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Savannah Hop-on Hop-off Trolley Tour
"The Savannah Hop-on Hop-off Trolley Tour is the easiest way to get around town. You can hop-on and off at any of the 15 stops as often as you like. The stops are conveniently located close to all popular attractions shops and restaurants. Trolleys depart every 20 minutes.See and visit Davenport House Forsyth Park world famous River Street City Market Colonial Park Cemetery Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace
From $32.00
Historical Square Segway Tour in Savannah
"If you have never done a segway tour!  Than gliding around on our 60 minute or 90 minute Segway tour of Historic Savannah is an exciting way to see the city sites. Along the way you will see St. John the Baptist Cathedral Mercer House Andrew Low House Oglethorpe Statue Kehoe House Forsyth Park Fountain and Davenport House. Historic Savannah is built around 22 Squares with many interesting forms of architecture and stories and our wonderful moss cover trees will line the streets along the way. You will be up-c""
From $49.00
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Walking Tour of Savannah
"Are you a fan of ""The Book"" (that's what we call it around here)? Then you'll definitely want to journey deep into the pages of best-selling Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil on this 1.5 to 2-hour walking tour. Enjoy new insights into the char led by a knowledgeable guide who is both a long-time Savannah resident and a veteran journalist. You'll also get an up-close-and-personal look at the sites dotting the downtown Savannah landscape where the story takes place including the Hamilton-Turner Inn Clary's Cafe Mercer-Williams house and many more."""
From $25.00

Forsyth Park Tips (15)

Forsyth Fountain

The best known feature of Forsyth Park is the large fountain that sits at the north end of Forsyth Park. The fountain was built in 1858. It resembles a few other fountains found around the world, including fountains found in Paris and Peru. All around the Forsyth Park Fountain are benches. On any given day you can find many people, especially locals, lounging on the benches, taking in the scenery and great people watching that takes place in this area of the park. Every year on St. Patrick’s Day the city of Savannah dyes the water in the fountain green.

apbeaches's Profile Photo
Jun 19, 2015

Beautiful urban park

Tennis courts, basketball courts, large exercise area ( soccer field, lacrosse etc ) all on the South side of the park. The North side has a beautiful fountain, small café, bathrooms, playground and plenty of benches for sitting, On Sunday they have a small farmers market on the southern promenade.

brkilbourne's Profile Photo
Nov 01, 2014

An Elegant and Enchanting Park

Wow! Forsyth Park continues to amaze us each time we visit Savannah. A massive park it has a gorgeous fountain and now has added an amphitheater with a water in front. Staying at the Forsyth Park Inn across the street from the park, we enjoyed breakfast each morning on the veranda as we watched the park "come alive". It was so convenient to stroll in the evening or morning. We enjoyed wandering through the "Fragrance Garden" which was established for the blind. Truly a magnificent park and a must see on any visit to Savannah. Note: The Forsyth Park Inn is a great location for visiting Savannah and truly terrific with its close proximity to the Forsyth Park.

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Aug 10, 2014

Gorgeous Park

Forsyth Park is a grand park in the historic district of Savannah. It was the first big park to be created in Savannah. The huge decorative fountain was originally put in place in 1850. There are many benches to sit and rest under the giant oaks covered with Spanish moss. It is a majestic and beautiful park that is a must see during your time in Savannah. There are playgrounds for the little ones, tennis courts and basketball courts for the big kids and plenty of wide open space to play football, toss a Frisbee, walk your dog or have a picnic.

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Jun 20, 2009
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Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is on the Southern edge of the Historical section of the City. It was formed in 1851 and its permiter measures slightly over 1 mile. The cast iron fountain was ordered from a catalog and installed in 1858.

TexasDave's Profile Photo
Mar 18, 2008

Don't Miss the Beautiful Forsyth Park

One of the reasons for Savannah being named "The Most Beautiful City in America' is because of all the parks (locals refer to them as "vest parks") such as Forsyth Park.

This park links Savannah's Historic and Victorian districts. It is the largest park in Savannah and the most active as well. I find it amazing that such a large park would still exist, keeping its original size, for 150 years! The park has 20+ acres which boast a landmark cast-iron white fountain modeled in 1858 after one that graces the Place de la Concorde in Paris; a Spanish-American War memorial; and an imposing monument to the Confederacy, built in 1875, and inscribed with the words, "Come from the Four Winds, O Breath, And breathe upon these slain that they may live."

Forsyth Park has long been the scene of Civil War re-enactments and a spot where famous movies have been filmed such as Forest Gump and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

The park is usually always crowded with sport enthusiasts playing touch football or softball. Skateboarders abound as do families enjoying picnics.

Here in Forsyth Park, I understood the South's great natural beauty and the pride that Southerners have always displayed.

deecat's Profile Photo
Apr 17, 2007

Forsyth Park

In this large park (20 acres), John Cusack (alias John kelso) in the film "Midnight in the Garden of the Good and the Evil", took out for a walk the English Bulldog Uga, chatting with Jim William.
We did not meet Patrick, the gost dog of the Clint Eastwood's movie, nor many visible dogs there but the park is very beautiful with its gorgeous white fountain.

It was the first park created in Savannah (1851) and since its creation, it has never changed of dimensions.

It is the meeting point of the neighbor employees coming here at lunch to eat a sandwich, the retired persons who are searching a good placto rest, the kids and their mothers who enjoy space to play, the cherleaders who want to train and the tourists who shoot pictures like I did.

GUYON's Profile Photo
Aug 06, 2006

Forsythe Park Area / Georgia Historical Society

Another park, I know. I'm a sucker for gorgeous old houses, the beautiful oak trees with Spanish Moss dripping from them, mixed with palm trees (something you don't see in Chicago), fountains and monuments, etc. You could sign up for a tour and pay someone to babble at you and take you from cemetary to park to monument, or you could just get yourself downtown, get a map of the squares, and just start walking! There are little signs by all the monuments and things, so you'll learn! And save some money.

Oh, the tours are fantastic, do NOT get me wrong! Filled with stories and history and little-known inside information! But for a day on your own, this is good, too! I just drive til I see something photo worthy, park and walk. Enjoy!

Just a side note: I've been on so many websites and on every single one, Forsythe is spelled with and without the "e," so I'm not sure of the correct spelling!

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Jul 10, 2006

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Forsyth Park

Why do I like to go to Forsyth Park?

Well, it’s because it is a lovely place to stroll and enjoy nature. Forsyth Park covers about twenty to thirty acres of land. It is located between Drayton and Whitaker streets. It was named for John Forsyth, governor of Georgia when it became a city park.

On the east side of the park there is an enormous fountain. It was built in 1858, by the City Council and first spouted water on July 31, 1858. In August of the same year, the pool was extended and the workmen repositioned the Tritons out of the base. They did this to build an iron fence around the fountain so that children wouldn’t fall in.

There is also a new garden for blind people. Even though the garden is just for the blind, other people can see the flowers, too. The blind who go in the garden may not be able to see the flowers, but they can still sense their beauty.

The park isn’t just for adults. There is a playground for children and a large field to run around on. The scenery is gorgeous with trees and bushes to add to it. The Forsyth Park is perfect for a wedding day. Many weddings has been held in Forsyth Park. We saw a couple who just got married and were taking pictures at this beautiful location.

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Jun 09, 2005

Parks and Squares

For a nice walk, I suggest you go up from the river on Bull street. You will pass through several of Savannah's beautiful green squares and will end up in the spectacular Forsythe Park. There is nothing more romantic than walking under the Spanish moss and looking at the spots of light on the vibrant green grass as the sun pours down through the trees. Take your time and read the placards in the sqaures to get the history behind them.

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Mar 31, 2005

Forsyth Park events April-October

On any sunny weekend afternoon, the park is filled with pick-up football, softball and frisbee games. There are plenty of skateboard artists around some of the fountains, and walkers line the sidewalks. This is truly a great place to take your packed lunch and your family, lay a blanket out and enjoy a picnic in the park. There are always plenty of birds and other park animals enjoying the naturous attractions that call the park home. The park is always crowded. People of all ages, cultures and sizes come to this park to enjoy fun and sun.
Special events include:
Picnic in the park-competition
Shakespeare in the park
jazz in the park
many concerts and plays etc throughout the season.

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Jun 04, 2004

Forsyth Park

A nice place to relax and see the iconic fountain. Must be popular for weddings —when I visited the park there were several going on at the same time.

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Sep 27, 2009

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Visitors Center

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Colonial Park Cemetery

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