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Reef and Dolphin Snorkel Eco Adventure
"Embark on an unforgettable eco adventure and explore protected marine wildlife such as Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins green sea turtles exotic tropical reef fish and delicate corals along the beautiful Kona Coast. As we journey through the clear sapphire waters of the Pacific we watch for the many pods of spinner dolphins that rest and play in areas such as Keahole Bay Makalawena Ho’ona Bay and Kiholo Bay. Dolphin behavior is very predictable in these areas
From $145.00
Swim Kohala Falls
"Begin your adventure with a ride in a 6-wheel drive off road vehicle. Take a short 20-30 minute walk by a stream and over a footbridge to the stunning “Secret Falls” a picturesque cascading waterfall surrounded by Ginger and Bamboo all in a private nature reserve. Then return to our swimming hole where you’ll have a chance to swim under a secluded waterfall.""""Enjoy an off road adventure a quick walk in a private nature reserve and the opportunity to swim under a private waterfall in this short-form version of our Kohala Waterfall Adventure."title=Highlights&1=Go+swimming+at+Kohala+Falls&2=Ride+through+the+jungle+in+a+6-WD+SUV&3=Trek+30+minutes+to+a+secret+waterfall&4=Cool+off+in+a+local+swimming+hole
From $93.00
Glassbottom Boat Reef Tour
"Your tour begins at Kailua Pier right in the center of Kailua-Kona a gem of a village.  Boarding Marian a 36’ custom designed glassbottom boat is easy.  Step up a couple of steps to the boarding ramp and down a couple of steps to the main hull and viewing area.  Everyone sits around four large viewing box and then off you cruise.  The reefs in Hawaii are “fringing reefs” which means they are right next to the coastline. Marian was specially designed to get over the very shallow waters and the expert captains are able to get right up to the sho could it be a fish?  Learn about the sweet and sometimes strange mating practices of fish.  Are the corals actually cities at war?  The crew have been diving these waters for 20-30 years and there is no end to the stories they tell.  You will cruise over a pinnacle that will be inc a great photo opportunity.  The boat will go off of the shoreline so you can see how quickly the bottom plunges deeper and deeper. You might get a chance to view frolicking spinner dolphins or seasonal humpback whales.  Feel free to move about
From $54.00

Lava Grafitti Tips (6)

Write Words on Lava -- Beats Paint Graffiti!

The Big Island is Hawaii's place for Big Drives, so it's nice to be entertained by lava graffiti. Don't worry -- there is no paint involved. Rather, people gather up white coral stones on the beach and take them to roadside lava deposits where they write words and draw pictures. The white stands out well against the dark black lava, creating the worlds most eco-friendly vandalism (if you would call it that!).

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Nov 11, 2008

Graffiti Hawai'ian Style

One of the most interesting things to see while on the Big Island is the "Island Graffiti" that runs along highway 19 from Kona to Kohala Coast. These are all "written" with white coral and leave a striking image in one's mind with the juxtaposition between the black lava rock and the white coral stones.

There are many types of messages left ranging from memorials to loved ones who have died, marriage proposals, proclamations of love as well as messages to people passing by. It has been around for ages and people are generally good about not disturbing the messages or taking rocks to make their own message. The residents ask that the white coral not be harvested or moved from the beach.

The photo shows our message we left on Kiholo Bay beach....we did NOT take our white stones away from the beach or farm it from the ocean as this is illegal. We only used coral stones that were already on the beach and the message was left on the same beach. No harm no foul. Sort of like building a sand castle when the tide comes it it will reclaim it to its natural state.

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Aug 06, 2006

Grafetti Rocks

As you drive past the miles of black lava fields that stretch further than the imagination, little white rocks pepper the darkness. These rocks, bone white in color, gathered miles away, brought to this barren location and strategically placed into position to tell the innermost desires of thier creators. Who loves who, who was here, who is no longer's all recorded in this local form of "grafetti."

It is considered rude and bad luck to disturb these messages.

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Oct 02, 2005

Coral on lava

The graffitti made out of writing with white coral (arranging the pieces into words) on black lava along the highway near Kona was extremely striking, and something I'd never read about before I went to the Big Island. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures.
Mile after mile of peoples' names and messages and designs ....

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Apr 10, 2004
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Hotels Near Hawaii (Big Island)

72-100 Ka'upulehu Drive, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, 96740, United States
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98 Apapane Rd., Hilo, Hawaii, 96720, United States
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Crater Rim Dr, , Hawaii, 96718, United States
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998 Wright Road, Volcano, Hawaii, 96785, United States
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82-6155 Mamalahoa Highway, P.O. Box 145, Captain C
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Box 819, Kokee State Park, Mile Marker 15, Waimea, Hawaii, 96796, United States
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Don't Rearrage other people's rock signs

While driving on the road between Kona Airport and Kailua-Kona Town you will notice White Rock "graffiti" on the side of the road. This is nice! And has long tradition. Do not be tempted to rearrange the rocks for YOUR names! Be respectful. Gather your own beach white coral rocks!!!

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Sep 22, 2003

Your name on the Lava rocks!

If you drive past all those names spelled in white rocks on the hardened lava, you may as well stop and add your name to it ! ! ! Be sure to get your own rocks though, and don't even think about bothering someone elses' name. Usually somewhere along the road, you will see "extra" white rocks, feel free to stop and gather these for your signature.

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Apr 22, 2003

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Things to Do Near Hawaii (Big Island)

Things to Do


The Big Island isn't the best island for pristine beaches but the snorkeling is great and I snorkeled every day I was there and very much intend to return and do the same. The best snorkeling spots...
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Things to Do


We took a day to explore the other side. Our first trip to the island we spent the day on the other side with volcanos and walking to see lava . This time we explored botanical gardens and water fall...
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Things to Do

Chain of Craters Road

I drove all the way down to the end (where it was closed by a lava flow) of Chain of Craters Road and I got out and went to see the Holei Sea Arch. It was just a short walk but the surface was VERY...
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Things to Do

Hiking thru the rain forest

This is a short hike that brings you to the bottom of the Kilauea Iki Crater. You will descent via stairs (ccw) or path in to the crater (cw). This depends which way round you go. At the bottom follow...
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Things to Do

Manini beach

great snorkeling but it's super cold when you first enter ... natural springs. There are people ollfering kayak rental but it's illegal and if you get caught .. you will be the one the fine so do that...
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Things to Do

Drive around the Big Island

We drove around every day we were there .. went across the island to see water falls, botanical garden and volcano national park. Went snorkeling several places ... the best was 2 step ... went to see...
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Getting to Hawaii (Big Island)


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