ticket, you could be wrong. They control this strictly. The parking is mostly in lots behind the Chamber building, and across the street on the east. There is also a large lot to west of town. Map below shows the areas...

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Helen Tourist Traps

  • Best place to buy a cheap Tshirt

    About 8 or 9 years ago this was THE place to take your family to visit all of the small shops and blow an entire day. But now it is a haven for cheap Tshirt shops and trinkets shops run by folks not from that area. Look for things to do out of the city of Helen, rafting, horse back riding, or panning for gold or gems in the near by creeks and road...

  • Helen *is* a tourist trap.

    Let's be totally honest. When people from pretty much a 120-mile radius don't have to work, they bring their kids and their cars to this town of 624 people (2004 estimated population), lured by the sausage and sauerkraut lunches with fudge on the side. Everybody has something to sell here; there's even a Wendy's.In simpler, more concise wording: if...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Helen What to Pack

  • Give the kid a camera

    In addition to the normal insect repellant, sunscreen, etc., I suggest, especially if you are traveling with children, that you invest in some cameras for them. I bought a waterproof one time use camera for my grandson to take tubing and he loved it. It was about $15. Also, I bought a one time use digital video camera which gave him a souviner of...

  • Don't forget your best friends

    Don't forget to bring your pets with you if you enjoy traveling with them. Timber Loft is pet friendly. You may need a heavy coat if you are there in the Winter. Most people don't think of Georgia as a cold place, but they can have some very cold nights.

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Helen Off The Beaten Path

  • Horsetrough Falls

    Horsetrough Falls is another beautiful waterfall in Chattahoochee National Forest near Helen. From Helen, go north on GA-17/GA-75. In about 9 miles, turn left on Chattahoochee River Road/FS-44, just before Unicoi Gap. Follow this gravel forest road for about 5 miles to the Upper Chattahoochee River Campground and proceed to the day-use parking area...

  • Waterfalls on Double Culvert Branch

    Double Culvert Branch is a small tributary of Chattahoochee River with a couple of nice waterfalls less than a quarter-mile from a road. These are a couple of hidden gems that you won't find on any maps or tourist brochures. From Helen, go north on GA-75 and turn right on GA-75 Alt. Immediately after crossing the river, turn right on Poplar Stump...

  • Waterfalls on Davis Creek

    There are a couple of very nice waterfalls on Davis Creek that are easy to visit if you know where to look, but they're not on any maps. They can be easily accessed from the Raven Cliffs Wilderness, so it would be great to combine a trip to Raven Cliff Falls with these smaller waterfalls. See my Raven Cliff Falls tip for more information. From the...


Helen Favorites

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  • Helen Georgia Complete Review

    There is everything to do in Helen Georgia. Fishing for fresh rainbow trout right from the back area of your hotel, hunting, shops, water slides, cool mountain river tubing, you name it, this place has it all. Below is a link to one of the best web sites I have ever seen on Helen Georgia. This site has tons of pictures, slideshows, and video with...

  • Brown bagging

    Unless the resturant you are going to is located in the city limits of Helen you may need to plan ahead if you want wine or beer with you dinner.White County where Helen is located currently has just begun to issue beer and wine licenses for business located in the unincorporated areas of the county. If they do not already have a license, most all...

  • Boiled Peanuts-Cheerwine-trailer...

    There are a lot of traditions in the South, and many centered from Georgia. They have the boiled peanuts up in the hill country, and also Cheerwine is a staple. All around are little old homes converted into antique shops. These proprietors go around the region and buy up old and unique items from the families. Another interesting site is the...


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